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Book Tour – Corlex: Episode 1 – Titan and the Reaper


About the Book

Title: Corlex: Episode 1 – Titan and the Reaper

Author: Jacob Ingalls & Ryan

Genre: Sci-Fi


The sound of the Solar Trains cry above as he hunts for his bounty, today a half-cyborg pirate, tomorrow a nano-bot infused scoundrel.

He is one of the few of his kind, he chases the Solar System’s worst villians alone, only equipped with his wits, and the fastest draw in the Galaxy

Author Bios

Jacob Bio:

Jacob Pic

A little about Jacob:
For as much as I think I’m probably different than most writes, I’m probably not. I am an engineer by trade, with 2 degrees in finance, but I live for my lunch break because that is when I get to write. The last year or 2 I’ve been playing around with different ideas and none of them seemed to stick, but then Ryan came to me with the idea for Corlex and one simple question “Do you want to write a book together?” and that as they say ‘Is History.’
Some of what I like:
I’m a giant nerd, I’ve been watching Star Trek since I was 7, I love going to Cons and DOTA 2 is my favorite game. However, on any given fall Saturday though you will find me in front of my TV cheering on the Oklahoma State Cowboy Football Team with my wife.

Practice while you walk

Greetings my name is Jacob and I am one of the authors of the series Corlex. In today’s post I am going to talk about a way to practice writing when you do not have a lot of time to actually sit down and write.

I am a full time engineer, married and have other hobbies outside of writing as well, so my time to sit down with pen and paper is very limited. I normally get at most 45 minutes a day, and some lucky weekends 2 hours a day, but those days are few and far between. So how do I work on my writing game? How do I practice an art that takes time and effort to master?

I practice while I walk.

It is almost exactly ½ mile from my car to my desk every morning and this walk provides an ample opportunity to try out different narrative styles, and perspectives by simply describing the world around me in my head.

For example, some days I work on a first perspective ‘I walked towards the impending dread of another day in the white building that sucks my soul’

Or perhaps you can get into a third person narrative that has little to nothing to do with your actual day to day routine

His feet carried him along the side walk, he could hear the footsteps of other co-workers, but his mind was far away from here.’

You can also get into descriptive practice

‘The sun still hung low in the morning sky, leaving slight shades of red and purple hanging in the air.”

There is so much to describe, think about and write about, on a simple walk from your car to your desk chair. I encourage everyone to use this free time to sharpen your game and perhaps learn a new trick or style that you might not have thought about before.


Ryan Bio

Ryan Pic

I’ve always had a fervent curiosity about the sci-fi world, but never truly pursued writing it down on paper until my good friend Jacob and I schemed together the idea for Corlex. He has always been a great inspiration to me and I am thankful for the opportunities we have to come up with new ideas for you readers!

I spend most of his time dreading the work hour, and when I come home I soak up much needed family time with my wife and two boys. I have always been an avid and dedicated game, and recently opened my own stream under Twitch. Here you can find me testing out all the newest games such as Fallout 4, The Witcher 3, GTA5, and more!





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