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Book Tour ~ Magno Girl by Joe Canzano

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Title: Magno Girl
Author: Joe Canzano
Publisher: Happy Joe Control
Pages: 320
Genre: Comic Urban Fantasy
Format: Paperback/Kindle/Nook
Price: Paperback $9.89/Kindle $2.99/Nook $2.99

When a Manhattan pizza maker is found dead in his own dough, Magno Girl enlists the aid of her biker ninja boyfriend to help solve the crime – and quickly discovers there’s more to the pie than meets the eye, including a sinister plot that spans the globe.

Magno Girl leaps into action. After all, she can fly, she can fight, and she can use her fearsome superpower, the “Gaze of the Guilt,” to bring a hardened criminal to his knees. But the road ahead is hard. The city’s other superheroes despise her, and the cops don’t want her around, and her own mom won’t stop spitting out advice about marrying a “respectable guy” and trading in her crime-fighting career for a baby carriage—but is she attracted to “respectable guys”? And is she interested in emotional commitment? And will finding real love be her biggest challenge of all?

Welcome to the world of Magno Girl, an absurd place filled with humor, action, and romance.


About The Author

Joe Canzano

Joe Canzano is a writer and musician. He lives in New Jersey, U.S.A., in a house with a basement where he usually stays. Occasionally he leaves the basement and visits the kitchen.

He is a graduate of Rutgers University, where he majored in English. His short stories have appeared in a half-dozen printed literary journals, as well as in the Akashic Books online series, “Mondays are Murder.”

He recently formed his own publishing company, Happy Joe Control, and published his debut novel, Magno Girl.

Book Excerpt:

Magno Girl stared across the windswept roof. Her lips shimmered in the moonlight like a couple of beer-soaked cherries. From the depths of Manhattan below came the clanging sound of a city that was never satisfied.

Was she thinking about me? I was desperate to know.

I took a deep breath. “Mags, when can I see you again?”

She stared at me with those vivid green eyes. Her black hair, streaked with savage shades of crimson, billowed in the hot summer breeze.

“I’ll be around,” she said. Then she looked away. “I have to warn you, Ron. I’m not very good at relationships.”

I grinned. “That’s just one more thing we have in common.”

“Also, I don’t want to do any commercials for soft drinks. That’s definitely out.”

“No problem—the soft drinks can slide. What else?”

“Well, since you asked, I’d like to fight some crime. I’ve discovered an evil plot, and my superpowers might not be enough to handle it. Things could get crazy and absurd.”

“Hey, I want to help you with that. I’m totally on board!”

She smiled. “Okay, call me tomorrow. I’ve got a job for you.”

“Count me in.”

I puffed out my chest and stepped toward her, wanting to wrap my arms around her sleek body and kiss her long and hard—but she saw it coming, and she put out her hand and stopped me. She leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

It was something, and it was good. My whole body felt electric.

“Just tell me what you need, Mags. Anything.”

There was a spark in her eye. “Sometimes I need to be left alone. We’ll talk soon.”

She leapt from the roof, her powerful body snapping like a switchblade as she dove into the death-black valley of bricks, glass, and steel. I briefly envied her ability to fly and then took the stairs to the street. I hopped on my chopper and rode to the liquor store.

I woke up alone the next day, with the morning sky vomiting its sunshine through the grimy window of my East Village apartment. I groped around for my phone and found it under a pile of empty beer cans. I fumbled a bit and finally made the call.

“Hi, Mags. It’s me.”

“Hi, Ron. Can you meet me somewhere?”

She sounded friendly, and for a second I felt like I was floating. But as usual, there wasn’t much talk.

“Any place you want. Did you eat breakfast?”

“Yeah, but it’s noon, so I guess we can eat lunch. I’m over on St. Mark’s.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Author Interview

Joe, thanks for being my guest today. Tell us about you
I’m a writer and musician from New Jersey, USA.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
I like living. It’s the best thing there is.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
Most of my heroes are dead. The ones who aren’t are not famous. Can I pick a fictional character? I’d like to meet Wile E. Coyote. I’d like to buy him dinner.

