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Kindle Free Promo – Protecting Donald Trump

Protecting Donald Trump (Celebrity Supernatural Book 5)

Title: Protecting Donald Trump
Author: Anne Kelleher
Publisher: Pond House Press
Publication Date: August 23, 2015

When a candidate for the highest office in the land needs supernatural protection, a rag-tag misfit finds herself part of a security team who turn out to be a pack of werewolves. But that’s not the real surprise waiting for her to discover….

Protecting Donald Trump is FREE today on Kindle.

About The Author

Anne Kelleher

Anne Kelleher sold her first novel, Daughter of Prophecy, to Warner Books as an inaugural release for its Aspect sf/fantasy line in 1993. Since then, Annie has written and published many more novels and short stories, including the critically acclaimed Shadowlands trilogy by Harlequin-Luna. In addition to Time-Warner and Harlequin, Annie has been published by Penguin-Putnam, as well as a boutique small press, and has been represented by three top agents, including Donald Maass.

Her novels are available internationally in four languages: Dutch, German, French, and Spanish. This past spring, Annie became a “hybrid” author with the recent independent release of her collection of short stories, Free to Good Home.

The same year Annie sold Daughter of Prophecy, she co-founded the Greater Lehigh Valley Writing Group (GLVWG) in Bethlehem, PA, where she was living at the time. In 1994, the organization held its first writing conference, The Write Stuff. GLVWG continues to flourish, and the annual conference is celebrating its twenty-third year, still drawing writers from all over, and agents and editors from both coasts.

Annie is an experienced conference speaker, writing coach and workshop facilitator. With her long-time knowledge of the publishing industry, and her ability to present her subject in an entertaining way, she is able to offer many topics of interest to writers at all levels. She has numerous successful clients who have gone on to publish in a wide range of genres.

Annie’s other career paths include Federal investigator, aerobics instructor, daycare provider, Executive Director, neighborhood mediator, corporate communications manager, interior decorator, and psychic medium. The latter accounts for why most of Annie’s work includes some aspect of the supernatural or paranormal.

Annie holds a BA from Johns Hopkins University. In addition, Annie has studied English literature and language at the University of Connecticut and Storytelling and Oral Traditions at The Graduate Institute. The mother of four, stepmom of two and grandmother of two, Annie now divides her time between Connecticut and Hawaii.

Connect with Annie online at www.annekelleher.net, or meet her on the Big Island in April, 2016: www.bigislandretreat2016.weebly.com.


Book Tour – The Rockstar Remedy

Title: The Rockstar Remedy
Author: Dr. Gabrielle Francis with Stacy Baker Masand
Publisher: HarperCollins Wave
Pages: 330
Genre: Health and Wellness/Rock n Roll
Format: Paperback/Kindle/Nook

Known as the “Rock n’ Roll Doctor” to some of the most famous bands in the world, Dr. Gabrielle Francis shares her unique holistic prescription to achieving health and balance—even when you don’t live like a saint!
As a Holistic Doctor to the music industry’s elite, Dr. Francis has helped rock stars repair, recover, and refuel from the demanding schedules and occasional overindulgences that come along with the rock star lifestyle. Being overscheduled, sleep-deprived, overeating, drinking and managing physical and mental stressors aren’t lifestyle habits unique to the music industry; they are the same challenges faced by all of us, every day.
In The Rockstar Remedy, Dr. Francis shares her unique strategies designed to be incorporated into your hectic lifestyle. Her programs are customized to meet you where you are at, whether an experienced health enthusiast or a beginner. Completing the 21 day detox will give you a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for life, while looking and feeling your personal best. She explains how health is not a destination, but exists on a spectrum, and the simple act of making better choices every day—even if they’re not the best choices—helps us achieve balance in both mind and body. With tips for improving energy levels, easy food guidelines and a simple no-starvation detox, Dr. Francis offers a simple, effective plan for staying healthy and happy amid the chaos of our daily lives. Her popular “Harm Reduction Techniques” and “90/10 Rule” make it easy to celebrate life with occasional indulgences while maintaining good health. This is not a temporary fix; this program brings long-lasting, life-changing results.
Now you can reach for the stars too!


