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Shadows by Jen P

From time to time I come across people that are very talented, whether they are a fellow writer, artist, singer or poet.

It is not always easy being in the arts. Anyone who is a writer, singer or poet will tell you that lyrics, sentences, themes, scenes, are not just something that happens by the wave of a hand and using Jedi/Sith mind tricks. Writing, takes talent and inspiration.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jen P, who is in Gisborne, New Zealand. Jen is known as “The Gisborne Poet“. Jen is currently doing a Photobook with poems attached, which is titled “Through the eyes of a poet“.

Jen had a moment to read The Chosen – Chapter 5 excerpt, and she was left with such an impression about the book, that she wrote a poem about it.

This is a wonderful poem, that I just had to share this with you all.

SHADOWS by “The Gisborne Poet

Shadows dance to and fro
Darkness doesn’t want to let you go
This fight is between dark and light
But still you can’t see what hides in the night
You never see a face coming your way
It never lets you see the light of day
The power when you hit the wall
Your not given a chance to call
You feel the bones start to break
You know an innocent life is at stake
Darkness covers us as we cry
Shadows are there for you and I
Please ,please, let him go
You say it with every blow
Shadows hide what we can’t see
Now that person’s spirit is free
Shadows don’t give you a choice
As all that is left is one small voice
Hidden from view
Is a person I never knew

© Written by The Gisborne Poet
Jennifer P

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