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Upwork … and Triple Dipping


Ever since E-lance and O-Desk merged, there has been a decline in how Upwork operates, especially for the Freelancer.

Here’s why in a nutshell:

Triple Dipping… Here’s why:

I am on Upwork as both a freelancer and an Employer. I have seen that although Upwork “States” that if a bid is lost or closed, you get the big credit replaced, they actually do nothing of the kind. So, here is how Upwork triple dips:

1: Bid Credits – You pay to place a bid on projects (some of them are scam – PROVEN – Go search groups on Facebook for this). Upwork states that it is based on “Employer history, amount of money they want to pay plus budget. Yet, 99% of these “so-called” gigs are ranked at 6 credits per bid. Does the freelancer get reimbursed these unsuccessful credits? No. I have waited 90 days and I still do not see any reimbursement of bids on “closed jobs”, even though I get a plethora of notifications that “X” job has been closed.

2. 20% fee on any gigs up to $500. – Most employers will “test the waters” to see how a freelancer performs. If the employer is satisfied, they will continue. If not, then the contract ends. Which leaves the Freelancer 20% down on their earnings. (not including the amount of credits that it cost to get the project).

3. Cost to withdraw funds – We all know that one. Upwork charges an additional fee when you withdraw funds to any payment source, regardless if it is Payoneer, Paypal or a Bank account.

On the flip side: What does the employer get charged?

As I said before I use Upwork for Freelancing plus hiring virtual staff. The ONLY fee an employer gets charged is the credit card fee, if they use a credit card. No fee to list a project, and no fee when hiring a person. (And believe me, I have hired a number of people over the years).

I agree with the fact that Upwork charges $0.15 per connect, but… when 99% of all gigs posted cost 6 connects to place a bid, that amount can cost in the long run. Lets look at it like this:

Old Model: 60 Free Credit Bids a month = 30 bids a month – no cost to Freelancer to bid.
NEW Model: 60 Credits a month = $9 cost per month for 10 bids a month! So to get the same amount of bids a month (that being 30), freelancer needs to spend $27 upfront.

Do you see the fucking math on how Upwork now operates?

But wait, you can avoid that by buying into Upworks “Premium Account” which gives you a grand total of 70 bid credits a month for the fee of $15 a month! (Most gigs are listed at a cost of 6 credits to bid!)

Hmmm… Seems that the writing is on the wall with Upwork, where it rips off the Freelancer, posts “fake gigs” (Proven), and tries to “upsell” freelancers to a higher fee for bidding.

So yes, triple dipping!

Upwork seems to be great at reporting everyone on TrustPilot who speaks the simple facts.

Yes, Upwork, you can go ahead and flag this review as you have done to so many others for speaking the facts on Trustpilot, but you cannot flag the same post for going up here!


2018 AFL Grand Final

Such a very close game all the way from halfway through the first quarter.

Both teams played superbly. In the end, West Coast Eagles beat Collingwood Magpies by a narrow margin of a few points.

Congrats to both team for an awesome game.

Final Score:

Eagles: 79
Magpies: 74

Time with Bub

Today spent some quality time with the pet lamb, whom we named “Bub”.

After a few hours I even managed to teach him to jump up on my lap 🙂

Little Lamb……

So today, we found our sheep in the yard, and with them what Grace thought to be a goat at first. Upon checking closer, we found that we had our first baby lamb. He is not more than a couple of days old. So we could not resist in capturing the moment on our camera.

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David Audition


Subject Excellence Award

David was awarded Subject Excellence Award today. Way to go!


Sometimes ……

It is coming up to the time of the first anniversary of my dad passing. A good man, who, not only only was the head trainer for the QLD Rugby League, but was also the first to speak out on TV against the dangers of the AIDS virus in sport.


Remembering Allen Morris. August 12, 1944 – March 6, 2017.

Sadly, it seems Parkinson’s is generic, and I have symptoms of the disease….

The end of an era….

The end of an era…. 😦

I finished writing Prophecy’s End. The long awaited final installment in the Chosen Series.

While some of my characters had suffered a horrific death, there were others that went out in quite an uneventful manner.

My favorites though were back in the fold, such as Laura, Alex and Jamiesonn, with even a few choice scenes with Nanomi.

Just how it plays out?

Now, now… that would be telling …. 🙂

You’ll have to wait for the official release…

Prophecy’s End will be available in paperback, e-book and audio-book. February 2018.

What’s next for C.A. Milson?

The Alfrazedian Conflict… A Sci-fi series with the first novella coming towards the end of 2018…

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