For More Information
The Rockstar Remedy is available at Amazon.
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The year is 1984.  I was fresh out of massage school… a ripe 19 years old.  My cousin worked for Belkin productions, the company that promoted Rock Concerts in Cleveland.  One day she called me and said, “ Cuz, such and such, the biggest name in rock n roll at the time, is coming to Cleveland and they want massages. I volunteered you.”   I was in a state of shock, but gladly accepted the offer.  Weirdly enough, I was not nervous or overly excited.   I felt I would be great for the job.

I arrived at the coliseum with my massage table in check, but I was secretly looking forward to the massive parties back stage.   To my dismay, the backstage seemed quite quiet.  All the artists were in their private dressing rooms and keeping to themselves.  I was taken to the catering hall and noticed that there was a completely organic and vegetarian spread.   In those days this was very rare and unheard of.  Whole Foods was not a household name.  I also noticed there was not an ounce of alcohol backstage.  The most intoxicating beverage I could find was Coca-Cola. Wives had taken the place of the groupies.  The Myth was shattered!

The first artist I worked on was the Saxophone player.  He had the spiritual name, given to him by his Guru, on the dressing room door instead of his real name. When I entered his dressing room, I felt I had entered a Temple. It was lit with candles, incense permeated the air, and a picture of his Guru stared at me throughout the entire massage. I worked with most of the band that night just doing massage to get them ready for the marathon show.  There was a medical doctor backstage giving them B12 shots to boost their energy for the big performance.  Each artist was so thoughtful and down to earth.  I was taken by their humility and realness.  It was an ego-free zone.

They put on a super 4-hour show that night.  I watched from backstage and I could see what an amazing dynamic a rock concert was.  The band gives energy to the audience. The audience gives love and more energy to the band.  The band gets high on the energy from the crowd. And it seems like it can go of forever.  The only thing that made the band come off the stage was the venue saying that they had to go.

I will never forget that night as I saw the power of music to elevate the energy of a theater to a higher vibration.   It is no wonder that some people feel that going to a concert can be like a religious experience.  I decided Rock’n’Roll would be one of my religions too!  It would blend very well with my Catholic upbringing.  Catholics revere saints.  So, why not add a few like Jimi Hendrix, Patron Saint of the Wa Wa Pedal; Santana, the Archangel of Long Instrumental Grooves; Keith Richards, Holy Father of the Rhythm Guitar: and of course Our Lady Madonna.

After the show, that band asked me to tour with them as a massage therapist. I had to say no because I was very committed to the idea of finishing medical school.

I regretted that decision for a very long time.  Luckily, I had the chance again almost 17 years later…


About The Author


Dr. Gabrielle Francis has been practicing natural medicine for more than thirty years. She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Licensed Massage therapist. Dr. Francis currently practices in New York City as The Herban Alchemist. She also operates Backstage Alternative, which is her natural medicine road show that provides chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, nutrition and herbal remedies to performing artists on tour.

Dr. Francis received her formal medical training at National College of Chiropractic and at Bastyr University. She has extensive training in Alternative Cancer Therapies, Environmental Medicine, Functional Medicine, Mind-Body medicine, and Bio-Identical Hormone therapies. Following her formal medical education, Dr. Francis travelled extensively to various parts of the world studying medicine with indigenous healers in countries such as China, India, Thailand, Bali, Brazil, Morocco, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico, Egypt, and Mali.

Stacy Baker Masand is a health, fitness and lifestyle editor whose work has appeared in magazines such as In Style, Marie Claire, Self, Shape, Fitness, DuJour and Women’s Health. She’s co-author of New York Times bestseller Your Best Body Now. Stacy is currently developing projects for both small and big screen.

Their latest book is the health/wellness/rocknroll book, The Rockstar Remedy.

For More Information
Visit Dr. Gabrielle Francis’ website.
Connect with Gabrielle on Facebook and Twitter.
Find out more about Gabrielle at Goodreads.
Connect with Gabrielle on Instagram.
Visit Gabrielle’s blog.



