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Top 10 List Male Actors

Okay, a couple of people have asked me what actors would be in my Top 10. So I decided to make a list, in no particular order. Some people may not agree with all the choices, but feel free to comment and share your thoughts.

In no particular order, my selection of Top 10 Male Actors are:

1. Denzel Washington

2. Morgan Freeman

3. Robert Patrick

4. Woody Harrison

5. James Spader

6. Jack Nicholson

7. Patrick Stewart

8. Michael Keaton

9. Anthony Hopkins

10. Ben Kingsley


Next post will be my Top 10 Female actors

Flight (2012) – Movie Review

Flight (2012)
Stars: Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Bruce Greenwood
IMDB Rating: 7.3

Plot: An airline pilot saves almost all his passengers on his malfunctioning airliner which eventually crashed, but an investigation into the accident reveals something troubling.

Flight (2012)

Review: On a routine flight from Orlando to Atlanta, something goes wrong with the plane and it begins to fly erratically. With little choice, the pilot (Whip Whitaker – played by Denzel Washington) must crash land in order to save the passengers onboard.

When he comes to in the hospital, he soon finds out that all but 6 of the crew and passengers survived the crash, thanks to his daring flight maneuvers. However, rather being heralded as the hero he was, his life comes under scrutiny, as it is revealed that Whip has a drug and alcohol dependency.

A strong film with a great cast, that focuses on just how much destruction drugs and alcohol can have on a person, and just when you think that Whip gets his act together, he again falls by the way-side and drinks to the point of being unbearable to everyone around him. The only hope that he has, of walking away from the investigation, is to clean himself up and remain sober.

“Flight” is a powerful, dark film that is is about a man who has fallen into his own darkness and how salvation comes in the most unexpected form.

Denzel Washington is, without a doubt, in my Top 5 List of best actors of the modern era, and in this film he shows that once again his performance is powerful and moving.

Verdict: Flying is still the safest way to travel 🙂
My Rating: 9 out of 10

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