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Creatives On The Couch – Announcement


Catch brand new episodes of Creatives On The Couch. Each Monday 7pm and Sunday 6pm from mid/late June 2023 on Ayozat Sky Channel 186 UK.

Also more good news for our followers. Catch up on all past episodes (and new) VOD on GooglePlay, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV in late June/early July.



Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram suffer outage

Social media services Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have been hit by an outage lasting more than an hour.

All three services are owned by Facebook and could not be accessed over the web or smartphone apps.

Downdetector, which tracks outages, logged nearly 80,000 reports for WhatsApp and more than 50,000 for Facebook.

More of the story here:

Facebook – Complete invasion of privacy

Ever since my status was set to being “single” on Facebook recently, on the news feed I am bombarded by every ad they can throw at me about all types of ‘single women’ on the planet, in an effort to get me ‘hooked up’. The amount of ads I see on the news feed is absolutely absurd, with about every 2nd post on the news feed is about some dating app/site, stating such fantasic things like:

“Slavic girls waiting for you!”

“Asian hotties ready for your message!”

“Cosplay hunnies waiting to meet you”

“Star Wars Geek Girls Ready For dates”

“Star Trek Geek Girls”

Such ads like these:

This kind of shite I block all the time, but… I continue to see the SAME crap and spam from Facebook!

Half of my time on the news feed is spent by either hiding ads or reporting them as spam.

I even saw one ad tonight on my news feed that was advertising a “personal razor to shave your balls“!!!!!

Seriously Facebook???? Are you THAT desperate???? I have no idea who does a search on Facebook or Google for Razors to shave ones balls, as I do a fine job myself at doing that!!!!

So facebook is taking their ads too far with the crap they throw in my face!

I never consented to see such ads, and as such, I am fed up of seeing such crap!

Casting Call for Comedy Pilot – Manchester UK

We are looking for actors/extras/crew for a comedy pilot that will be pitched to various TV in UK, and also released on You Tube (Clips only) and released on Amazon.

The pilot episode is planned to be submitted to various film festivals in UK.

The pilot (of what is hoped to be a series) is based on the stage play of “The Community Centre”. A culturally diverse comedy, telling the hilarious stories of the likeable, entertaining characters.

Actors must be proactive in promoting the show on their social media accounts & also be skilled improvisers and have great comedy skills.

We are casting for various roles for both Cast and Crew.

Apply on StarNow:


MMA Promo – Adam Shearon


I met Adam recently when I was did a photoshoot with him at Queens Park, Bolton.

Right now he is raising funds for Cancer Research UK. Adam will be competing in an Ultra MMA Event at the DW Stadium in Wigan on November 16th, 2019.

He will also be giving every one the chance to pick my fight name via auction donation, the highest donation gets the chance to give him the choice of name for the Ultra MMA event.



Reality Vs Myth Time – Publish or Not To Publish

Many do seem to think that when they have a book published, the extent of marketing is limited to:
1. One image of the book cover to go along with the 10 thousand other images of them in a bathroom, selfies, and food snaps that are uploaded to Fb, Twitter, Instagram or other SM.
2. Released a self-pub book and think that their work is done.

Reality – Being an author makes you a BRAND. Hence, you need to spend at least 10 hours a week marketing your book. That includes: Virtual Book Tours, Trade Shows, Hitting book buyers (Schools, clubs), and doing everything you can to ensure your book is a success.

Excuses not to market your book:
1. I don’t have time. Answer: Hire a PR or Marketing agency who will do this for you for a cost.
2. I don’t have the funds. Answer: Then you need to promote your work yourself.
3. I don’t know how marketing works. Answer: Get educated and learn marketing techniques, or refer to the Answer in Point 1.

Traditional Publishing has changed so much in recent years. Many traditional publishers will expect you to do a bulk of your own marketing, and even fewer will offer an advance. This is because too many authors sit and do nothing and have the mindset of “I thought I could sit back and watch the royalty checks come in“.

Even Self-Pub through eNook (B&N) has requirements, whereas to host a book signing, you need to have a minimum of 500 copies of your eBook sold within 12 months. Now unless you are going to get all your family to purchase a ton of eBooks so you can have a signing at B&N, you better know how to market yourself effectively.

If you do not understand the constant changing techniques of marketing, hire a PR/ Marketing Agency who can do this for you. Or, run with a Hybrid Publisher who already knows how marketing works.


Open For Submissions

At the home office we have seen a few good submissions come in over the last few weeks. There have been some titles that we have already taken on board from authors in the US, UK and Australia.

Keep them coming people.

Open to both fiction and non-fiction titles.


Promo Blast – Gitanjali Pritchard

unnamed (1)

Singer Bio

My love for singing traces back to my childhood, when I was approximately 7 years old..
I used to listen to my dad playing the violin, and somehow what I didn’t know then as a child, I know now….

“That I always wanted to SING… always wanted to write and compose lyrics…”

I began to take classical singing lessons as a child and continued till circumstances tore me apart to simply log on to a real life for survival.

My music career went into a recessive hibernation and the economical struggles made me put my “SINGING” on the shelf of my mind’s library…

And almost after 30 long years, I felt I wanted to open the closed pages of my book… to the chapter of SINGING and MUSIC..

I needed to do something different other than follow the routine work life… I first began with lessons on piano and then the sound of music did the rest for me… It took me to the platform of my dreams … to sing, to entertain and to create music..

I couldn’t have done it without my son, who encouraged me at every step, not just as a mentor, but as a guide and my best friend … with very special thanks to Jean Pritchard for making my dream a reality …. And very humble oath of honour to D/A music/ Regent Street Artists for giving me a recognition ….


My debut single as a lyricist and singer has released on the following platforms…
iTunes: Spotify:

My second single released on 7th June 2017.
Title: Sound of music.

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