Gabrielle. Thanks for being here today. Tell our readers about you
My name is Dr. Gabrielle Francis.  I am a doctor of all things natural: Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Naturopathic Medicine, and Massage.  I have a holistic practice in NYC called The Herban Alchemist.  I also work with Rock musicians on tour in a travelling natural medicine road show called Backstage Alternative.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
My organic coffee!    And the fact that I am fortunate enough to meet amazing people every day on the journey of healing.  On my days off, I am inspired to have an adventure.

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
I have worked with famous people my whole life and realize that they are not so different than ordinary people.  However, I have always wanted to meet Cher!  People have been telling me that I look like her since I was 5 years old.  Now, I am 50.  I think it is time we met!

What’s the story behind your latest book?
The Rockstar Remedy was inspired by my 30 years experience of working backstage and on tour with some of the biggest Rock bands in the world.  I learned a lot of strategies for keeping people healthy despite extreme lifestyles of excess and indulgence.  I wanted to share these strategies of health in a fun and non-judgmental way as I recognize that many people want to be healthy but don’t want to give up the fun.  The Rockstar Remedy is a complete health guide with sections on Detox, Food, Body, Mind and Spirit.  I bring the message of health alive with my backstage stories and there are quotes and anecdotes from 80 Rockstars that were given exclusively for the book.  It is basically a health book for people that love to celebrate!

Tell us your writing process
When I am writing medical information, I tend to imagine that I am speaking to patients in the office.  I write like I am talking to them and try to make the medical information easy to understand.  I like to use metaphors as I think sometimes people understand the concepts more.

When I am writing about my adventures….well, that is another story.  The story comes to my mind when I am completely relaxed and usually in another country.  The story will stay in my head until I get it on paper.  It just downloads.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
I have always been known to be a good storyteller.  When I write about my stories on my newsletters, people respond with great enthusiasm and tell me that they feel like they are there with me.  This made me realize that I perhaps have a gift at this art.

Tell us about your main character:
The Rockstar Remedy is a health book.  The main character is the audience or person reading it. The reader will see that they live like Rockstars.  They are taking on the adventure of getting healthy even when they aren’t living like saints.  I am the messenger of the information.  The Rockstars are the Ambassadors.

What are you working on next?
I am writing my travel stories in which I go to a foreign country and learn traditional medicines from the local indigenous healers.  These are quite adventurous experiences.  The book will be something of an Eat, Pray, Love meets Anthony Bourdain but with an Alternative Medicine theme.

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
I am very gifted as a natural healer.  I started at a very young age and began the education in my teens.  Some of the gifts, I was really born with.  And much of it has come from years of study and practice.   Alternative Medicine is an art that involves deep listening, compassion, intuition, knowledge, and skill.

Who are your favorite authors?
Dr. Christianne Northrup for medical books.
Deepak Chopra for spiritual wisdom.
Paulo Coehlo for novels.

What do you like to do with your free time?
I am always down for good live music.  Any kind will do as long as it is good music. I have a beautiful garden on my roof in NYC and I spend lots of time working with my plants.  I call them my babies. I love to travel and explore different cultures.  But if I am not travelling, I am usually having some kind of adventure in NYC.

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
I am writing my travel stories in which I go to a foreign country and learn traditional medicines from the local indigenous healers.  These are quite adventurous experiences.  The book will be something of a Eat, Pray, Love meets Anthony Bourdain but with an Alternative Medicine theme.

Where can people find you on the web?
The Herban Alchemist. www.TheHerbanAlchemist.com
The Rockstar Remedy. www.TheRockstarRemedy.com

Any final thoughts?
Thank you for your interest!

Book Tour – The Search for the Stone of Excalibur by Fiona Ingram


Title: The Search for the Stone of Excalibur
Author: Fiona Ingram
Publisher: Biblio Publishing
Pages: 376
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Format: Paperback/Kindle/Nook


Continuing the adventure that began in Egypt a few months prior in The Secret of the Sacred Scarab, cousins Adam and Justin Sinclair are hot on the trail of the second Stone of Power, one of seven ancient stones lost centuries ago. This stone might be embedded in the hilt of a newly discovered sword that archaeologists believe belonged to King Arthur: Excalibur. However, their long-standing enemy, Dr. Khalid, is following them as they travel to Scotland to investigate an old castle. Little do they know there is another deadly force, the Eaters of Poison, who have their own mission to complete. Time is running out as the confluence of the planets draws closer. Can Justin and Adam find the second Stone of Power and survive? And why did Aunt Isabel send a girl with them?

