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The Real You by Jen P

In getting to know people in the networks I am on, I sometimes come across people with great potential.

In my showcase of Artists, Singers, Poets, I will share this with you all.

This is from Jen AKA: The Gisborne Poet.

Enjoy this as much as I do.

The Real You by The Gisborne Poet.

The person you are is at times a complicated piece of work
Like a chapter in a book
We have to read between the lines and use our imagination
The Shadows protect you from view
From everyone except the people who know you and are close to you
You travel the world with so many different places to go and see in your fast paced life
You laugh ,You smile but we only see what you want us to see
The real you smiles at what is before you
But they can they only glimpse at the treasure that is hidden within
As the shutters come down once again
To hide the real you

© Written By The Gisborne Poet
Jennifer P

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