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Strange Empire (TV Series) – Review

Strange Empire (2014– )
Stars: Michelle Creber, Cara Gee, Matreya Scarrwener
IMDB Rating: 5.7

Tagline: We’re To Be Whores Ma’am

Plot: A serialized Western drama set near the Alberta-Montana border in the 1860s, in which three women band together for survival after the men in their town are murdered.


Review: Set in 1869 along the Montana/Alberta border, Strange Empire starts with two dead babies and a graveside wedding, and ends with a cozy pseudo-family scene threatened by lawlessness.

There’s plenty to sink into with the new series. Dark doesn’t quite seem to cover what happens to kick off the series—the mass slaughter of 20 men, and in rides John Slotter (Aaron Poole), the questionable hero who has ulterior motives, to get the stranded women to work in his whorehouse (either willingly or by force).

Cara Gee plays Kat with a fierce intensity and tenderness, and she is the emotional heart of the first episode. Aaron Poole (as John Slotter) is heartlessness and brutal who seems to be doing all he can to get his whorehouse business turning a profit, with a selection of hookers of all ages.

While the pilot episode was filled with rich scenery, I did find that there were some similarities to other TV shows I have seen. Kat did come across like the character, Clara Paget (Black Sails); And Aaron Poole did have some similarity to Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). With that said, there were times when we see Kat draw her gun and ready to blow a hole in some schmucks head.

The four leads in the mostly female cast, are outstanding. While I did find the pilot had its slow points, it was enough for me to want to watch further episodes and see where the series leads.

Verdict: Annie Get Yer Gun
Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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