Book Tour ~ Wishing Cross Station by February Grace


About the Book
TItle: Wishing Cross Station
Author: February Grace
Genre: Fantasy
A dark fantasy romance from the author of GODSPEED and OF STARDUST

Don’t stay a moment longer than you have to. Don’t say too much. Don’t pollute the timeline.

When nineteen-year-old college library page Keigan Wainwright is sent to pick up a private donation of books for the school’s collection, he has no idea where one of those books will take him, or what it will take from him.

Retracing a powerful man’s footsteps through the past, Keigan finds himself caught in the same dangerous trap: falling in love with a woman he was never meant to know, and uncertain he will ever find his way home.


Author Bio

February Grace is an author, poet, and artist from Southeast Michigan. In previous novels, she has introduced readers to characters with clockwork hearts, told of romantic modern-day fairy godparents, and reimagined a legend, centuries old. Now, in her fifth novel with Booktrope, readers will board the special at WISHING CROSS STATION and embark on a trip through time. She is more than mildly obsessed with clocks, music, colors, meteor showers, and steam engines.


Author Website 
Amazon (Paperback)
Amazon (Kindle) 

Interview With February Grace

February, tell our followers about you –
I’m February Grace; an artist who loves to write. I live in Southeastern Michigan where it is much colder than I’d like most of the time. I share the apartment with my husband and our cat, who runs the show, so to speak. I’m obsessed with Disney, clocks, colors, music, and meteor showers, to name a few of the things that fascinate me. WISHING CROSS STATION is my fifth novel published by Booktrope and will be officially released on June 2nd.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
The answer to this question has varied at different points in my life. When I was younger, it was my daughter; now she’s grown and moved away, living her own life. So other things must inspire me instead of the role of being a mother. For a long time the answer was writing; I often lost sleep, in fact, unable to wait until morning to start writing down all the words the characters were putting into my head. Now, the answer would have to be curiosity. I want to see what interesting and hopeful things the day can bring. I always hope each day will better than the last.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
Oh my goodness, this is a difficult one. I would say Chris Martin from Coldplay but I think I’d be so stars-struck I wouldn’t be able to speak. So I think I’d have to pick Josh Groban. This is because I have actually had brief meet and greets with him three times in the past, and he’s such a funny, brilliant and talented guy. I’d love to show him around Disney World. Yes, I think that a day at Disney World with Josh Groban could be a lot of fun!

What’s the story behind your latest book?
The idea for Wishing Cross Station actually originated in a painting I did: a painting that started out as one thing but then turned into the image of a girl wearing a hat. In fact, I called it “Girl in Hat and Scarf”. Something about her haunted me, and I wondered what her story was; I knew she had to have one. Then the idea came to me of her being from the past; from the 1800s somewhere… and I knew that her name was Marigold. One thought led to another and I had the idea for the story; the concept of a time-travel portal of sorts being located in a place similar to a real location about an hour from my home that involves vintage trains… I don’t want to give too much away.

I took a day trip to the location last fall before I sat down to write and took notes, recorded voice memos, recorded a train pulling into the station that was authentic to the time I’d be writing about. I rode in the open cars behind the engine, I breathed deep of the smoke. I asked a ton of questions of the curators and historians there and took hundreds of photographs. Then I ‘met’ Keigan (our protagonist) who was kind enough to ‘introduce’ himself to me about that time. I realized it was his story more than the mysterious girl’s. And so I just wrote the story Keigan dictated to me. That’s how writing is for me when it’s really working; the characters are in control, I just take dictation.

Tell us your writing process
My process is unlike that of other writers in that I cannot set aside time to write on a daily basis or on a schedule due to various health problems. Among other health issues, I live with Bipolar Disorder, and it has a great deal to say about how much I write and when I write.

When I am in a certain place, I tend to write a lot very quickly, then I put those first drafts aside for a few months to ‘cool off’ before I go back and see what is there. Then I revise it, then it goes into editing; and I was blessed with an amazing editor in Laura Bartha on this book… and on it goes. I write what I’m able, when I’m able. I have had periods of time (as long as a year and a half at one point) where I couldn’t write at all. Somehow I still managed to publish five novels with Booktrope in two years. That has been a dream come true for me.