Join Justin and Adam as they search not only for the second Stone of Power, but also for the Scroll of the Ancients, a mysterious document that holds important clues to the Seven Stones of Power. As their adventure unfolds, they learn many things and face dangers that make even their perils in Egypt look tame. And how annoying for them that their tag-along companion, Kim, seems to have such good ideas when they are stumped. Book extras include some historical background on King Arthur, the Dark Ages, warfare and weaponry during Arthur’s time, and details on Excalibur. A fascinating peek into the life and times of the real King Arthur, perfect for young time travelers and budding archaeologists.

The Search for the Stone of Excalibur is available at Amazon.
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About The Author


Fiona Ingram was born and educated in South Africa, and has worked as a full-time journalist and editor. Her interest in ancient history, mystery, and legends, and her enjoyment of travel has resulted in the multi award winning The Secret of the Sacred Scarab, the first in her exciting children’s adventure series—Chronicles of the Stone. Fiona has just published the second book entitled The Search for the Stone of Excalibur, a treat for young King Arthur fans. She is busy with Book 3 entitled The Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper.

Visit Fiona Ingram’s website.
Connect with Fiona on Facebook and Twitter.
Find out more about Fiona at Goodreads.
Visit Fiona’s blog.

Book Excerpt:

Adam shivered in the chilly air. It was hard to tell if it was early morning or late evening because the moon was still visible, a pale disc hanging in a dark gray sky. Ragged shreds of clouds scudded across the moon’s face, casting strange shadows on the ground in front of him. Mist floated around his ankles and swirled in soft eddies when he moved his feet. In front of him lay an open field, grayish green in the dim light. Farther away, he saw the mound of a huge hill. Adam got the feeling he had fallen through a hole in time—back to the Dark Ages, back to Arthur’s era.
He heard a faint howling noise in the distance. Wolves? Adam froze with fear. He desperately tried to remember whether there had still been wolves in England during the Dark Ages. There must have been because there was no other sound quite like the howl of a wolf. The hairs on his arms rose as he heard the howl again. Although he pinched himself to wake up, it was no good; he remained in the dream. At the sound of distant hoof beats, he shrank back against a large tree trunk. There was no time to run away because suddenly the drumming hooves were all around him. Then came the faint melancholy wail of a battle horn and the tinny sound of chinking metal. He could hear the crisp snap-snap of fluttering pennants and when he turned, he glimpsed banners waving among the trees. The surge of spectral riders halted and one man, seated on a white horse, appeared at the head of the cavalcade.
The eerie figure came closer, the horse lifting its feet carefully, clip-clopping right up to the trembling boy. The horse was huge, its trappings gleaming with pinpoints of metal rosettes, its long tail and mane hanging like ghostly cobwebs in the pale moonlight. The beast snorted and stamped restlessly. Adam saw the burnished glint of a helmet with a dragon-shaped crest topped by a red plume. Although the cheek pieces of the helmet obscured the man’s features, the shadowy figure was looking right at him. A red cloak swirled around the warrior’s body and, as the fabric swung aside, Adam saw the gleam of chain mail and the dark shape of a breastplate on the man’s chest. The warrior’s armor seemed more Roman than he expected. A banner flapped from the spear of a man behind the warrior: a red dragon on a white background. The warrior raised one arm, and a roar erupted as the sounds of cheering burst from what seemed to be thousands of throats. Although Adam heard strange words in another language, somehow he understood what the voices said.
“Hail the Pendragon!”
Adam was so close that he could have reached out and touched the rider. The spectral figure drew his sword from its scabbard and held it aloft. It seemed to Adam that he saw every detail with strangely magnified clarity. It was the same sword from the museum, but it looked so different now. The metal gleamed with a peculiar bluish sheen. Curious characters embossed the length of the blade. At the top, just under the crossguard, was a small circle with a seven-pointed star inside it. Sparkling gems decorated the hilt and pommel, with two dragons’ heads facing inward on the crossguard. The stone between the dragons’ open mouths glowed brilliant red. Suddenly, a fiery, almost blinding light shot from the stone, dazzling him. The white horse reared on its hindquarters. The radiant beam lit up the forest as the warrior whirled the blade around his head several times. Adam fell to his knees, shaking with a mixture of terror and excitement as he realized the second Stone of Power was embedded in the sword of Arthur. But the stone in the museum sword was nothing like this one.


