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the most hated Villain in TV history


Tonight’s première of TWD will leave many moved. If you have not seen it yet, here’s a clue/spoiler….

Two of the best characters to date cop it big time… Don’t include Darryl, Rick or Michonne 🙂

Breaking Point Video


The new Darkness Visible video – “Eat Me!” went live May 9th. But first, a warning – it is not for the easily offended. It has sacrilegious themes and some off concepts. Proceed at your own risk, and share it with friends if you dare!

Darkness Visible are now working on their 9th music video – Breaking Point. Here is the site to keep up to date with the progress



Clowns Are Scary!


Stay Tuned as Darkness Visible will soon be appearing on Creatives On The Couch.

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