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Book Tour ~ The Stones of Caron by R. Ann. Greene


About The Book
Title: The Stones of Caron
Author: R. Ann. Greene
Genre: Fantasy

Earia, queen of the elves, has long fought against an enemy she believed she created: a man, Niren, who she raised as her son, over four hundred years ago and he will see every man, elf, and dwarf killed unless they bend a knee to him. The dragons already have, willing or not, and Earia is forced to fight them as well as Niren’s soldiers.
Fillip is a seventeen year old, raised in the woods and seashores of the small country of Niss, and he has managed to find the one thing which can give the elves hope against Niren and his dragons.
Pursued by assassins, Earia is desperate for Fillip’s help and he is aching for adventure, even danger. Fillip’s younger brother is not so inclined, but what is a brother for, if not to help chase monsters and throw down kings?
Earia’s age old companions are quick to accept the youngsters and teach them a thing or two. Fillip soon discovers that he is not the farmer he thought, but a bold adventurer, willing to take mighty risks to see the world and to fight for his new friends.

Author Bio

R. Ann. Greene grew up in Idaho with four siblings. She was home-schooled all twelve grades and was thirteen when she began writing, inspired by such fantasies as C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien could weave. She was a little closer to fifteen when she started working to make writing her career. It took five more years, endless refining edits, and a lot of will-power to reach her first publication of The Stones of Caron.

Now, she lives in the Boise Mountains of Idaho and volunteers as a firefighter in her community. She spends her days writing, blogging, and splitting firewood to keep the house warm in the winter time, but mostly writing.



           Earia stepped into the middle of the horses and watched the shadows move in. Without warning, all five men rushed at her and scattered the horses.
            A voice she knew recognized as Jake’s yelled, “You lose, Obrey.” His words echoed from the night before.
            Earia didn’t waste any time getting both swords out and ready for the odds were against her, five to one. While reaching for the one behind her head, she flipped her hood back and rolled the cloak over her shoulders. The soaking raiment would only hinder her.
            Had the horses not scattered, she would have mounted Shein and used his height and hooves to her advantage. But the horses were well out of reach and there were two Nashi in between her and them.
            Earia knew full well that staying where she was in the midst of the attackers was foolhardy. So, with no definite plan, except to take as many of them out before they killed her, she rushed at the closest one.
            They clashed and both of them grunted when the shock from their swords jarred them. The Nashi were skilled swordsmen, but Earia was better. Even better wouldn’t be enough to put these five in their place if they gained even the barest advantage. She couldn’t pretend these men were inferior to her. She knew how deadly they were and her keen eye told her she didn’t have much of a chance against them.
            The momentum of the first clash drove the first man into one brick face of the courtyard and Earia spun him around so that her back was to the wall. Maybe not the best way to fight, but at least no one would stab her from behind. She kicked the man in the knee and punched him with the pommel of the greatsword before she ran him through with the smaller scimitar. He cried out and fell back but by this time another was already upon her and she barely had time to sidestep before his blade pierced her body. The blade caught a few links of her mail shirt and she was pinned until he pulled back for another thrust.



R. Ann, hank for being my guest here today. Tell us about you –
I live in the mountains of Idaho. I have moved quite a lot in my life and this lifestyle suits me the best. I spend my time writing and I volunteer as a Firefighter at our local department. I enjoy hiking splitting firewood and hanging with friends. But mostly I enjoy writing and that takes up the majority of my time.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My Lord and Savior and my family.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
In a past tense I would have liked to have known Thomas Jefferson, but in a present tense, I would have to say Carl Reiner. He was a director, writer and actor during the Golden Age of Television, but he was immensely clever and it would be really cool to know how he thinks and what makes him tick.

What’s the story behind your latest book?
It’s a story about a war and a quest. I always loved the fantasy genre and getting the chance to add to it only seemed natural. The Stones of Caron is about two young men being led to war by an ancient, elfin queen. She’s funny, she’s fierce, she’s clever, but she is broken and with good reason. The elves have been beaten down for centuries, but with the appearance of one of these boys in particular, she gets a chance for a foothold in the war and she’s not about to give it up. It’s a story surrounding friends and family. The two boys are brothers, the elfin queen has brothers,
cousins, her husband, and several good friends at her aid. It’s a story surrounding action and a perilous time in the characters’ lives. A time of kill or be killed, a time of deciding what they’re fighting for.

Tell us your writing process
I like beginnings. They’re fresh and they have all the potential in the world. Starting a story is easy, seeing what comes next is easy. I can look at my life and pick out specific details to write about, i.e.: the smell of pine boughs, the terror of a thump in the dark, the texture of tempered steel. All of it lends to my imagination and I can’t help being excited to write a new scene. No one ever taught me “how” to write, it just came naturally and was guided by what I enjoyed reading. I can look at a situation, or even a phrase, and weave a story around it.

Do you have any advice on what promotion has and has not worked for you that you can share with other authors?
I don’t have much experience with marketing but what I have noticed with my blog is tagging. Tagging is remarkably important. The tags define what people are going to look at. Other than that, I am an upcoming author with little experience myself.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
I guess I was about 14. I had always dabbled in songs, poetry, and small stories, but after I started writing The Stones of Caron, I really wanted it to be my job.

Tell us about your main character:
The main character would have to be Fillip. He’s seventeen, smart for his age and has a taste for adventure. He’s everything I wished I could have been at seventeen, and honestly, what everyone wishes they were at seventeen. He’s always been a bit “peculiar” but Fillip isn’t one to be affected by peer pressure. He likes his individual tastes and pursuits and makes no appologies. He’s very perceptive about people and therefore, people look to him as a tower of strength.

What are you working on next?
Volume 2, of course. The Stones of Caron will be a trilogy when it is complete, but then I could never walk away from a good thing, so I’d like to write a volume of “Untold Stories” as well. Book 2 will be called “Following Danger’s Path” and it is hopefully going to be released by the end of the summer.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
I consider ‘talent’ a very accurate way to describe playing the piano. I can play a little guitar, and I have a knack for crocheting pot-holders. My main talent is writing, which is no reflection on my skill since that is related to practice. I’ve been able to write since I was a child and have always been able to make my siblings and parents understand what I meant.

Who are your favorite authors?
Tolkien would have to be the first. I love C. S. Lewis. More modern, Megan Whalen Turner wrote one of my favorite series, The Thief Series. N. D. Wilson is another who is right up there and he’s never written anything I didn’t adore. I like Stephen Bly, a bit of good western romance to be sure. And to top it off, I think, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

What do you like to do with your free time?
Hiking. I do a little beading and I consider playing guitar a hobby, even though I’m a novice at best, but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
I’m hoping I can finish out the Stones of Caron Trilogy by the end of the year. After that I’m planning a second series but I haven’t even got it named properly. I would like to release a few stand alone books as well, ranging from Fantasy, to Mystery, to Western.

Any final thoughts?
Thank you one and all for the support you are lending me in this opening chapter of my writing career. I am blessed to have this opportunity.

Thanks for being here 🙂

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