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Still Open All Hours (2013– ) – TV Series Review

Still Open All Hours (2013 -)
Stars: Brigit Forsyth, Maggie Ollerenshaw, Lynda Baron, David Jason
IMDB Rating: 6.6

Plot: Having inherited the shop from his uncle, it’s business as usual for Granville at Arkwright’s corner shop.

Still Open All Hours (2013– )


Review: Granville (David Jason) returns in this sequel to to the series “Open All Hours“.

Arkwright is long dead and Granville now runs the shop with his daft son Leroy, the result of a one night stand in Blackpool. Granville has inherited his uncle’s shop, trying to sell nappy rash cream as a body building aid whilst the handsome boy is a hit with the female customers. Granville would like to get back with old flame Mavis, now back on the market, but she is guarded by her fearsome sister Madge though Mrs Featherstone, the one time Black Widow, is extremely interested in a dalliance with Granville – unlike retired nurse Gladys, who is no more interested in Granville than she was in his uncle.

The sequel series may not sit with some, and even some others have compared this to the original series, which finished up in 1985. Ronnie Barker may no long be with us, but David Jason is, and he brings back to the small screen the lovable character of Granville. The conniving, street-smart convenience shop owner who is always looking to make a fast buck from unsuspecting customers (such as the hair-net face mask incident), while trying his best to win the affections (and more) of his old flame, Mavis (Maggie Ollerenshaw), dealing with his half-wit son Leroy (James Baxter), and trying to play matchmaker with Gastric (Tim Healy) and the overprotective Madge (Brigit Forsyth).

Some familiar faces in this delightful reboot from the original series, and it is wonderful to see that even after 30 years, some things don’t change.

Verdict: May you stay Open All Hours for another decade 🙂
My Rating: 9 out of 10.

Still Open All Hours




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