Book Tour – Profit in Plain Sight by Anne C. Graham

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Title:  Profit In Plain Sight
Author: Anne C. Graham
Publisher:  Morgan James
Publication Date: July 7, 2015
Pages: 289
Format: eBook / Hardcover / Paperback / PDF
ISBN: 978-1-63047-293-1 
Genre: Business

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Book Description

  1. 84% of business owners and CEOs surveyed score a C, D or F on the Return on People Benchmark – they can’t even give every employee a decent raise, let alone hire, invest in facilities, equipment or technology, or expand into new markets!
  2. 40% companies whoincrease their revenues in a given year will actually decrease their profits… and there’s a better way to increase both.
  3. 96% of companies will put their greater goals on hold this year with one simple phrase: We don’t have the budget for that.

Imagine if leaders were able to break free of their profit constraints, stop being victims of exchange rates and oil prices, and be in control of earning all the profit they need to fund the growth they want.

Savvy entrepreneurs would never start a new business without a Business Plan.  Experienced executives would never try to lead their business without a Strategic Plan.  But almost every manager confesses that they don’t have a Profit Plan beyond their P&L, and that means that profit becomes the leftovers between disappointing revenues and higher-than-expected costs.

Profit in Plain Sight offers the Profit Plan that’s missing, with a step-by-step roadmap that enables these busy leaders to grasp the big picture, and to implement solutions in less time per week than they are spending on email per day.

Unlike many  business books, Profit in Plain Sight gives readers access to the “hows”, not just the “shoulds”, with downloadable training resources and action plans  at the end of every chapter, plus regular opportunities for the reader to reflect on how their thinking is changing and growing.

This book finally helps leaders who are passionate about their business have all the profit they need to fund the growth they want, with tough questions to start changing the conversations in everyday management meetings, with practical, actionable techniques that are quite different from conventional cost-cutting approaches or the all-too-dangerous “increase revenues at all costs” techniques.  Instead, Profit In Plain Sight offers take-it-to-the-bank results.

Prepare to Transform Your Most Persistent Market Challenges into Profit, Passion, and Growth … with The Proven Leadership Path that Delivers Results 

  • How much easier would igniting profit, passion, and growth be if everyone in your business embraced change and became part of it?
  • What would be possible if transforming your business felt more like play than like work?
  • How quickly could you turn good intentions into tangible results if you simply could take small steps that require less time than you are devoting to e-mail in a given day?

IBM is a legendary company, not only because of its enduring success for over 100 years in the fast-changing world of technology, but because it leads its category by a factor of four in terms of

profitability and continues to transform itself to generate growth opportunities. Customers are incredibly loyal, the company has a stellar reputation for quality, and, as the holder of more patents than any other high-technology company, its strengths in innovation are readily apparent. It seems that IBM has found ways to conquer some stubborn challenges, doesn’t it?

But it didn’t start that way. IBM’s roots go back to the 1880s and at one time its products consisted of employee time-keeping systems, weigh scales, automatic meat slicers, coffee grinders, and punched card equipment. Hardly the glamorous “Creating a Smarter Planet” organization we know today.

IBM’s secrets to success came from an unlikely resource who was named President in 1915: Thomas J. Watson, the second in command at National Cash Register. With just a few practical tenets, Watson laid down the enduring foundation for IBM’s success — a focus on the customer and on customer service, a sales culture that built trust and respect, and an environment that instilled pride and loyalty into every worker. The result? Profit, passion, and growth, with integrity. In the 1990s, IBM had to reinvent itself or risk becoming irrelevant in the marketplace, which it did by reemphasizing its customer focus and creating clarity in its positioning.

In the 2000s, it had to reinvent itself again as the competitive landscape shifted once more, which it did by emphasizing its role in providing integrated solutions, not merely products.

This is not a book about IBM. But as subsequent legendary leaders have proven, those enduring, practical tenets can serve every business well.

How Many of these Stubborn Market Challenges Are Grinding You Down?

