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Movie Review ~ Hungerford (2014)

Hungerford (2014)
: Georgia Bradley, Sam Carter, Drew Casson
IMDB Rating: 4.3

First reviewed over at Horroraddicts.net.

Plot: The lives of a group of teenagers are turned upside down when their town is taken over by sinister force



Review: Cowen lives with a couple of friends in a small flat in a small English town. As a way of passing the time, he has enrolled in a media course. Naturally, his first assignment is to record everything in a week of his life. After a strange electrical storm hits the town, random acts of violence begin to hit this quiet town, but he dismisses the random acts of violence. However, when one of his friends is attacked by the postman, the inexplicably serious nature of the dead assailant’s injuries alert them to a more disturbing reality. As events escalate, Cowen and his friends discover that the town has come under a malign influence which is controlling gangs who are rounding people up and taking them to a nearby factory. The friends hide, hoping to escape, but their sanctuary is discovered and over run.

Another film that fits perfectly in the “found footage” genre, this is a mix of Sci-fi and horror. It is safe to say that the mix of zombies and aliens has been a long time coming, and while this film is nothing spectacular (or even scary), it was fun to watch, even if there were moments where it got downright cheesy. The parasites that take over vics were none too scary either. More like oversized ants with no heads 🙂

There were moments when I did think the scenes could have been more graphic, such as when they encounter the alien in the basement of the factory, but when the budget is low, one has to make do with what they have.

Verdict: Invasion of the body snatchers
My Rating: 6 out of 10

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