Facebook – Complete invasion of privacy

Ever since my status was set to being “single” on Facebook recently, on the news feed I am bombarded by every ad they can throw at me about all types of ‘single women’ on the planet, in an effort to get me ‘hooked up’. The amount of ads I see on the news feed is absolutely absurd, with about every 2nd post on the news feed is about some dating app/site, stating such fantasic things like:

“Slavic girls waiting for you!”

“Asian hotties ready for your message!”

“Cosplay hunnies waiting to meet you”

“Star Wars Geek Girls Ready For dates”

“Star Trek Geek Girls”

Such ads like these:

This kind of shite I block all the time, but… I continue to see the SAME crap and spam from Facebook!

Half of my time on the news feed is spent by either hiding ads or reporting them as spam.

I even saw one ad tonight on my news feed that was advertising a “personal razor to shave your balls“!!!!!

Seriously Facebook???? Are you THAT desperate???? I have no idea who does a search on Facebook or Google for Razors to shave ones balls, as I do a fine job myself at doing that!!!!

So facebook is taking their ads too far with the crap they throw in my face!

I never consented to see such ads, and as such, I am fed up of seeing such crap!

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