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VBT – My Sophomore Year of Rules


About the Book

Title: My Sophomore Year of Rules

Author: Jennifer DiGiovanni

Genre: YA Romance

Colette Rodriguez hates rules. Just ask her perfect, older, gorgeous, rule-following sister, Jana.

But now that Jana’s away at college and Colette’s a sophomore in high school, things are going to change. She’s gotta find a way to get out from under her sister’s shadow.

The problem is, everyone, including the boys, remembers perfectly-hot-Jana and they constantly compare Colette to her.

With Jana finally out of the house, Colette decides that sophomore year is the best time to make her mark on the world. She vows to follow the rules, although rule-following has never been her strong point. When a teacher asks Colette to lead a STEM Mentoring project, working with middle school kids, Colette sees her chance to stand out, though she doubts her ability to take charge.

Enter Will Gamen, junior football star. Looking for a club to boost his chances of a college scholarship, Will signs up for STEM. From the first meeting, when Will inadvertently takes over, Colette wonders if he should really be the person to run the project. And, in an even more confusing turn of events, Will starts to drop by her house for unplanned study dates. After the two spend one fabulous Saturday night together, he suddenly backs off.

But Colette and Will started out as friends and she’s determined not to let one meaningless kiss come between them. Plus, keeping Will on her team is the best thing for the STEM project. And it also gives her more time to convince him that they work better as a couple.


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Author Bio

Jennifer DiGiovanni is a freelance writer and YA author of the School Dayz series. When she’s not writing, you can find her reading, working on home design projects, or trying to meet the daily goals on her Fitbit. She also likes to try new sports and activities, from archery to ballroom dancing, with varying degrees of success.

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VBT – Gideon and the Crimson Samurai


About the book

Title: Gideon and the Crimson Samurai

Author: R.L. Baxter

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Gideon Joust is your average twelve-year-old boy, with all the growing insecurities one would expect, following the mysterious disappearance of his father. On one fateful day, the boy’s world is turned upside down – leading to a chance encounter with a brash child warrior: Kibishi the Crimson Samurai.

GCS Image

Author Bio

Author prof

Ricky Baxter is the author of Gideon and the Crimson Samurai and a collection of short Novellas such as: Mother Gaia, A Sinless Horizon and The Worst Death. He is an avid blogger and speaker, giving advice and thoughts to fellow creators from all walks of life. Currently he lives in London England where he writes and blogs.

Book Excerpt

After short moments, the archer and samurai sit by the stream, looking out over the dull sunset. They remain quiet – Kibishi looking troubled, while Albion smiles evermore.

Kibishi: I still stand by what I said. We will part ways once we reach Valero. I cannot allow Gideon to follow me any further. He’ll only end up dead.

Albion: I understand. However do you still stand by the other thing you said? The thing about: “Whoever said you and I were friends?” You didn’t honestly mean that – did you?

Kibishi: No… I didn’t mean that. I just don’t want Gideon to trust in me – that’s all.

Albion: And why would you not want somebody to trust you? Friendship is based on trust after all?

Taking a moment to think about his reply, Kibishi bites his lips together while Albion awaits his answer.

Kibishi: When you trust someone… you expect much from that person. You rely on them and look to them for help. I am not capable of doing any of those things, hence why I am not suitable to be Gideon’s friend. If something ever happened to him, I would never forgive myself.

Albion: Hahaha, you and Gideon are so similar. You both are burdened with this cloud of doubt and self-pity. However, if there is one thing that I would criticize about your friendship, it’s that you both assume Gideon to be weak when he is in fact more capable than anyone here.

With a suspicious expression, Kibishi glares upon Albion for many moments.

Kibishi: What are you trying to say?

Albion: Come now, Crimson samurai. You mean to tell me that the thought did not cross your mind, at least once? Gideon is the son of the famous “Miracle Gunman”. Why are you treating him as a weak comrade? That is not a good sign of a friend. Real friends

VBT – The Boy Who Spoke to Stars


About the Book

Title: The Boy Who Spoke to Stars
Author: Reuben Miles
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Book 1 of The Astral Strings Series

Secrets. Forgiveness. Death.
Nothing has been right in Kasper’s life for quite some time. Then the eclipse comes, and his father is stolen away. When the police arrive, instead of trying to help, they drag off his mother too. Down at the station later, the desk sergeant claims to know nothing about Kasper’s mum, and insists that the detective who arrested her doesn’t exist.
Loki, Kasper’s cousin, is the only one who really understands him. Her parents promise to keep him safe until his mum and dad return, but soon they are gone as well. There’s no-one for Kasper and Loki to turn to – except Tenrō, a dangerous older boy who knows more than he should, and claims to be a star…

As they set off into the night, they have no way of knowing what they will have to face. The secrets they are about to uncover will change their lives. Their actions will seal the fates of every living thing in the universe.

