Movie Review – ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction


ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction

ZMD is a movie starring Janette Armand, Doug Fahl, and Cooper Hopkins. Life is wonderful for the people in the quiet, island town of Port Gamble….until a zombie virus outbreak!

Director: Kevin Hamedani
Writers: Ramon Isao, Kevin Hamedani
Stars: Janette Armand, Doug Fahl, Cooper Hopkins

Storyline: Life is wonderful for the people in the quiet, island town of Port Gamble….until a zombie virus outbreak!


My Review: After seeing this somewhere on Facebook, I thought that this was one movie I wanted to watch. Only because it had Russell Hodgkinson (Z Nation) as one of the main roles.

Being a writer of horror, my viewing pleasure often gravitates towards films in the horror genre. Sometimes those films I watch are good, and other times… well… those should be be left on the cutting room floor…. And this film is another example where it should have been left in the editing room …. until the end of time….

In all honesty, and to be brief, this movie was a waste of time, a waste of talent and a waste of budget. For the reported $500K it cost to produce this film, the end result could have (and should have) been a lot better. No offense to the director and writer, but they could have used that half-mill to produce a feature film of substance and quality.

The only redeeming points about this film was the acting ability of Janette Armand and Russell Hodgkinson.

The only other movie that seemed to be similar was the 2003 Aussie film, Undead. If you want a move that will put you to sleep, then go ahead and watch this snoozefest. If you want to watch a film that is similar and much better, then go watch Undead (2003). At least that film was more entertaining.

IMDB Rating: 5.1
My Rating: 3

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