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So it seems some companies, like are now using slamming and insult tactics to try and get customers.

The below is the pearl of an Email I received not long ago. Have a read and judge for yourself.

Insulting Spam

Vacation Time

Every now and then even I need to get away to recharge my batteries and take a fresh look on life.

So what better way than head up to Queensland, Australia with my fiancée and my son.

First stop was Maroochydore. Home of the Bli Bli Castle and Aqua Park. Then after a few days down in Brisbane to meet family, it was off to Sydney to spend time with my fiancée’s family for some days.

Pics tell a thousand words, so here they are 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Happy New Year … 2016


Happy New Year  to all my friends and followers. May 2016 be a year of blessings.

Ashcombe Maze and Enchanted Adventure Garden

Mazes and more mazes, gnome and fairy hunt and canopy walk-a day well spent:)

More here and here.

New Additions

I don’t share personal things too often, but in this case I’ll make the exception by introducing you all to the latest idiots to join the feathered flock.

I have noticed that they are always angry, which has lead me to the conclusion that they either have serious Anger Issues that require intense therapy; Or are in truth, Agents of the Dark Side of the Force… I think the latter may be true in this case 🙂


Fantastical Kitchen Creations :)

So.. Out comes the chef in me with these creations… Enjoy 🙂

First up is my Strawberry, Blueberry and Banana Smoothie.

12115873_10208047572297296_1453057227154766220_n 12096046_10208047572097291_3797361044218156274_n

Next is homemade raisin bread


For the smoothie recipe, leave a comment