Somewhere in the dark, the truth is waiting. And the stars are watching.

The Boy Who Spoke to Stars cover

Author Bio

Reuben Miles grew up in London until his parents decided that they needed fresher air. They bundled themselves up and drove to Devon, which is in the South West of UK. He spent the rest of his childhood climbing trees and telling stories and writing music in a tumbledown cottage with friends.

Reuben studied Artificial Intelligence and Psychology in Bristol, followed by a degree in Music and Engineering. In 2008 he moved to Brighton to play in a band. When it became clear that no one really wanted to listen to their music, he started working for Children’s Centres and writing stories instead.

Reuben is a dog person. He thinks that if you prefer cats there is probably something very wrong with you. Possibly the cat has brainwashed you, in which case it’s not really your fault, but you should seek help all the same.

Reben Miles-headshot

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Book Excerpt

From the other side of the car park, a man and a woman were watching him check the door handles. Kasper tried his best not to look guilty, which just made him look exceptionally guilty. The man whispered something to the woman and pulled a phone from his pocket. Kasper scowled at them, but moved away, crossing the road as casually as he could, cursing the man under his breath. He had no way of proving the car belonged to his dad, and it would take ages to explain to the police. Not that the police would believe him anyway, not after all the trouble he caused them last summer. He stopped to give the man his most furious glare before turning the corner.

And that’s when he saw it.

The man across the car park, moving uncomfortably, as if he’d not long learnt how to walk, or like someone had twisted and pinched his synapses. Even from this distance Kasper could tell he wasn’t blinking. His eyes were stretched wide and glassy, like a lizard’s. They caught the low sun. The woman tugged at his arm, calling his name, but he wouldn’t pay her any attention. He took a lurching step toward Kasper, who decided it was time to run.

Book Tour ~ The Last Kraken


About the Book

Title: The Last Kraken

Author: Skyler Patterson

Genre: Fantasy


This is a fantasy fiction tale. Get ready to UNLEASH THE KRAKEN! Its the 1800’s in London England. .A leviathan hunter Slaymore Seaborne is retired. The man longs for one last sea adventure! The man has slain every type of sea creature but one. The KRAKEN! All say the creature is myth until the king’s merchant ships turn up destroyed. The crown hires Slaymore to end the monster. This book was written by SKYLER PATTERSON, Author of :THE BOOK OF SWORDS series!

About the Author

SKY Author Photo

How did I become a writer? My story could be a book of itself. My journey is as daunting as it is impossible. Yet it is all truth! I have been working in health care for many years. It was when I decided to read books on my way to work that I stumbled upon the possibility of writing.

