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To Win Her Trust and To Win Her Heart Cover Reveal

 Title: To Win Her Trust
Author: Mackenzie Crowne
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Kindle
Can she trust this player with her heart?
 Ever since experiencing a childhood trauma, reclusive artist CC Calhoun has suffered from panic attacks. But when a fateful kiss from handsome wide receiver, Kevin “Tuck” Tucker, is enough to stop one of those episodes cold, she wonders if guarding her heart has been the right choice. Will going on a test date with Tuck open her to trusting someone for the first time in years? Or will she wind up being just another notch in the football player’s bedpost?
Tuck has a reputation for charming women into bed, but after his kiss with CC, he’s left aching for more. When he proposes a second date, his attraction to the sexy blonde looks like the makings of true love—something he’s never quite believed in—until now. But when Tuck discovers CC’s childhood secrets, will the pro athlete be tough enough to stay by her side—or will he betray her hard-earned trust?
PRE-ORDER INFORMATIONTo Win Her Trust is available for pre-order at

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 Title: To Win Her Heart
Author: Mackenzie Crowne
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Kindle

In order to protect her, they’ll both have to let their guards down…

Country music’s It Girl Jessi Tucker is fed up with her family’s stifling security measures. The threat of a dangerous stalker has gotten the men in her life—including her football star cousin, Tuck Tucker—monitoring her every move. To get the freedom she yearns for, Jessi hatches a plan to recruit Max Grayson, Tuck’s sexy brawler best friend, to play the role of her new boyfriend. But if her scheme works, will she be forced to hide her true romantic feelings for the sake of her independence? Or will she finally steal the heart of her dream man?…

Max has been pining for Jessi for years and would do anything to protect her, but a professional cage fighter with too many skeletons in his closet has no business being with one of America’s sweethearts. Yet while Max does his best to keep Jessi at arm’s length, the Tucker family persuades him to accept her offer.

Max believes he can keep Jessi safe from danger, but can he shelter her from his own dark secrets, the media’s unforgiving spotlight—and a mutual desire that’s harder to resist each day…

To Win Her Heart is available for pre-order at

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Wife, mother and really young grandmother, Mackenzie Crowne shares her home with her high school sweetheart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian, and a blind cat. She calls Arizona home because the southwest feeds her soul. Her love of the romance genre has been a lifelong affair, both as a reader and a writer. A bout with breast cancer sharpened her resolve to see her stories shared with others. Today, she’s a seven-year survivor, living the dream. Her friends call her Mac. She hopes you will too. Visit her website at, find her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter at



Movie Review – I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust
Stars: Harley Neville, Jocelyn Christian, Reanin Johannink, Andrew Laing, Ben Baker, Mike Edward, Simon Ward
Directed By: Guy Pigden
IMDB Rating: 4.8

PLOT: Wesley, a young runner on a zombie film set, has the first day from hell when real zombies overrun the film set… Who are the real zombies and who are the extras? Decapitate with care!


Quick Review: Zombies, zombies and more zombies…..

Wesley (Harley Neville) is fresh out of film school and eager to get his feet wet in the illustrious industry of film-making. Young Wesley is in for a shock, when he quickly finds out that the world of film is not what he expected… Full of aspirations – and maybe delusions of grandeur – he arrives on the set of a zombie horror flick, ready to give it his all, and possibly pitch his own horror script Twilight Of The Dead. However, his job as the runner is filled with demands to do all the tasks that no one else wants to do.

His first assignment is to take one of the lead actors to the doctor in a nearby town, due to the actor coming down with food poisoning (blame the cook who supposedly cannot boil water). Wesley arrived in the town to find it deserted, apart from the hacking hag who runs the rooming house. She tells Wesley that everyone in town is sick due to “something in the water”.

And so the fun begins….. From a stand-in spot, to falling for the caterer (Susan – played by Jocelyn Christian) to surviving the zombie outbreak, Wesley goes from geek to … well, geek in this comedy romp.

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust is a fun movie to watch. Not like some other poorly done flicks that I have seen (and reviewed), this film is one that you need to watch. There were some similarities I found to the Spierig Brothers 2003 film, Undead. Even with that, there are moments that are too priceless to miss. Such as when Tane Henare (Ben Baker) does the Haka infront a horde of zombies, or when Adam Harrison (Mike Edward) gets it on with zombie Jessica (Reanin Johannink).


