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Guest Author – Ashlee Jensen

Guest Author: Ashlee Jensen
Books: Because That’s What Brothers Do; No More Frogs & Only One Butterfly
Films: 500 Miles (Director); The Telemarketers Show – TV Series (Karen)
Book Publisher: ASJ Publishing

Ashlee Jensen


Ashlee Jensen grew up surrounded by green plants, with lots of dirt digging and scuffling with her families pets. She has a younger brother and sister and loves writing, painting and taking photos of animals and the beautiful scenery. 

She is currently finishing a Bachelor of Early Childhood education at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Ashlee wants to change the world…one plant or person at a time.


Because That’s What Brothers Do – Googleplay

Because That’s What Brothers Do
By Ashlee Jensen
Published by: ASJ Publishing

Blurb:  The grown-ups told me I didn’t learn the same as everyone else. Well, even if that’s true I’m still really good at other things, including looking after my younger brother Max.

Because That What Bros Do

Available as Digital, Print and on GooglePlay.

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