What’s the story behind your latest book?
I wanted to write a wacky story that still had something to say.

Tell us your writing process
I don’t have much of a process. Whatever’s working that day is what I do. Bruce Lee once described his fighting style as “the way of no way,” and I can relate to that.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
Right about the time I realized the real world could never be as interesting as the ones I wanted to invent.

Tell us about your main character:
Magno Girl, aka Magnolia, is smart, tough, witty, rebellious, laconic, and stubborn. She’s a nice girl, but she’ll still kick your ass.

What are you working on next?
A romantic comedy that involves love, sex, and the supernatural.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
Yes, I can make myself invisible. I can also lift a fire engine above my head. I can lie better than most people.

Who are your favorite authors?
Too many to name. During the last ten years, I’d say it’s been Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, Chris Moore, Terry Pratchett, Matt Ruff, Elmore Leonard, Mark Leyner, and Mark Twain. When I was younger I was very into sci-fi – Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein.

What do you like to do with your free time?
Play guitar and write.

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
I plan to put out another novel before the end of the year and maybe two more next year. I also have some short stories/novelettes I might publish.

Any final thoughts?
Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

Book Tour – Between Heaven & Hell


Title: Between Heaven & Hell
Author: Astrid V. Tallaksen
Genre: Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Being a fallen angel used to be easy. A quiet life with the people she loves is all Sara ever asked for. Unfortunately, the apocalypse didn’t get the message. After nearly losing everything, she’s managed to put her life back together and start living what she hoped was happily ever after with her small family. Now she wants nothing more than to hide away and pretend the end of the world is a distant rumor. Her life has already been torn apart once. Doesn’t she deserve a break?

The apocalypse finds its way back to her doorstep when a letter arrives. Is it a friendly warning, a dire threat, or a simple reminder that she can’t run away from what’s to come? Sara refuses to take heed and pays dearly for her avoidance. With her family in danger and the preservation of free will hanging in the balance, she finds herself with no other choice. Sara must follow the path forged for her, a path that may take away everything she holds dear and leave her in pieces at the end. She’s caught between Heaven and Hell, and the last person she’d ever have considered trusting might just be her greatest ally.



Links to purchase Between Heaven & Hell:
Barnes & Noble
Apple iBooks
Page Foundry



Before I even knew what I was doing, the cup was flying from my hand, the coffee trailing from it onto the floor and down my wrist; the cup shattering on the floor at Lucifer’s feet. The spirits oozed in from the corners of the room, cheering on my tirade. The rage was an avalanche, escalating into something unstoppable and deadly. Soon everything on the counter was at my mercy, swept to the floor one at a time. The coffee maker was my first victim, followed immediately by a convection oven, a block of knives, a rack of coffee cups, a vase of cut flowers. I could hear myself raging, but I didn’t know if there were words or if I was just screaming.

Dragged into the disaster I’d begun, I too, shattered into pieces on the floor, shards of glass cutting into my hands and forearms and biting through the fabric of my jeans into my knees and shins. The pain was clean though, the rage immolating any concern for my own well-being or safety. I was trembling, and the kitchen was silent, Lucifer standing still in the doorway. My heart beat an out of control staccato in my chest, the desperate fluttering wings of a trapped and wounded bird against my ribcage.

“This was you?” I asked, looking up at Lucifer who hadn’t stopped staring down at me, his face unreadable.

“No,” he said in a hushed tone, glancing around the room before continuing. “It was all you. Only you. I wouldn’t have been able to bring that much rage without quite a bit of effort, especially on another angel. It was quite a masterful performance.”

“Fuck you,” I hissed, still teetering at that precipice of rage; this time if I went over it would be a jump not a fall. He shrugged and smiled at first, but after a moment he frowned, glancing down at the floor for the first time and then my hands. What might have been amusement turned into concern and Lucifer came and knelt before me.

“You’re bleeding,” he pointed out. “Does it hurt?”
“No,” I lied. It did hurt, but I wanted it to hurt more. I pressed one hand harder into the floor, crushing the glass deeper into my palms.


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