Verdict: There’s something in the water
My Rating: 8 out of 10

Book Tour – Finding Destiny by Katrina Hart


Title: Finding Destiny
Author: Katrina Hart
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Format: Ebook

When eighteen year old Alex’s little sister’s pony goes missing, he sets out to look for her and finds himself in a strange gypsy camp in the middle of a forest. The pony is being cared for by a young girl called Faith. When Alex accepts a drink from Faith’s grandmother, he wakes up later to find himself transported into 2038 to a technologically-advanced, very colourful world inhabited by humans and robots. Alex soon discovers that he is now twenty, married and has a magical little baby girl. A magic he only seems to notice. He soon finds out that he will have to defend his little girl from the half-breeds with everything he has. He travels back through the magic pages of books to try and save her before it is too late and she is lost from him forever.

Publisher site:
Finding Destiny is also available on ITunes


Book Excerpt

Chapter One..
Finding Destiny

“Destiny! Destiny!” I yelled, walking the dark forest alone.
Broken branches crunched beneath my feet. Black, shadowing trees loomed over me, following my every move. Owls hooted and flapped in every direction. I proceeded, calling the girlie-named pony.
I walked till my feet burned. It had been hours with no sign of Destiny, when the forest seemed to come alive before my eyes! Classical music hummed around a circle of purple gypsy tents, which surrounded a huge pink camp fire. I rubbed my tired eyes in disbelief. I opened them again and saw Destiny being cuddled lovingly by a pale girl with black hair flowing like a never-ending river. I walked over to the girl and Destiny.
“Hey miss, you found my sister’s pony.” I looked down at them both.
“Mister, she is my pony!” She held Destiny closer in a protective grip.
I was about to argue my point, but a cold hand pushed on my shoulder, stopping me.
“Grandma! He wants my pony.” The girl pointed in my direction.
“Faith, don’t point it’s rude!” The old woman scolded her like she was a child.
“Where the hell did you come from!” I shouted and jumped to look her in the face.
“My tent, just this way,” the grandma said as she walked inside her purple tent.
I followed, outraged. I just wanted my sister’s pony back.
“Enter,” the old woman croaked, coughing.
“Are you okay!” I whispered.
“Yes! Yes! Don’t worry yourself, now what can I do for you, sir?” She coughed again.
“I need my sister’s pony back. It’s her everything,” I pleaded.
“My Faith loves her too,” the old lady coughed again.
“I will do anything, I need that pony!” I tried again, staring into the old lady’s purple eyes.
Her wrinkled, transparent face and white long hair, tied in a bun tight above her head, made her look frail. She sat down behind a crystal ball. “Anything?”
I nodded.
“Let me see your future,” she coughed, rubbing her crystal ball and looking inside its clear dome.
The silence dragged on like an unspoken question in a crowded room. Sadness crossed her face.
“It’s done!” she shouted; her eyes seemed to turn black.
“Thank you.” I smiled, a little confused.
“My pleasure.” She coughed, handing me a blue drink in a clear glass. “Please drink, it will bring you good luck on your way home. It’s a tradition, you know,” she said.
I didn’t want to seem rude, so I drained the glass. My head spun and everything became unfocused.

I fought to see through the darkness. Crying, and the smell of hay surrounded me.
“Hello! Who’s there? Where am I?” I whispered, following the cries of what sounded like a girl being murdered.
“Hello!” I yelled over her cries. I feared for us both. A light danced on of its own accord. Straw was everywhere. Pink, blue and red horses wandered about, leaving their stalls empty. The barn looked steel, unlike anything I had seen before. A computer was flat-attached to the wall, but there was no keyboard to type on. Had I been drinking? Or dreaming? I wasn’t sure, but this barn looked far too advanced for my time.
The girl’s cries turned to screams. The sound was deafening; my heart thumped. I stood beside the screaming stable door, sliding it open with a loud squeak. Peering inside, her gaze met mine; her black flowing hair lay upon the straw, sticking to her sweat-covered forehead.
“Faith? Is that you? What are we doing here?” I rushed to her side.
“I’m screaming and you are late!” she said blowing out a breath.
“I don’t even know where we are, do you?” I retorted.
Faith screamed, grabbing my hand like a vice then relaxing once more. She placed an old folded piece of paper into my hand.
“Read it!” Her breath came out raggedly.
The note read …

Dear Alex, and Faith.
Destiny had many lovely years with your little sister, as promised Alex.
I saved your lives. You are in 2038 on the morning that bound your futures together. I saw it!
Don’t hate an old Gypsy for sending you on your way.
Good luck both of you!

