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Max Sharam – Creatives On The Couch Promo

Get tickets to see Max Sharam in concert at The Toff In Town, Swanston, Street, Melbourne, February 16th

Where’s My Phone – Black Comedy Short Film


Filmed in 2016

Written, Directed and Produced by Australian Indie Film Maker Rusty Angel, and starring Australian Actors, Audrey Cadzow & Michael J Lawless, this short black comedy was inspired by the way people act when their access to public media is cut off. In particular…the Smart Phone.

An exaggeration?? Well perhaps, but thinking about that, is it really THAT far from the truth?

This film was not produced to get high ratings, a million likes or even to show off technical abilities in film making, but as a piece of artwork that its creator is proud of, and hopes only to get a message across, in a violent foulmouthed, funny kinda way.


Bogan Bachelor – BTS

Day One of filming. Follow our page on facebook to get all the BTS footage 🙂


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Creatives On The Couch – Season Two – Update


What an awesome night we had last night!

With a fantastic crew and great guests, Season Two kicked into high gear with talented guests, Steve Dillon and Jacinta Maree. A they talked about their work with our host, shared some insider tips and have alot of fun behind the scenes.

For a moment there everyone broke into our own version of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. As good as we were, I don’t think we did the song justice 🙂

This season promises to be some great shows with the line-up of guests including:

  • Steve Dillon
  • Jacinta Maree
  • Alvy Merino
  • Michelle Somers
  • Brett Crandell
  • Max Davine

Check out some of the shots BTS, and follow on Facebook.

Meet My Character: Laura from Not So Ordinary Girl


Is he/she fictional or a historic person? Fictional

When and where is the story set? She’s Not So Ordinary is set in Melbourne Western suburbs.

What should we know about her? Laura is the girl you would never expect to meet. Highly intelligent, perceptive, and has a dark side to her persona that not many people see. Laura had a sheltered upbringing to a point. Her mother, Cathy, used to be one of the most popular girls in school, until one event changed her life and she became a recluse and fled her hometown of Gympie to try and hide from the demons that stalked her. Not much is known of Laura’s father. Either he was dead or was a dead-beat loser who knocked up Cathy and dumped her. Cathy never really spoke of the man who impregnated her. Whenever the subject was brought up, Cathy would break down and cry, and the subject was avoided.

Cathy died when Laura was around thirteen years old. Laura never found out who her father was.

The storyline starts with Laura, a 20-something year old woman who works for a small business in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Laura’s first and only boyfriend (Tony) served in the army and went off to war in Iraq, never heard from again.

We first see Laura celebrating with other workers at the home-office of her boss, they are celebrating the success of getting a new large client, which means that the business will be finally stepping up in the world with moving to a real office in the area. For Laura, and another person, Garratt, that means that they are being considered for a promotion at work to be made assistant manager. The promotion comes with a small increase in salary and more time out of the office, meeting new clients. But Garratt is smooth, charismatic, and down-right dirty when it comes to getting any kind of advancement.

Before long, things begin to happen, and demons from Laura’s part start to surface. But is it all an illusion or is the charade just a part of a larger plot?

What is the main conflict? Her main conflict is the love of her life, Tony, who is deployed in Iraq. She yearns for him to come home safely to her.

What is the personal goal of the character?To find true love. Or at least, an aspect of it to find happiness.

Can we read more about it? She’s Not So Ordinary is available as paperback and Ebook on GooglePlay, Amazon, Kindle, and soon as Audiobook. The film version of the novella is scheduled to be filmed in late 2015. Find out about the film HERE.


The Sad Cafe – Movie Review


No Ordinary Girl – “Not like the others”

No Ordinary Girl – “Not like the others”

A short film by C.A.Milson

Starring: Ekaterina Netkacheva & Ivan Maleykin

Official Release Date: 2011
Premiere: November 2010
Genre: Romance/Short Film
Film Length: Approx 40 minutes.

Alena: Catherine Netkacheva
Michael: Ivan Maleykin

Barman – Sashka Zhiganov
Kate – Polina Ermalyuk
Aleksey – Aleksey Kazakov
Peter – Peter Petrov
Arthur-Arthur Iskakov
Nadezhda – Tatiana Zyuzina
Anya – Anna Lepeshkina
Valerya – Valerya Temirbulatova
Katerina – Bashkirova Katerina

WRITERS: C.A. Milson & Alexandr
DIRECTORS: C.A.Milson & Alexandr
CO ORDINATORS: Anna Jackson, Ekaterina Netkacheva
PHOTOGRAPHER: Svetlana Kireeva
PROMOTIONAL: Tanya Zyuzina, Dmitry Chekanov

“A group of co-workers are celebrating the promotion of one of the managers who is being transferred to the Moscow Office. Being considered for the role of Manager are the two main characters, Alena and Michael.

Michael wants to be Manager, but so does Alena, but she has a crush on Michael, which leads to a series of events, starting with her spilling her drink on him at the cafe.

Michael sees his opportunity, and along with his friend, Paul (the Bartender), they agree to play with her emotions so that she gives up her promotion for him.

Michael flirts with Alena, and convinces her that he likes her, when he really does not. It is not until the end when he invites her for a drink after work one day that she discovers the shocking truth that Michael has a fiancée, and has been playing with her emotions the whole time.

Alena is heartbroken, and runs out of the cafe. Distraught and not aware of what she is doing, she goes to walk across the street and is almost hit by a passing car when she is pulled back by Peter, who also works at the same company. They exchange looks, and in that moment her eyes are opened that Peter was the one who was always there but she never realized it.”

To be filmed in Russian with English Subtitles

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