How did it happen? I take the train to get to my job in N.Y.. I had become bored with reading the daily newspapers. It was then that I decided to read a book instead. Mind you, I had not read a book in years! I proceeded to read books by J.R. Tolkien, Anne Rice, Bram Stoker, and George R.R. Martin. I found those books sooo cool! I love fantasy fiction. It was when I became addicted to a certain series; that it happened. I read every book from that series and when I asked the book store clerk when there would  be more the man gave me terrible news. “Ha, that guy puts out a book every five, six years. “WHAT?! LIFE IS TOO SHORT”! I could not believe that. It was then that I began to wonder what if I (yes me) could write a book myself. This was a joke to me until I came up in minutes with a plot for a fantasy fiction tale. HOW did I do that!? The plot was way TOO COOL to just do nothing with.  And I will not lie. I made every type of mistake one could make in learning how to write. I have had no formal training and I successfully dropped out of college, years ago! (Please do not do this! It did not go well!) That first idea became THE BOOK OF SWORDS, a medieval styled swords and sorcery epic. That book gave me many headaches, before I figured out how to write it! (great e-book that it is). So I took a break and wrote: THE LAST KRAKEN, (The complete version on Draft2Digital/Smashwords/I-Tunes, only) a tale of a giant, leviathan squid running amok, in the 1800’s England. It was when I was writing that book that I began to realize that I had somehow in only  a little more than a year (2013) became an author. I finished that first book. I then proceeded to test a chapter of it on my extra –smart-school teacher sister Carol. My sister invited me over to hear my tale. My sister did not disappoint me. She gave me many words of encouragement: “Let’s all have a good laugh”! were her words! I read her a chapter. After I read that chapter my sister began to stutter and jaws were dropping everywhere! “HOW IN THE HELL”?! were her words! And then I began to write another book called REVENGE OF THE WOLF.  When my friends heard I was attempting this task they said: “You are crazy! All of your books (so far) are about action! What do you know about romance books”?! Who would do what I did?! It was crazy! I decided to become a writer not knowing if I could even do it! I who had never wrote any type of romance before did write that book! And what happened?! Four star reviews! And accolades and something I never had before: FANS! AND SALES! (Enchanted helped!) I can still remember when I was writing REVENGE OF THE WOLF (Draft2Digital/Smashwords/ Apple I-tunes) when I passed my laptop to a girl I was dating and asked her to read an emotional turning point of this Paranormal/romance/action/horror story. As she was reading it; I was in awe as the woman slowly began to cry! I then spent the rest of that year writing many books. And here I am! I am in this for the long haul. I am now an author and somehow a poet/songwriter.  I will now do my best to write many stories that all occur in different settings, worlds and time periods. All will contain my signature of fantasy fiction, Epic action and romance! “My impossible journey just goes to show that one can never truly know what they are capable of; until they give it that one good try!  Never let ANYONE tell you what you cannot do! I can be found on Goodreads Author page/Smashwords author page/Facebook Author page. I love to hear from my fans! What’s next?! Romance/Action :REVENGE OF THE WOLF2 (New Series) YA:THE WARPATH OF LOVE, THE BOOK OF SWORDS 2,THE BRAVE CRAB, “211” And many more! I can truly say I LOVE WRITING.—SKYLER PATTERSON