The note fell from my hands, “We are in 2038, hell!”
“Isn’t it?” Faith screamed.
I tried to get Faith to let go of my hand. Then her body went stiff and I began to panic; she needed a doctor or midwife right now. But a cry split the air and a robot computer handed her a screaming baby.
On the computer screen, fireworks announced Faith had a baby girl
“We,” she whispered, as the robot computer walked away. I kissed Faith softly on the lips, and a weird deja vu came over me. Love flooded my heart, sending warm shivers coursing through my body.
“Shall we call her Destiny?” Faith asked, gazing into my eyes.
“That’s perfect,” I smiled.
This was the first moment of my new life.


Author Bio

katie-pic-lr (2)

My name is Katrina Hart but I was always called Katie. I live in the East of England with my hfamily and Holly, Smokey my two cats as well as Jessie our dog, they are a nutty bunch but I love them all the same. I have always had a passion for reading. I could easily spend a whole lifetime engrossed in a good book. In my twenties I joined an online writing class, where I fell in love with writing my own stories. Since I started writing I have discovered a new love for quotes, a quote that really inspired was from Toni Morrison. Toni said  “If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” I came across this quote whilst I was studying, this is one of the many things that inspired me to begin my first novel. I always welcome anyone to visit my blog at

Blogs and Social media links:
Twitter: @KatrinaHart2015



Katie, thanks for being here today. Tell us about you.
I love to learn new things and read a lot. I live with my two cats Smokey and Holly and our dog Jessie in the East of England.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I don’t sleep often so I’m normally out of bed before the day starts. However, each day is a great adventure when I know I’ll be setting aside a few hours to write or read.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
Wow that’s a real hard one. If she was still alive I would have loved to have spent the day with Beatrix Potter because her books were the first stories that captured my imagination as a child. However of the living I would choose David Tennant because I liked him in Dr Who and I think he would be fun to spend a day with.

What’s the story behind your latest book?
Although Finding Destiny is a fantasy novel. The underlining story is love, friendship and finding a future they belong to, as well as finding out what strengths each character has when they have to protect their friends and family from the half- breeds.

Tell us your writing process.
I’m very much a discovery writer and never really plan a story to the end. I like to just follow my characters through their story. Sometimes I will loop back and do a bit of editing. However, I often just write my novels from the first moment to the last. After the first draft is finished I’ll put it away for a short while before returning to edit and shape the story until it’s as good as I can get it.

What tips can you give other authors who are looking to get the word out about their book?
I’ve found having a blog a great way to connect with readers and it’s very enjoyable to write posts on my characters and share my writing experience. Also twitter is a great way to get the word out about books and posts although it does take some getting used to.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve always had a strong imagination from a young age. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really decided to start writing novels and learning the process.

Tell us about your main character:
Alex is a teenager who cares about his Ma and sister and has some great friends. Until his sister’s pony goes missing and he goes looking for her. This changes his life very quickly and he finds himself surrounded by people who he doesn’t really know in a new world. He has to grow up very fast and workout what has happened.

What are you working on next?
I’m working on polishing my second novel ‘The lost Town of Man’s Crossing’ And writing some short stories at the moment. I’ve also got a third first draft hiding away in my bookcase.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
I’m very creative person and have a really good memory which comes in very handy while writing. I’m also great at multitasking.

Who are your favourite authors?
I have many favourite authors like Ciara Gold, Jane Austin, Shakespeare, Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton. Along with lots of new author such as Kendra Olson, Ruth F Hunt, Patricia Asedegbega and so, so many more I could be here all day.

What do you like to do with your free time?
In my free time I’m mostly writing or reading. Or playing chase the toy mouse with my two cats. Also I like learning new things like at the moment I’m learning some sign language and have a scrap-book on the go

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
I hope to finish with shaping up ‘The lost Town of Man’s Crossing’ this year and then start a fourth novel while editing my third.

Any final thoughts?
Thank-you for having me on your blog.

Book Promo – Forever Love (The Forever Love Series Book 1)


Title: Forever Love (The Forever Love Series Book 1)
Author: Jade Whitfield
Format: Kindle & Paperback


Blurb: Beautiful and sassy, Liv Preston constantly has guys falling at her feet. Guys break you though, they use you and spit you out, leaving you a broken mess on the floor. No, Liv is much too smart to let that happen, instead choosing to go down the route of the ultimate female player.

Handsome and arrogant, Noah Travers is the ultimate catch. The star quarterback with a Greek God physique, he’s too young and there are way too many girls out there for him to commit to one relationship.

When Liv moves from Atlanta to the tiny town of Franklin to live with her Dad, she has no idea that her life is about to change. The second Noah claps eyes on his new step-sister, its love at first sight. Now all the reformed former player has to do is convince his beautiful, yet broken new step-sister that he’s the guy for her. All Liv has to do, is trust her hot as hell new step-brother not to break her.

Can their relationship survive secrets that have been hidden for years though? Can it survive the enemies that seem to lurk around every corner?

