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Dark Country – Movie Review

Dark Country – Written by Tab Murphy. Directed by Thomas Jane, Lauren German and Ron Perlman.

Tagline: At the End of the Road… The Nightmare Begins!

It has been some weeks since I actually watched this movie, but I felt that it was worthy of a review nonetheless.

Thomas Jane directs a film that shows more promise than actual success. Its a Noirish tale about a honeymooning couple who who accidentally run over a man staggering in the desert, stop to help him only to have everything go horribly wrong when the man turns on them. From that point on it’s a descent into hell as things get complicated on every level.

Give Thomas Jane kudos for making a good looking film. Give him a few more for getting some really good performances from all the actors.
The ending is a surprise that will leave you with many unanswered questions, and the interpretation to open to whatever you believe. If you believe in the temporal loop theory, this is one film not to miss.

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