Each year a variety of organizations publish lists of the Top 10 CEO Challenges based on polling business owners and leaders. And inevitably, five stubborn market-related issues keep coming up again and again on these lists, although the order may shift from year to year:

  1. Earning Customer Loyalty and Retention
  2. Generating Sustained and Steady Top-Line Growth
  3. Ensuring Bottom-Line Growth in Profit
  4. Building a Corporate Reputation for Quality Products and Services
  5. Stimulating Innovation and Creativity and Enabling Entrepreneurship

About The Author

Anne C. Graham

Anne C. Graham is on a mission to help 5 million business leaders and their teams double their profit per employee – or more in less than one year, in less time than they’re spending on email.  Drawing on over 25 years of deep profit and growth expertise from her “in the trenches” and executive experiences with Fortune 500 companies and smaller firms, she closes the all-too-frequent gap between the good intentions vs. year-end results.  The solution is the roadmap she wishes she’d had – a Profit Plan that transforms “we don’t have the budget for that!” into a “YES!” to funding every greater dream and goal for their business as they create prosperity for their company, their employees, their customers, and their communities.

As a best-selling author, international speaker, and accelerator, Anne inspires thousands of business leaders each year to Profit… On Purpose by moving past conventional thinking to discover Profit In Plain Sight.  Audiences and clients love Anne’s fun and interactive approach based on value to the customer, NOT accounting, and her ability to create profound AHA! Moments so that participants leave with a new perspective of their possibilities plus practical actions they can implement for immediate impact.  Anne is the Managing Director of the Legendary Value Institute, a popular faculty member in an award-winning MBA program, and a passionate boater on west coast of British Columbia.

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Author Interview

Anne, thanks for being my guest today. Tell us a little about yourself.
Very few people would ever guess this about me by meeting me or seeing me speak, but I’m actually a shy, quiet bookwork introvert! I was born and raised in Montreal Canada and nothing made me happier than to have my nose in a book all day. However, when I started my career I realized I needed to develop an “outer extrovert”. These days everyone considers me quite social… but I still need my quiet time. I fell in love with beautiful Vancouver on a business trip and that’s where I make my home today, with a beautiful ocean view and easy access to the ski hills in the winter.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My ipad alarm is set to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and that’s part of what gets me up in the morning. I’m a glass-more-than-half-full person who loves life, and I’m on a mission to transform the lives of 5 million business people so that they never again have to say “we don’t have the budget for that!” because the scarcity mentality so prevalent in business today simply isn’t fun. And since most of us spend a third of our waking hours working, we need to put the joy back into business. With a mission that big and that important to helping the economy thrive, I’m inspired to go and make a difference each day as an author sharing my work, as an international speaker, and as a mentor and consultant to business leaders who truly have a passion for their business.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
I’d hang out with author Jim Collins. His book Good to Great had a profound impact on me at one stage of my career, and inspired me to set “Great” as my goal for every business I work with. His work also influences my writing, because while I was inspired by Good to Great, I really struggled to implement many of the ideas in the company I was working with at the time, and many business leaders I’ve spoken with confessed the same challenge. So I made sure that I built a lot of “how to’s” into my writing so that readers never have to scratch their heads in confusion or reinvent the wheel.

What’s the story behind your latest book?
There are actually 2 big turning points in my life that birthed the book. The first was early in my career, when I had to look a lot of great employees in the eye and tell them they no longer had a job despite the fact that the division I was running was profitable. We were all working for the world’s 2nd largest computer company when in less than 5 years it downsized 120,000 people worldwide and vanished into the arms of a competitor none of us had ever taken seriously. The company focused on revenue because they were trying to become a billion dollar company (a lot of money in those days!), and lost money on just about every transaction. Big and profitable are often two different things, and we STILL see that type of dysfunction today with over 17% of the Fortune 500 losing money each year! I made a vow to take responsibility for my own paycheck, and to sharing what I knew about profitability with others so that no employee ever has to go through a downsizing again. I accomplished many successful turnarounds after that, and really distilled the success factors for sustainable profitability, which I share in the book.

The second story triggered the book – I was working on a big turnaround that I consider this the biggest failure in my life. We never really got things turned around, and when I took a two year sabbatical to sort out why so many of my turnarounds had been successful and what had been different in the failure. It boiled down to just one thing – I hadn’t gotten out from behind my desk and connected with my customers at an executive level to let their needs and wants determine my agenda. Instead, I stayed mired in internal issues, and I see that amongst other well-intentioned business leaders all the time. Here’s the hard truth – only customers create cash flow, and we simply didn’t know what they wanted and needed. Building a foundation based on customer focus is a core message that runs throughout the book.