Families will be tested, secrets revealed. Will it all be worth it for Forever Love?

Purchase the Ebook at Amazon.
Purchase the Paperback

About The Author:

13931818 (1)

Author Jade Whitfield is a 22 year old mother of one. As the mother of a very active two year old, she finds that a good book helps her to relax after a day of running around.

In the past two years, she has broadened her scope of reading. She has always been an avid fantasy reader leaning towards the good old Catherine Cookson’s books. When she received a Kindle as a birthday present, she started reading all different kinds of books. In doing so she found a love for the romance books.

In school she was always good with English and Writing. So it came natural for her to write her first romance book titled ‘Forever Love’.

Connect with Jade

Interview With… Bluette Matthey

Black Forest Reckoning Book Banner

Today folks I am chatting to Bluette Matthey. Bluette was a guest on my blog back in July.

Bluette, thanks for being here today. Tell us about you. 
I often think I was born in the wrong era. My sense of adventure is such that I think I should have been an explorer or adventuress, except that I require my creature comforts, good food, and computer access. I do love to travel and experience cultures, cuisines, origins, etc. That sense of wonder at turning a corner (figuratively or literally) and beholding something totally new and unique strikes a deep chord and gives a definite buzz.

Bluette Matthey

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My three entitled cats demand it! The continuity of creating and problem-solving my way through life always acts as an early-morning stimulant.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
I’d love to spend a day with English actor David Suchet, AKA Hercule Poirot. He did such an exquisite job of bringing Christie’s Belgian detective to life; he inspires me.

What’s the story behind your latest book?
I chose the Black Forest area of Germany as the setting for book three. The area has a definite mystique with its lore and traditions, and the food is rich and delectable. The history and culture of the area offer a plethora of jumping off points of interest. I was drawn to the various conquests of the region, the historical religious tensions, the Nazi occupation, the phenomena of the Stolpersteine Stones, and the sophistication of Baden-Baden as a casino and spa destination.

In Black Forest Reckoning, Hardy and company are visiting the Black Forest area of Germany, staying in the guest wing of a local castle, Schloss Haeflin. In the midst of hiking the Black Forest, enjoying all things Swabian, and spending a day in Baden-Baden, the hikers find themselves at ground zero for coeds disappearing from the nearby University of Freiburg and foul play is suspected. Unresolved personal issues of several members of the group threaten the tour’s cohesion, and Hardy discovers the Baron who owns the schloss has stolen someone’s identity as well as his fortune. Ever the sleuth, Hardy untangles the web of deceit, madness, and murder in Black Forest Reckoning.



Tell us your writing process.
First, I choose the location and do some research to get a feel for the history, culture, food, myths, lore, etc. of the area. This usually leads to the main plot and a series of subplots, as well as the characters. It is an evolving process; nothing is static.

Each book is heavily researched so that the reader gets a real feel for the locale’s history, culture, and cuisine. My travel mysteries are a painless way to experience the intricacies of a geographic area.

What tips can you share with aspiring & upcoming authors?
If you want to write, don’t give up. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Start in your comfort zone, and then press outward.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve been writing since third grade, so it wasn’t when I realized I wanted to be a writer … I have been for so long. However, my decision to write travel mysteries was a result of seeing Whitehaven Mansions, the London home of Hercule Poirot, while on a London Walk two years ago. Always an Agatha fan, and lover of mysteries and travel, I thought, “Travel mysteries … I can do that…”

Tell us about your main character:
Hardy Durkin owns and is the main guide for a hiking outfitter company specializing in off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe. He has a background in analysis and decryption from time spent in the US military, and excelled in the pentathlon at college and military levels. He is not super-hero quality, but much more real and just slightly larger than life. I didn’t want him to overshadow the story line. Hardy has a nose for intrigue, and solved the mystery of his father’s murder in my first book, Corsican Justice.

What are you working on next?
My current project, Dalmatian Traffick, finds Hardy working outside the box of travel outfitting when he heads to the Balkans on a surveillance assignment for the French Foreign Legion under the guise of sailing the Adriatic for some R & R. In Corsican Justice Hardy worked with a French Foreign Legion officer who recognized his many talents and consequently enlists his help for a project in the Balkans. The mission becomes a rescue operation when Hardy is joined by Colonel Alain Clotiers to find and save a fellow Legionnaire who has gone missing. Hardy becomes entangled in the dark world of sex trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal arms sales while trying to find the killer of a Roma beauty in Dalmatian Traffick.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
I’m a fairly good detective, in my own right.

