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David Audition



Subject Excellence Award

David was awarded Subject Excellence Award today. Way to go!


Sometimes ……

It is coming up to the time of the first anniversary of my dad passing. A good man, who, not only only was the head trainer for the QLD Rugby League, but was also the first to speak out on TV against the dangers of the AIDS virus in sport.


Remembering Allen Morris. August 12, 1944 – March 6, 2017.

Sadly, it seems Parkinson’s is generic, and I have symptoms of the disease….

The end of an era….

The end of an era…. 😦

I finished writing Prophecy’s End. The long awaited final installment in the Chosen Series.

While some of my characters had suffered a horrific death, there were others that went out in quite an uneventful manner.

My favorites though were back in the fold, such as Laura, Alex and Jamiesonn, with even a few choice scenes with Nanomi.

Just how it plays out?

Now, now… that would be telling …. 🙂

You’ll have to wait for the official release…

Prophecy’s End will be available in paperback, e-book and audio-book. February 2018.

What’s next for C.A. Milson?

The Alfrazedian Conflict… A Sci-fi series with the first novella coming towards the end of 2018…

Scam Alert – Naga City

It is with reluctance that I post this, but enough was enough.
Those in Naga. Be aware this woman is a scammer and a thief.
Her name is Filipinas Vargas. She posed as a “book keeper” and conned 20,000p out of my wife for the registrations of our businesses. After a month of asking her for the receipts of registration, she finally confessed by SMS to my wife that she spent the money she was trusted with for her own “family emergency”.
DO NOT deal with this woman. She scammed us, and no doubt she will scam others. we also have proof of SMS messages she sent stating that she spent our money!

AFL Grand Final 2017

In what was a very close game to the start, the Richmond Tigers streaked to victory over the Adelaide Crows.

Full time stats:

Richmond Tigers – 108
Adelaide crows – 60

Well done guys on a great game! And well done to Richmond! You boys deserved this! It has been a very long time coming!


A Wedding With A Filipina

Okay I have been off the radar for a whiles, but that is okay. A lot has been happening in my life as of late.

This year has been a ride from one thing to another. Some may know that I was dating someone who was extremely toxic. Both in her behaviour towards me and my son, and also to my friends. She was a real nut-job to say the least. But bad things cannot be remembered or dwelled on.

A few months ago, I met a lovely lady through online dating. Needless to say, online dating can be daunting. Considering that I also met my now ex-wife from online dating, and after taking a journey half-way across the world, that marriage ended in divorce.

Thankfully not all women are the same. Such as the case when I met Grace in Macau. After talking with Gracey for a few months, I took the journey to Macau to meet her in person. Of course, first dates can be awkward, and it was 🙂

Our plan was Grace would meet me at the Macau airport, and from there we would go to the hotel resort, Pousada De Coloagne, Macau. We arrived at the resort in early evening. First up was dinner together. Dinner was memorable, as we were joined by the local bugs at our table 🙂 Giant Cicadas and other creatures that come out only at night 🙂

That was our first date, which lead to spending a lovely week together in Macau.

Macau will always be a special place for us. It is not only a beautiful city with more casino than Vegas, but it is the city where we got engaged 🙂 Here are some photos of the place where Grace and I got engaged. A very scenic place, with lovely views all over the city.

After a memorable week in Macau, it was off to Philippines together to meet Grace’s family, and spend a week in Bicol.

We have a wonderful time travelling around Bicol, Legazpi City, Mayon Volcano, among other places 🙂

All too soon our time together was over before we knew it. 7 days together in Philippines and it was time for me to head home 😦


What happened next was the longest month of my life. I journeyed home and spent the next 30 days working and counting the days until I came back to the Philippines, to be reunited with my fiancée.

30 days. 30 long days and nights passed. Every day Grace and I spent time together on Facebook video and Skype. As much as we both loved spending that time together, it was not enough.

For a month I saved all I could so that my son, David, and I could get back to Philippines. For Grace, that meant staying with a friend in Manila. While for us, it meant that David needed to get a new passport, which was not easy as I needed to get Anna to sign off on his application, since she is David birth mother. Good thing was it took just over a week to get his passport after the forms were lodged.

Our journey began in mid July, when David and I arrived in Manila, where I was met by Grace. As she planned, she was waiting for us at the airport. It was one of the longest kisses at the airport anyone in Manila had seen 🙂

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A week in awesome Manila. And no trip is complete in Manila without a trip to see the Dinosaur Kids Playground. Any parents with kids should make the effort to get to this park. BBQ/Picnic areas along with a ton of adventures for the kids 🙂

When I started to look for a partner, I never expected that I would meet a Filipina,let alone marry one! 🙂

On a journey that started in March, we took the next step in our journey and got married on Saturday August 5.

Our journey together as husband and wife began yesterday, and no doubt, this marriage will last, as for the first time in my life I am with a partner who is equally yoked, which is biblical.

Yes, sometimes we have differences of opinion, but we never argue or fight. We talk about things, what is right and not. For Grace, being a mother is a new beginning for her, and even though David can be a handful for anyone (especially Grace’s family), they understand his ADHD condition and accept it.

David is adjusting well to life here. He is excelling at Tagalog, which I am very proud of his accomplishments that he has achieved. He too, has a long way to go as he learns to adjust in a new school, with new friends and a new lifestyle.

Needless to say, this will not be the only post about life here in Philippines. 🙂

Our Journey is only beginning……..

So it seems some companies, like are now using slamming and insult tactics to try and get customers.

The below is the pearl of an Email I received not long ago. Have a read and judge for yourself.

Insulting Spam

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