Fiona, thanks for being my guest today. Tell us what inspires you to get out of bed each day?
There’s so much work to do, so much to write, so much to research … I even have problems sleeping in on a Sunday morning!

If you could hang out with one famous person for one day, who would it be and why?
I think British actor, author and all-round Very Interesting Person, Stephen Fry. He has a wonderful sense of humour and turn of phrase, and is just such a fascinating personality. (I hope he reads this!)

What’s the story behind your latest book?
The Search for the Stone of Excalibur is the second book in my Middle Grade adventure series, The Chronicles of the Stone. Continuing the adventure that began in Egypt a few months prior in The Secret of the Sacred Scarab, cousins Adam and Justin Sinclair are hot on the trail of the second Stone of Power, one of seven ancient stones lost centuries ago. This stone might be embedded in the hilt of a newly discovered sword that archaeologists believe belonged to King Arthur: Excalibur. However, their long-standing enemy, Dr. Khalid, is following them as they travel to Scotland to investigate an old castle. Little do they know there is another deadly force, the Eaters of Poison, who have their own mission to complete. Time is running out as the confluence of the planets draws closer. Can Justin and Adam find the second Stone of Power and survive? And why did their Aunt Isabel send a girl with them?

Tell us your writing process
For my middle grade adventure series it is rather a fixed process because while I was writing Book 1, I was already envisioning the following books in the series. So, since each location is already set, I plan the chain of events (lots of danger, mystery and intrigue!), research endlessly to make sure my historical, archaeological and geographical facts are correct, and start writing. I also write animal rescue which is much simpler, being basically the story of the rescued animal and how people can do more for animal rescue. I write Regency romances under a pseudonym (Arabella Sheraton) and these are really fun romantic romps, which are more spontaneous rather than planned.

When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
I have always written, from the time during childhood when I wrote plays for my four brothers and me to act out for my ever patient and long suffering parents, to making up ghost stories to entertain my brothers and their friends, to writing comical poetry about family members or amusing events. I guess actually sitting down one day and writing a children’s book was inevitable.

Tell us about your main character:
My main characters have, by Book 2 in the series, become a trio. Adam is the reluctant hero, charged with being connected to all the ancient Stones of Power that drive the series; his cousin Justin is the brawn of the bunch; and Kim, a girl around the same age as the cousins, is the one with the most common sense and keeps the boys grounded. Between them they bring different perspectives to the quest which is fraught with lots of danger and excitement.

What are you working on next?
Book 3: The Temple of the Crystal Timekeeper is at the editor. This is the third stage of the quest and takes the trio to Mexico where they crash land into the Mexican jungle on page one and are rescued by an uncontacted tribe. Very exciting!!

Do you have any special/extraordinary talents?
I can’t sing a note, and I struggle to learn dance steps, but I am an extremely good cook, and my desserts are delicious. My specialty is amazing home made ice cream made without using an ice cream maker (it can be done!).

Who are your favorite authors?
It’s hard to say. I read everything from the classics to thrillers and detective stories, to no holds barred adventure.

What do you like to do with your free time?
Free time? What’s that? When I do have time to spare, I love movies, reading, listening to music, being at home, and thinking about my next book/s or the characters…

Tell us about your plans for upcoming books.
I’m working on Book 4: The Cabal of the Ouroboros set in the catacombs of Paris, as well as developing the plot of my next Regency romance novel with a difference – a time travel, murder mystery this time. I am dying to write a murder mystery and this might just be the perfect opportunity.

Where can people find you on the web?

Please visit my social sites and follow my news!
Author Site: http://www.FionaIngram.com
Blog: http://fionaingramauthor.blogspot.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/FionaRobyn

Any final thoughts?
Reading is the most wonderful experience for anyone, regardless of their age. If you are a parent, the best gift you can give your child is the gift of literacy. So make sure you follow your child’s reading interests and encourage them to read, read and read some more.

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