Who are your favorite authors?
The classics: Dame Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Rex Stout, Arthur Conan Doyle, Simenon. I also like some of the more contemporary authors like James Lee Burke, Alexander McCall, and Stieg Larsson.

What do you like to do with your free time?

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
My goal is to write my way through the alphabet. So far I’ve done ‘A’ with Abruzzo Intrigue, ‘C’ with Corsican Justice, and ‘B’ with Black Forest Reckoning. ‘D’ will be Dalmatian Traffick, and I think ‘E’ takes place in the Engadine Valley, in Switzerland. Or possibly, Estonia.

Where can people find you on the web?
bluette matthey facebook 

Any final thoughts?
Live outside your box; take a trip somewhere!


SBB_TourBanner_KissOfTheIncubus copy

An incubus who feeds off the sexual desires of others, Roth de Lis has never been denied the pleasure of a woman’s body…until now. Lilah, once a warrior maiden in the service of a goddess, languishes on Earth after being cast out from the slopes of Mount Olympus.

Lilah will do anything to return home to Olympus, including betraying Roth. As she spins her web of lies, Roth begins a slow, wicked seduction that eventually threatens to consume them both. But when Lilah’s deceit comes to light, will their torrid love affair be able to overcome a pact with the darkest of gods?




The moonlight made Lilah hum with power, giving her abilities a much-needed boost. She glanced at Roth, still out on the ground. She didn’t want to reveal her bow and arrows to him, lest he guess where she got them. Anything that gave him any insight into her past was a threat to her future. But there was no other way out. Lilah stilled and summoned her bow. It sprang from her grasp, a wisp of silver growing into the curved tips and taut string. It resonated with power in her hands as she pulled a similarly effervescent arrow from her quiver.

The fury’s wings, translucent and covered in a fine black fur, flapped to keep her hovering above the ground. Lilah noticed the fury examining the markings on her neck. She pointed at Lilah and said, “Not you, servant of Artemis. My master wants the incubus.”

“The incubus is mine. If you want him, you’ll have to go through me first.” The glow of the moon and her instinct made her ready, spoiling even, for this fight. It had been far too long.

“So be it,” the fury rasped before splaying her claws and diving for Lilah. Its battle cry pierced the night.

Lilah rolled to the left and let her arrow fly, punching through the creature’s wing and soaring off into the night. The fury let out a shriek that had blood running from Lilah’s ears. But she didn’t care. She was in her element.



C.J. Harwin is an author of steamy romance novels that spring from myth and imagination. Accompanied by her family and an embarrassing number of pets, she lives in a Southern town watched over by the god of the forge. An attorney by day, she spends her nights crafting tales of ghouls and gods, mortals and minions, and heroines and the heroes who love them.

Twitter: @cjharwin



C.J. Harwin will award a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter a $20 Amazon/BN GC.

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Kenaniah-1522 live at Uberfest



KenaniaH-1522 performing live at UBERfest

Sunday August 23rd, 2015
St Kilda, Melbourne

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Book Tour – Reawakening (The Passage of Hellsfire, Book 3)


Title: Reawakening (The Passage of Hellsfire, Book 3)
Author: Marc Johnson
Genre: YA Fantasy

To undo a mistake made a thousand years in the past, the wizard Hellsfire used his magic to bring down the Great Barrier that once divided the northern and southern lands. In doing so, he nearly brought war to his own homeland, and he afflicted the love of his life, Princess Krystal of Alexandria, with a potent and deadly curse.

Since then, Hellsfire has been working in Tyree with its Elemental Council, to rebuild its war-torn land and find a way to break Krystal’s curse. Now Krystal’s time is running out. As the princess fights for her life, Hellsfire learns that the wizard responsible for the curse—his old enemy Premier—is heading to the Burning Sands to steal the mysterious Jewel of Dakara.

If Hellsfire can capture Premier and learn the secret of the curse, he can save Krystal. But the Jewel of Dakara holds its own deadly secrets, and the hunt will take Hellsfire farther than he ever imagined, and cost him more than he bargained for.

The past is never gone nor buried…

Reawakening ebook Cover


Author Bio

Marc - Picard

Marc Johnson has moved a lot since his parents divorced when he was two. He also can’t answer a straight question and has developed a taste for sarcastic wit over the years. Probably also for the same reason.

He hasn’t won any awards, but he does have a deep knowledge of Transformers, Star Trek, and The Twilight Zone–his top three geeky loves. He writes because he loves stories and hopes to one day have written something successful as a movie, TV show, comic, book, magazine, and play.

Marc Johnson also loves to game, whether it be video, card, or board. He loves to test his mind in the challenges they bring…until the zombie, alien, or robot apocalypse comes.






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