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Birthday Haul

This year has been great. I got treated to the gift that keeps on giving… bread 🙂

This has been on my wish-list for a while, so you can bet I was stoked when my sis gave me this for my birthday. Homemade bread coming soon 🙂



Of course, not to be outdone, my son gave me this gem. I wonder if he is saying something here lol

King Of Farts Card


My partner surprised me twice this year with two cakes. (yep, I’m greedy lol). The first cake is the one we had at home, just the 3 of us. The Ferrero Rocher Cake was the one we shared with 20 other people.

Before you ask… No, it is not a whole Ferrero Rocher lol… It’s a mud cake under the Fondant… But you can bet if it was a whole Ferrero Rocher, I would have shared with no one 🙂

11665598_10207305418623918_1249861376134177097_n 1512327_10207296334076810_7729292606095588077_n


And finally, being the Star Wars geek I am, I got this cool collector set.


Many many thanks to my family who made my day wonderful.


45th Birthday Gifts


10472096_10204488529439746_691529326120868779_nMay the force be with me, with these ever comfy Yoda slippers 

10410861_10204488526079662_8522731262937219696_nR2D2 projection Alarm Clock

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