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Movie Review – Alien Abduction (2014)

Alien Abduction (2014)
Stars: Katherine Sigismund; Corey Eid; Riley Polanski; Jillian Clare.
IMDB Rating: 5.1
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Plot: A vacationing family encounters an alien threat in this thriller based on the real-life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon in North Carolina.

Alien Abduction (2014)
Review: Another film of the “Found Footage” genre. I have said this in a previous post, that there is a wave of “found footage” films cropping up all over the place, and everyone seeming to want to jump on the bandwagon success of “Blair Witch”. Now, while some “Found Footage” films I have seen are quite good, there are also those that really do not make the grade.

This is one of them….

The film starts off with the ending… An alien carries a camera over to a garbage chute and jettisons the camera back to Earth, from near orbit. We see the camera plummet to Earth, and while any other camera would have smashed to pieces on impact, this camera had some remarkable properties as it seemed to have no damage other than a cracked lens.

That is where my attention span switched off for the most part.

The story of this film is about the Morris family who venture into the Brown Mountains for a camping trip, when they witness a strange light phenomena in the sky and then they find themselves running for their lives as eerie lights track their every movement, while being stalked by other worldly creatures, who seem to also like to ransack cars after they abduct people, (or so it seems).

While the film is based on the actual Brown Mountains Light Phenomenon, the only similarity here was that it was shot in the same region. That is where any resemblance to fact ends. The acting was okay, the alien “lets scare the hell out of everyone” scenes were predictable to the point where it wouldn’t scare me out of a daydream, and the after-footage scene (during credits) was tiresome.
(I wont post the dialogue here on that scene, but I will just say that the scene is set 12 months later, and as the police officer arrives to the scene in his cruiser, he knows straight away that the guy sitting on the roadside is the abducted father)

This film had promise, but it could have been better in my opinion. If low budget, alien abduction films are your thing, watch this, otherwise, watch “The Fourth Kind” or “Fire In The Sky” instead.

My Rating: 4 out of 10.


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