Do you have any advice on what has and has not worked that you can share with other authors?
As an introvert (INFJ on the Keirsey Temperament test, and a 10 in introversion at that…) promotion has been and continues to be very difficult for me. The place I feel the most at home is on Twitter, but I don’t promote there very much because you don’t want your feed to become a continuous commercial or people will just unfollow you or mute you.

I blog, I have a FB author page that I should probably use more but again I don’t like to bombard people. I just try my best to authentically interact with people on social media as best I can. I am in the process right now of working with my Book Manager at Booktrope and also a private consultant I’ve hired to get some new marketing ideas. Promoting is not easy, and anyone who tells you it is is just telling you what you want to hear.

My biggest piece of advice is don’t repeatedly ‘shout’ links on social media. Those kind of “BUY MY BOOK BUY MY BOOK BUY MY BOOK!” messages do not win you fans, friends, or sales and also likely violate the terms of service for whatever site you’re on.

Word of mouth is still the very best method of marketing. Write the best book you can, try to get it into the hands of as many people as you can who might be willing to read and discuss it on their blog or review it. And if you can afford it, save up and definitely hire a professional to help guide you. We writers are not generally geared for promotion; we need the help of someone who is.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
I knew for sure I wanted to tell stories when I was in the fourth grade and a teacher gave me an extra credit assignment rewriting the ends of fairy tales. I was hooked and have been writing in some form or another ever since. Only after going blind and regaining some of my eyesight in 2009-2011 though did I really seriously begin to think about getting published.

Tell us about your main character:
Keigan Wainwright is a nineteen year old page at his college’s library. He’s a rational sort, his heart seldom leads his head. But he’s been thrown off-kilter recently by the loss of a beloved relative, and that opens him up to finding he’s feeling a lot more than he has before—or should be—when he’s thrown into an unimaginable situation. He finds himself 135 years out of his time, in the much harsher world of the 1880s. He has to figure out how he’s going to survive there for a while until he has a brief window in time to try to get home. He’s resourceful, smart, and has a very good heart. He’s an old soul, and I have a special place in my heart for him.

What are you working on next?
Right now as far as writing goes, all my energy is focused on marketing the five books that have been published in the past two years. It all went so fast that I want to be sure people know about the books I’ve written before I delve into the idea of writing another novel. I also want to spend a lot more time painting, which I find to be a much more restful, relaxing artistic pursuit than I do writing.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents? 
I wouldn’t call it extraordinary but I am very much, as an INFJ temperament, in tune with what others are really feeling, whether or not they are saying it. I can determine people’s emotions and motives from very quick conversations and upon first meeting them, and sometimes it’s overwhelming because you tend to want to fix everything for everyone and you can’t. So you just have to offer what encouragement and support you can while protecting yourself as much as possible from this ongoing barrage of emotions. It’s kind of like being a Beta Zoid, for you Star Trek fans out there. INFJs are empaths, and it makes us very, very tired!

Who are your favorite authors?
Fiction: Douglas Adams and Charlotte Bronte. Poetry: Tennyson. Non-fiction: Dr. Keirsey and Stephen Montgomery, who have both written extensively on Temperament Theory.

What do you like to do with your free time?
I like to browse art fairs and miniatures stores. I have a couple of dollhouses and I love furnishing them and finding new dolls to inhabit them. I am almost always listening to music whatever else I’m doing. My favorite thing to do with free/vacation time is to go to Walt Disney World. It’s there that I feel most at home in the entire world.

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
Right now there is nothing specific to tell. I’m focusing all my efforts on Wishing Cross Station, especially, on getting the word out that it exists, because there are so many books out there it is difficult to be noticed in the crowd. That is my main focus right now.

Any final thoughts?
Thank you very much for hosting me today!


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  1. Thank you so much for having me as your guest today. I truly appreciate you hosting a stop on my blog tour, and the interview was a lot of fun! Thanks again.


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