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Cover Reveal ~ Heartland

Heartland Book Banner

Inside the Book:

Title: Heartland
Author: Sara Walter Ellwood
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Ecopy

Sex, drugs, and country music. That was the lifestyle for Emily Kendall, a Texas girl who hit it big on the country music charts–until she found herself pregnant and battling addiction. Now out of rehab and seeking a new life for herself and her unborn child, Emily returns to her hometown of McAllister. The last thing she’s looking for is trouble, no matter how good it looks in uniform. . .

A widower, single father, and former Army Ranger struggling with PTSD, Sheriff EJ Cowley has his own demons to battle while keeping folks safe. The last thing he needs is a troubled celebrity speeding through town in her bright red Mazerati. But when someone from Emily’s past threatens her safety and the peace of McAllister, EJ has no choice but to protect her. And soon both will learn there’s more to the other than meets the eye. And that wounded hearts can love again. . .

 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpgB&N292865-apple-ibooks-logo Meet the Author


Although Sara Walter Ellwood has long ago left the farm for the glamour of the big town, she draws on her experiences growing up on a small hobby farm in West Central Pennsylvania to write her contemporary westerns. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for over 20 years, and they have two teenagers and one very spoiled rescue cat named Penny. She longs to visit the places she writes about and jokes she’s a cowgirl at heart stuck in Pennsylvania suburbia. Sara Walter Ellwood is a multi-published and international Amazon bestselling author of the anthology set Cowboy Up.

She also writes paranormal romantic suspense under the pen name of Cera duBois.

Susan has an undergraduate degree from James Madison University and a master’s degree (MSW) from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has used her professional background as a psychotherapist and corporate trainer to add authenticity to her characters.

Susan is a wife, a stepmother, and a dog lover. She and her family live near Raleigh, North Carolina where she is busy finishing up the third novel in the Willow Hill Series


Book Blast ~ Naked Choke by Vanessa Dare

SBB_NakedChoke_Banner copy

Naked Choke

by Vanessa Dare


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



Trapped at the bar during her best friend’s engagement party, Emory finds herself with Mr. Dud and his obnoxious pick-up lines. That is, until sexy Grayson Green steps in to rescue her. She’s been out of the game so long that she’s practically a dating virgin. With her son off to college and her husband now an ex, Emory is learning how to be not a wife, not a mom, but a single woman. What she doesn’t anticipate is falling—hard and fast—for a dominate, alpha male.

Grayson Green’s an MMA champion, used to working hard and playing harder. He spent years in the limelight where fast times and fast women were easy to come by. Women just want to screw him and men want to be friends with the infamous Green Machine. The appeal is gone and he steps out of the ring to make some changes and get control of his life. He runs his own gym and is a trainer for the next champ. All the training in the world can’t save him from the one-two punch of meeting Emory. She’s different. She has no idea who he is…and she wants him anyway. She’s everything he never knew he ever wanted and he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her.

Gray convinces Emory that there are no games with him, that he wants to take care of her, protect her, and pleasure her until she can’t see straight. But not everything from his past are championship belts and sponsorship deals. He’ll have to protect her from the one thing he can’t control. Gray will do anything to keep Emory because he knows that winning in the cage is nothing compared to winning her heart.




“Sorry I’m late, baby. This place is so crowded, Paul pointed me in your direction.” I felt a hand on my shoulder before I realized the voice was talking to me. The surprise contact made me jump, but it didn’t feel creepy and gross like Bob/Bill’s hand had. It felt like…electricity crackling in the air before a thunderstorm. Glancing back, it was Mr. Bond’s brother—that would make him Mr. Bond as well, then?—smiling at me. At me! His brown eyes weren’t just dark, they were almost black and they were focused directly, completely, utterly on me.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Vanessa Dare does it all: Urban contemporary to time traveling to Scotland and everything in between. Her bestselling alter ego, Vanessa Vale, sticks with steamy Wild West romps.

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Book Tour – Uneven Exchange

Uneven Exchange banner

About the Book:

Title: Uneven Exchange
Author: S.K. Derban
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Pages: 344
Genre: Mystery/Romance
Like fire and ice, Alexandra Callet’s life runs hot and cold.

At the age of thirty-three, Alexandra owns a stunning home and a successful interior design company. But she is in love with her business partner, Jake Taylor, and he doesn’t even seem to realize she’s a woman. She should be on top of the world, but instead she feels dragged down by the void in her heart. Hoping for answers, she decides a trip to Mexico might soothe her soul.