Tell us your writing process.
(Laugh!) I’m not sure I can describe what I did on this book as a process – I made every mistake in the book (no pun intended) and I had to go through numerous rewrites before I had something I was really proud to share. I do a lot of my writing on the back deck of my boat in a quiet bay off the coast of Vancouver. I first created a structured for each chapter with Tough Love questions, Myths, Solutions, and Action Plans. However as I was filling in the blanks, I tried to include far too many of the “how to’s” I mentioned above – and oh my goodness, I was putting myself to sleep with the first few editions! So I pulled a lot of that material out and created extra downloads in the book for those who want to go deeper, and substituted colorful and entertaining stories from my own experiences and those of my clients, to create AHA! Moments that readers can really relate to, identify in their own business, and model for success. I was fortunate to work with a great editor who helped pare things down. So I guess my process was really Plan, Write, Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite! I get great feedback that it’s a fun and entertaining read that packs a punch, and that was my objective.

What tips can you give other authors who are looking to get the word out about their book?
Start early and engage others in being part of the process. These days the buzzword in the publishing industry is “platform” and that means “how many people can you reach and influence?” When I started writing the book in 2011, social media was still pretty fringe, and I ignored it. Since then, it’s become mainstream and I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful virtual assistant who’s helping me catch up. I speak to thousands of business leaders each year at conferences and events, and I engaged them in helping me title test the book extensively, giving me a ready-made audience of readers who were really interested in getting their hands on my book and helping to make it successful. However, I lost the opportunity to reach an even wider audience by blogging about the book and sharing early chapters to invite feedback – I’ll do that for my next book. I put together a very comprehensive marketing plan including PR, radio interviews, launch partners, and a Virtual Tour by bloggers such as yourself who love to share new books. I’m very fortunate to be a member of the Evolutionary Business Council, a by-invitation-only group of thought leaders who support each other to make our difference in the world, and over 70 people have been sharing the news of my book launch with their audiences. Building your platform of influence early, engaging the help of others to spread the word, and using traditional marketing approaches are all critical pieces of the puzzle.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
Back in my teenage bookworm years I used to dream about writing books, but I must admit in those days my plan was along the lines of writing Harlequin Romances! In 2000, I set a goal to reach and impact 5 million business leaders, and at that point I realized that the only way to do that was to write a business best seller. However, I had just started my consulting practice, and although I scribbled a lot of notes and ideas, the book really didn’t start to declare itself until my sabbatical in 2005 when I put post-it notes all over my wall to distill what had worked and what hadn’t. I wrote over a dozen eBooks between 2005-2007. Profit in Plain Sight started demanding to be written as we slid into recession in 2008-2010 when I saw all the pain of corporate downsizings happen again.

What are you working on next?
I’m ramping up my speaking calendar for the Fall, developing a 12-session teleseminar series entitled Profit and Growth Academy, and creating an online program entitled ProfitU to support leaders who want coaching and mentoring support to implement every aspect of Profit in Plain Sight.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
Most people seem to be pretty wowed that I’m a very competent solo-handing skipper on my 36’ boat. People often come running down the docks when they realize I’m bringing the boat in on my own… but most of the time that changes to surprise and admiration, unless it’s a very windy day in which case I’m grateful for anyone who helps take a line. I’ve been on the water all my life – along with my transformational Mission, it’s my passion.

Who are your favorite authors?
On the non-fiction side, I love the work of Dan Ariely and Chip and Dan Heath. From a fiction aspect, I’m a huge fan of David Baldacci’s and Wilbur Smith’s. I love Baldacci’s characters, and I enjoy Smith’s command of language and vocabulary, along with his wonderfully colorful stories based of the history of Africa- I can almost imagine I’m there.

What do you like to do with your free time?
(Laugh!) for the past 4 years while I’ve been writing and marketing the book whilst running my consulting practice, free time has been rather rare. However, I love spending time on my boat with a great book, sitting on a beautiful tropical beach with a thick trashy novel, or enjoying the architecture of the cities I’m privileged to visit on my speaking tours.

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
There was SUCH a big learning curve to writing the first book that I’m pleased to say there will be at least 3 more. In addition to Profit in Plain Sight there will be Growth in Plain Sight, Innovation in Plain Sight, and one more that I haven’t quite found a sexy “in Sight” title for yet to complete the series. I’m also going to convert my dozen eBooks from PDF format to Amazon-friendly ebook formats to make them visible to a wider audience of readers.

Where can people find you on the web? – join the virtual party July 14th – over $475 of free bonuses with book purchase!

Any final thoughts?
Thank you so much for helping to share the word so that no business leader of any size company ever has to settle for “we don’t have the budget for that” again! Abundance IS possible for every business, in less time per week than most people spend on email per day.

Fun book trailer here:

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  1. Thank you for hosting the tour. – Kathleen Anderson, PUYB Tour Coord


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