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Creatives On The Couch ~ Guest C.A.Milson

This week new episode is live on C31. Special guest is C.A.Milson

Book Signing – C.A.Milson

I don’t often do book signings. Mainly because I get as nervous s a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs 🙂 So you can imagine how nervous I felt leading up to my book signing yesterday.

Nerves – public appearances. For a moment I had the image of my first public appearance as an author. It was 2009, in Samara, Russia. When I gave a talk to a room full of students. Needless to say, that first time bombed in an epic way, and that one though came back to haunt me yesterday. 😦

Thankfully, those nerves hit the highway after a good friend gave me a pep talk, and away I went 🙂

The signing in itself was pretty cool. Joining me was the antagonist of The Chosen Series, Jamiesonn (played by Scott Reid), the ASJ Publishing street team (Zara and Rochelle), and fellow author Danielle M. Maistry.

Book Signing – C.A.Milson – Horror Author


C.A.Milson. Author of the horror series, The Chosen, will be signing copies of his novel, Rise Of The Darkness this coming Saturday, October 17th.

Where: OzAuthors Stand at Brimbank Shopping Center, Deer Park (Right near Target)

When: 11AM til 1PM

Book Signing – C.A.Milson

rise of the darkness final

Award winning author and indie filmaker, C.A.Milson will be signing copies of his book, The Rise Of The Darkness, at the OzAuthors Stall at Brimbank Shopping Centre on Saturday October 17th from 11Am til 1PM.

If you are in the area, drop in and meet the author.

Oz Authors will feature some great books by talented Aussie authors at the Brimbank Shopping Centre for the week starting 12th October and finishing on the 18th. Be sure to get down and check out the titles



Book Review: The Chosen: Rise Of The Darkness

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Alex is a man who is down on his luck, he lost his fiance’ and parents and is now being plagued by horrible visions. In these visions he sees a wasteland of dead bodies and a beast that is not human. Alex struggles to find answers and has been going to paranormal conferences to find them. Over time he meets some investigators and learns of a prophecy that will bring about the end of humanity.

An old god will arise bringing an army of demons and zombies to kill all the humans and start a new world order. Alex finds out he is the chosen one who can stop the coming darkness and save the world as we know it. Not only will Alex have to fight one old god, there is also another spirit who is trying to gain power and Alex has to fight his inner demons as well. He has help from a team of paranormal investigators, but will it be enough to stop the darkness from taking over?

The Chosen: Rise Of The Darkness by C.A. Milson is a story with a lot going on. Alex is the star and my favorite character but he’s only a small part of a big story. I loved the character of Alex because of the transition he goes through. He goes from rock bottom trying to get over the tragedies in his life to being the only one who can save humanity. The interesting part of his character is that he doesn’t want any of this, he doesn’t want the power that is growing within him and he doesn’t want to be responsible for saving the world. He wants his fiance’ back and a simple life. Alex is thrust into a horrible situation and doing what he has to do. I liked him because I think most people can relate to him.

There were some great villains in this story, one is Tanzac who was a fallen angel and the other is Jamison who is an evil spirit who hates everyone. Jamison is the perfect villain, he was a cult leader and spent his life and death influencing people to do bad things. Jamison is the kind of guy in a book that I love to hate. Tanzac the other bad guy is sympathetic and actually shows compassion at points in the book. I love it that this book has a villain that seems to be very complex and another that you just want to see destroyed.

My favorite part of this book was a scene where a man decides to do a mock satanic ritual to get revenge on a couple of people. While he does some evil deeds he awakens something far worse. I liked how the demon that shows up does good by default. The characters in this story are great and complex. In addition to the characters there is a theme about new beginnings in this book and good coming from evil along with some religious metaphors. My only problem with Rise Of The Darkness was that I felt it lacked suspense at times but the great characters make up for it. Rise Of The Darkness is the beginning of a trilogy and its a good book about good versus evil.

Get the Ebook at ASJ Publishing.

Teaser: The Chosen – Prophecy’s End

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Teaser: The Chosen – Prophecy’s End

Prophecy’s End… Book four in The Chosen series. This is where it all ends, and the conflict between Jamiesonn, Tanzac and Alex comes to a head. One shall emerge from this victorious and the fate of humanity will be decided. To be judged and condemned to Hell on Earth, or be saved and life continues as “business as usual”.

After almost being killed by his alter ego in the past, Alex has been thrown into the vortex that descends into the sinister darkness that is Tanzac’s world. Trapped, alone and scared out of his mind, Alex hopes for his own fleeting salvation. But will this ever present darkness finally have its day and destroy the prophecy of the Elders?

This book has been a long time coming, and I admit that I have procrastinated a heck of a lot on this one. It is not because I do not want to write it, it is more a case that life – real life – sometimes gets in the way of doing what I need to do 🙂

The storyline – from beginning to almost end – I have all in my mind… Somewhere in those dark murky places where imagination takes root and springs forth like a cesspool of ideas. Needless to say, there are some very graphic scenes in this one, and for those who think Jamiesonn is downright cool, then you are in for a real treat of what I do with him in this installment …

Prophecy’s End brings into the fold Laura. Jamiesonn’s precious little girl. So not only does Alex have to contend with his alter-ego, Jamiesonn, Tanzac and his minions, but also Laura, who is a little hell-raiser in her own right.

Back along for this ride will be some old friends, some new ones, and of course who can forget the Judas who betrayed him in the beginning…

The things that lay in wait in the darkness will have their day in this book, and when I get done with this piece, I am sure that some of you will be in for what will be an unexpected ending… One that even I am not sure what that will be 🙂

Keep watch for Prophecy’s End. And be terrified of the darkness. It is coming… Scheduled for release in late 2016.

Goodreads Giveaway – The Chosen Series by C.A.Milson

Triple Treat for followers of C.A.Milson. Three giveaways on Goodreads. Enter to be in the running to win copies of Rise Of The Darkness, Bloodline Of Darkness and She’s Not So Ordinary.

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Rise Of The Darkness – Goodreads Winners

Our recent Goodreads giveaway contest went off with a bang!

Congratulations to Valerie M and Kitty B who have each won a copy of Rise Of The Darkness on the Goodreads Giveaway.

A copy will be out to your soon.

Keep watch for other Giveaways we will be running on Goodreads! 🙂