Jake Taylor only pretends to be a confirmed bachelor.

Jake has been entranced by Alexandra’s determination and exotic beauty since the moment they met, but she has no idea how he feels. He considers confessing his love, but fears jeopardizing their friendship and business. He’s caught in a web of pretending he doesn’t care, and doesn’t see a way out of it.

Alexandra is recruited for a dangerous mission.

Following her trip to Mexico, her resemblance to a member of an assassin’s family leads Alexandra to be recruited by the DEA. Her training leaves her distracted, and her business begins to suffer. Jake notices her sudden change, and feels her slipping both personally and professionally beyond his reach. Should he finally take the chance…before it’s too late? After all, he has nothing to lose.

However, when Alexandra returns to Mexico for her mission, things go terribly wrong.
Will she be able find the strength to fight and escape the
peaceful haven that has now become her prison? Or will Jake lose Alexandra forever…

For More Information
• Uneven Exchange is available at Amazon.
• Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.

Uneven Exchange

Book Excerpt:

Two DEA agents, both in casual attire, glanced at the woman riding by. Conner’s brief glimpse immediately became an intense stare as he wondered if Armando experienced the same observation. He dared not look away, afraid even a quick turn of his head would make her disappear. Neither spoke until she peddled past. “It couldn’t be, could it?” Armando asked first.

While tugging at the rim of his baseball cap Conner scrutinized his partner. “Then you saw what I saw!” he exclaimed. “I don’t know how it’s possible. We just left her in Cancun.” Conner’s energetic eyes studied the back of their subject with interest. Shaking his head, he continued, “No, and the hair is definitely a different color. Wow! But it sure looks like her.”

“You’re telling me. This is unbelievable! Vamos amigo,” Armando said. “Come on! Let’s follow her and get a closer look.”

With a soft jog, the twosome began following the female rider. Conner knew they should be more worried about losing her than being noticed, and within seconds, they finished jogging on the uneven wooden pier planks and stepped onto the dirt road. The agents then turned left as their target slowed.

About the Author

S.K. Derban

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, S.K. Derban moved to London within the first three months, and remained in England until the age of five. Her mother, born and raised in the United Kingdom, was involved with the London Royal Ballet Company, and a great fan of the arts. Even after returning to the United States, S.K. Derban’s life was filled with a love of the theatre and a passion for British murder mysteries. Her personal travel and missionary adventures also help to transport readers virtually across the globe. S.K. Derban has smuggled Bibles into China on five separate occasions, and has been to Israel on seven missionary trips. When writing, she relies on all aspects of her life, from a strong faith in the Lord, to her unique combination of professional experience. The many personal adventures of S.K. Derban are readily apparent as they shine through into her characters.

Her latest book is the mystery romance, Uneven Exchange.
For More Information
• Visit S.K. Derban’s website.
• Connect with S.K. on Facebook and Twitter.
• Find out more about S.K. at Goodreads.
• Visit S.K.’s blog.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About S.K. Derban

  1. Robert Ludlum is my favorite author. I mourned his passing as if I lost a dear friend. Although I read action thrillers, I write mystery romance.
  2. Writing mystery romance is my way creating a “Dinner plus Dessert book!” When I do read romance, I miss the mystery. When I read romantic suspense, the outcome seems inevitable. My goal is to provide readers with a satisfying meal of solving a mystery, along with the dessert of a romantic conclusion.
  3. My creativity soars when I am either hiking or biking. I feel blessed to live in San Diego, with an amazing climate. Even in the winter, my husband and I are able to bicycle ride along the beach.
  4. I am an organization nut! My organization skills were handed down by my mum, a wonderful English woman who could out organize the best!
  5. Whenever possible, I try to make all of my own natural cleaning products.
  6. In order to share my love of using natural cleaning products and also my talent for organizing, I created a blog. The blog name of HINTS is an acronym for Helpful household advice, Innovative ideas, Natural alternatives, Time saving tips, and Simple solutions.
  7. Yellowstone is one of my favorite places on earth. Many of my story ideas are the result of hiking in what I refer to as God’s country.
  8. When I write dialogue, I pace and act out the scenes.
  9. If I feel writer’s block coming, I get up and sort laundry!
  10. I use both hands while writing in order to keep both sides of my brain active. Although I am right handed, I purposefully use a left computer mouse. When I first made the switch, I instantly felt my creativity soar! Who knew?
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