It was a majestic morn. The sea was calm but a whaling ship was not. It bounced across the waves in search of its prey. The deck of the King’s ship “The Sea Plunderer” was a flurry of activity. Men gazed into the horizon from the crow’s nest. The ship’s captain held on to the bulwarks waiting to hear word of the sighting of a spout. The ship’s hull was full of harvested whale bone and whale oil. There was enough oil to light the candles of all of London. Fact is there was nary a barrel left for filling. The ship’s captain however had not had his fill of the deadly hunt! Although his ship crew urged him to give up his sport and set sail for home .The man would hear of none of it. “Tis good sport lads! Tis good sport that will keep ye all sharp! We have got plenty of coin and there’s still plenty of sport to be had! Don’t be a maiden about it”! said the captain. Upon a sudden the deck hand in the crow’s nest shouted : “ SHE BLOWS THERE, AND THERE SHE BLOWS CAPTAIN”! The man pointed into the dawn at a huge leviathan as it surfaced then crashed down into the blue seas. The captain sprang up like a wave. “Ye heard him lads ! ”Full sail men! Windward “! Said he. The ship leapt forward, the captain held firm to the ships rigging and stood on steady sea legs. The waves crashed. The ship groaned and the captains sky blue coat blew in the wind. “Down he went boys! Tis air he needs ! He’ll be up starboard ! Mark me words! We’ll meet him proper”! Yelled the captain. The grey monster breached the water as if heeding the call of the blood thirsty captain. “Lower ye men ! Lower ye all men”! yelled he. The captain pointed to the boats tethered to the side of the large ship. The men grabbed their harpoons and darts . The deckhands lowered the small boats, they crashed into the water’s surface like an anchor. Finally all boats were in the water .The men picked up the oars and stabbed the water like long wooden knives. The boats cut through the choppy seas bound for the spot of the last sighting of the beast. Suddenly the waters churned and out jumped the monster unaware of his intended doom! The creature was at least 40 ft. long and many a ton. The four boats sped towards the whale. A flock of white seagulls gazed down at the boats from above. The boats were moving in an arrow formation. The men aimed their harpoons and darts. The captain still on board his ship jumped up and down and gazed at the whole affair from his long spyglass. He shouted towards the men and pointed at the gigantic fish. The boat that was first in the water gained quickly on the monster. Two men stood in the prow of the boat their harpoons and darts were at the ready . The boat heaved and the salty spray was in the wind. A man who was rowing gazed back at the harpooners and yelled: “Loose them needles lads”!! The boat leapt forward the men tossed their harpoons and they hit their marks! Blood sprayed out from the wounded beast like red rain! The great whale plunged ahead into the green waters dragging all of the small boats in its wake! What a sight! The men on the vessels held tightly lest they be swept overboard. The leviathan pulled the boats swiftly and then in a tremendous heave plunged down below the water’s surface! The massive fish had splashed the boats with a lot of sea water! The splashing waters almost sank the vessels! The men struggled to keep from falling overboard! The men began to use their hats to bale water from the crafts, as they waited for the beast to resurface. The three other boats had now reached the location. The sailors began to yell to each other . “He’s a big one lads! We’ve got the bugger bleedin! When he comes up we shall bleed him some more”! Said the sailor. The heavy lines that were attached to the creature began to pull the small boats prows down into the water! “A sailor yelled: “We’ve got him now lads! Those lines are bloody strong! Long as they don’t break we’ve got our prey”! Said he. Upon a sudden one of the sailors in a boat tethered to the whale gazed into the horizon. The sailor could just make out what appeared to be a huge white mass moving across the water’s surface and heading straight for the small boat! The sailor tapped the oarsman next to him and spoke. “What in the bloody sea hell is that”?! Asked he. The oarsman dropped his oar into the boat and put a hand above his brow to block out the sun and get a better view. The thing that was swiftly approaching, was like a small island that was moving, “That’s got to be a white ship”! said one sailor.” Probably pirates wanting to take our whale”! Stated another sailor. “They can bloody well have him! We’re just having a sport is all”! said the sailor. The whale continued to pull the lines. The small boats danced on the surface and the men continued to gaze at the lines. Suddenly the white mass was becoming bigger as it neared them. The other boats were now all beginning to point at the mass of white that was gaining on their location. “look men tis another whale”! Yelled one sailor. Another man yelled: “where’s his fluke”?! Now there would be no secret as to what the white mass was as the two huge white eyes emerged from the cold green water! They were the eyes of death! The monster plunged forward; its mighty tentacles driving it starboard with the speed of 200 oarsmen! A panic ensued! The men on the whale hitched boats yelled “THE LINE! CUT THE LINES”! A sailor on the prow of the small vessel reached into his waist and drew out a big knife and began to saw at the massive towline! Now all of the other sailors on the other boats cut their lines! All save one! Another sailor gazed back at the approaching mass of white dread and yelled. “In the name of the king what is that bloody thing”! The monster as if hearing the question revealed more of its massive body! Then all men on all boats yelled “KRAKENNN”! The leviathan was now bigger than the whale ship that brought them ! The men’s lines were all cut! All save one! The sailor struggled to free his boat! The men on the other boats began to dig their oars into the water with tremendous speed they turned their vessels back towards the whale ship. The massive monster was now gaining quicker on the only tethered vessel! The sailor was slicing with strong arms. The enormous hemp began to flay but did not snap free! The beast was now bearing down on the tiny vessel as it was now being left by the other boats. Men jumped onto the other boats! Some men fell into the choppy waters! Some of the boats became waterlogged causing some sailors to desperately hit men with oars climbing aboard to push them back into the water to avoid sinking the tiny craft! Finally the sailor cut the last of the rope from the diving whale. At this point the Kraken was bearing down on the vessel at such speed that escape would be all but impossible! The sailors of the escaping boats dug their oars in the water and tried to gain speed. The monster was now on the tethered boat! The Leviathan unleashed its massive tentacles they reached and grabbed the small boat like a child’s toy! The small vessel crumpled like a parchment! Wood and men flew through the air and landed in the churning sea! Tentacles grabbed men and sailors! From afar the deathly scene was quite a spectacle! The huge tentacles raised above the water’s surface like a tree with the leaves of dead sailors! The boats that were able to escape the deathly site made for the whaling ship with great speed. The leviathan plunged down into the waters . Seconds later the massive head emerged. The creature sat idle on the water’s surface. A mass of seagulls settled on the beast’s head, finding a respite from their journeys. They were like a crown for this demon of the deep! The whaling ship was a flurry of fear. The deckhands pulled up the escaping sailors and worked to raise the anchor, The colorful captain could be seen running about pointing at the masts and yelling orders, his coat as blue as the sea. The whaling ship slowly began to turn to begin its hasty escape. Suddenly the white seagulls took off from the creature’s huge skull like a great white smoke! Then the leviathan plunged into the sea like a ghost diving! The beast splashed up the water high into the skies as it dove. Then a deathly silence remained. The water calmed. The sailors on the ship could be heard yelling in delight at the disappearance of the creature. But.. as is always the way of it, first there was the calm, then the storm. The massive monster breached the water’s surface with a crash, near to the whale ship! The water splashed high into the skies! The death reaper was on the ship like reaching doom! The beast’s tentacles grabbed sailors and grabbed the masts and snapped them like matchsticks! The captain did make it to the lower decks! The man leaned on a wall in the rocking ship! The man took off his hat! The man’s brow was sweating waves! The man gasped when he heard his dying crews shrieks of doom! The man turned and saw a frightened sailor staring at him! “ORDERS SIR! ORDERS”?!! The captain said nothing! The man was in a trance of fear! The captain bounded into the cannon rooms! The ship rocked, the gunpowder was in the air, and the cannon blast was ringing the ears! The captain pushed a deck hand away from a cannon! The captain tossed in a ball, then prepared to light the fuse! Suddenly the walls could be heard crashing nearby! The Captain was in the cannon room, and The Kraken seemed to know! The captain glimpsed a tentacle outdoors and fired his cannon! The cannon thundered! Missed! Now could be heard the tentacles crashing through the ships side from the rear of the vessel! Then the sound was getting closer! A sailor dropped a cannon ball on the ground! The ball rolled as the ship rocked back and forth! Then there was silence! The men shivered and gazed from left to right! Suddenly a shivering sailor turned to the captain and yelled: “CAPTAINNN GETTT OUUTTT”!!! Then the walls were crashing! The Kraken’s tentacle breached the ship! The captain attempted to flee but was grabbed by the massive tentacle and yanked through the breached wall! “NOOOOOO”!! Yelled he! The doomed captain was raised into the skies, then smashed against the splintering decks, then dragged below the waves! Men tossed harpoons in vain. Men shrieked within their doom! Sailors jumped down into the sea, as made no matter! The sailors would be denied their folly, but The Kraken would not be denied his meal! And then the seas were calm again…

