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Movie Review – Clawed


Director: Steve Taylor
Writers: Steve Taylor, Rahul Chatterjee
Stars: Wade Sullivan, Cynthia Calvert, Felissa Rose

A geology field trip into the remote Bear Claw wilderness area turns into a nightmare for a group of college students as they find themselves prey to a viscous man-beast the locals call The Shadow of Death.


Review: Nothing to see here. Literally, there is nothing to see here in this film. Normally I will give a low/no budget film the benefit of the doubt and will try to watch to the very end. But this film I could only get as far as 15 minutes then turned it off, it was that bad. 9 minutes in before the opening credits start to roll. Before this, a podcaster with a clock ticking so loud to the point it was distracting. The effects were horrid and the acting was very one dimensional.

There is a reason why the full movie is up on YouTube.

IMDB Rating: 4.5
My Rating: Minus 10.

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