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Creatives on the Couch ~ C31 Melbourne


Hey folks. For those who do not have access to C31 Melbourne, you can now watch episodes of Creatives On The Couch each week online on the C31 website.

Tune in each week to watch new episodes. Season  One Lineup – Official:

E1: Jacinta Maree
E2: Steve Dillon
E3: Michelle Somers
E4: Rebecca Taylor
E5: Alvy Merino
E6: Max Davine
E7: Brett Crandell
E8: Max Davine (pt2)
E9: Dani Maistry
E10: W.D. Stevens
E11: W.D. Stevens (pt2)
E12: C.A Milson
E13: Hayley Lawson-Smith
E14: Book Expo Australia
E15: Christmas Special

Creatives On The Couch – TV Premiere


4PM today. Our new series airs on C31.

If you are in Melbourne/Geelong, tune in or you can watch online 🙂

Book Signing – C.A.Milson

I don’t often do book signings. Mainly because I get as nervous s a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs 🙂 So you can imagine how nervous I felt leading up to my book signing yesterday.

Nerves – public appearances. For a moment I had the image of my first public appearance as an author. It was 2009, in Samara, Russia. When I gave a talk to a room full of students. Needless to say, that first time bombed in an epic way, and that one though came back to haunt me yesterday. 😦

Thankfully, those nerves hit the highway after a good friend gave me a pep talk, and away I went 🙂

The signing in itself was pretty cool. Joining me was the antagonist of The Chosen Series, Jamiesonn (played by Scott Reid), the ASJ Publishing street team (Zara and Rochelle), and fellow author Danielle M. Maistry.

Web Series Trailer – Bogan Bachelor

Thanks to everyone for creating such a buzz around Bogan Bachelor!

Well, today we have a special surprise for you. A hilarious promo for the web series starring Jason Deane, April Gareffa and Robbie Ryde with a whole host of others that we are all massively grateful to.

So check it out, show your friends and get pumped for the series!

New Aussie Sitcom – Coming Soon

Please take a moment to stop by and check out the new web series “The Bogan Bachelor“. A hilarious comedy currently in production by Positive Dynamite and ASJ Publishing.

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Comedy Series Coming Soon


Coming soon.

The coolest reality show to hit the ‘net. Brought to you by the outstanding team at Positive Dynamite and ASJ Publishing. Directed by Justin Dalaya; Produced by Chris Jackson; With our awesome DOP Patrick Slee.

Forget Farmer Wants A Wife.. Switch off The Bachelor… Tune in and watch the comedic episodes of one Fair Dinkum Ocker as he sorts the gals from the sheilas….

He is… The One…. The Only…. Bogan Bachelor


Coming very soon…

Keep watch for the ASJ Publishing Street Team gals out in force in Melbourne CBD…. You just may see our Dazza with them 🙂

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Jason Deane as Dazza
Melly Xanthi as Liz
Eva Torrkola as Ashley
Alexandria Page as Maud
April Garreffa as Gemma the Producer
Jess Heiser as Shazza
Sarah Schmidt as Dazza’s unfortunate daughter, Angelica
Kelly Niesen as Pam from Forced To Work Employment Agency


Creatives On The Couch – Season Two – Update


What an awesome night we had last night!

With a fantastic crew and great guests, Season Two kicked into high gear with talented guests, Steve Dillon and Jacinta Maree. A they talked about their work with our host, shared some insider tips and have alot of fun behind the scenes.

For a moment there everyone broke into our own version of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. As good as we were, I don’t think we did the song justice 🙂

This season promises to be some great shows with the line-up of guests including:

  • Steve Dillon
  • Jacinta Maree
  • Alvy Merino
  • Michelle Somers
  • Brett Crandell
  • Max Davine

Check out some of the shots BTS, and follow on Facebook.

The Worlds First Full Virtual Reality Book (VR Book) Experience



The First Virtual Reality Book

Melbourne, Australia – September 22 2015: ASJ Publishing have just released the first virtual reality book for Oculus Rift. The book will offer readers a visually immersive reading experience.

mAccording to the CEO of Sega, Mike Hayes, the virtual reality industry will be worth a staggering $6 billion within the next two years. The majority of this will be attributed to the Oculus Rift device, which has had drastic improvements to its functionality since it was initially announced in 2012. Different uses are constantly being created for the device, which is bound to change the way people experience art and entertainment.


With several virtual reality games and movies already available for people to enjoy, it is easy to see that many industries have already accepted the Oculus Rift as the device of the future. Just last week the virtual reality television show Sleepy Hollow won an Emmy award, which will certainly encourage the television industry to produce more shows of the like.

Whether it is stepping into their favorite game, watching an immersive movie, experiencing destinations around the world or spending time with friends, the Oculus Rift offers users a unique experience. The Melbourne-based publishing house ASJ Publishing believes that not only will virtual reality change the way people experience art and entertainment, but it can also change the way people read.

We are stepping outside the limitations of a traditional book.” explains Chris Jackson, the founder of ASJ Publishing. “Imagine being able to visually immerse yourself into a book. For instance, you could be reading a book of a woman walking through a forest and be entirely surrounded by detailed foliage and staggeringly tall trees. As you continue reading, the breeze will come through the trees and blow the leaves around you. The content of the scene will set the mood of the story. This is unlike anything you have ever experienced while reading a book.

ASJ Publishing have just released the first virtual reality book for Oculus. Written by Ken Maxon and developed by Kevin Gulling, the book is a poetry piece titled“A Chapter Finished, A Page Turned, the Sunset will Come Back.” It was initially published by ASJ in 2012 and the company has decided to use it as their first virtual reality book due to its relaxing tone and atmosphere. While reading the book on a virtual reality device, readers will experience a “book reading simulation” whilst on an island. They will be sitting in the sand, under a palm tree and be able to watch the waves roll in and the birds flying above.

As the popularity of virtual reality continues during the near future, ASJ Publishing hopes to release many more virtual reality books. To find out more information visit

Get it on Oculus