Cover Reveal ~ The Running Game


About the Book

712_0.858705001445480899_screen-shot-2015-10-21-at-9.28.40-pmTitle: The Running Game

Author: L.E. Fitzpatrick

Genre: Dystopian

Rachel’s father called it the running game. Count the exits, calculate the routes. Always be ready to run because they’ll always be coming for you. Whatever happens, they’ll always be coming for you.

On the surface, Rachel is just an ordinary doctor, trying to stay alive in war-torn London, but she has a secret. Rachel is a Reacher – wanted by the government and by the criminal underworld – for her telekinetic powers.

Charlie and his brother John had a reputation for doing the impossible. But after losing his family, Charlie is a broken mess and John is barely keeping him afloat. In desperation, they take a job from a ruthless ganglord only to discover the girl they are hunting is a Reacher – one of their own kind.

James Roxton, a conman and thief, is searching for the man who tried to kill his mother. Suddenly embroiled into the plan to kidnap Rachel, he decides he can turn things to his own advantage.

Even with the help of dangerous and dubious allies, can Rachel turn the game around and save herself?

Author Bio

L E Fitzpatrick is a writer of dark adventure stories and thrillers. Under the watchful eye of her beloved rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, she leaps from trains and climbs down buildings, all from the front room of a tiny cottage in the middle of the Welsh countryside.

Inspired by cult film and TV, L E Fitzpatrick’s fiction is a collection of twisted worlds and realities, broken characters, and high action. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of her imagination and creating hugely entertaining stories.

The Running Game, her latest book and the first instalment of her dystopian Reacher series, is due for re-release in October 2015 under the Booktrope label.


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