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Robot Overlords – Movie Review

Robot Overlords (2014)
Stars: Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley,
IMDB Rating: 4.7

Plot: Earth has been conquered by robots from a distant galaxy. survivors are confined to their houses and must wear electronic implants, risking incineration by robot sentries if they venture outside.

Robot Overlords

Review: “After eleven days the Robots from space took over Earth, three years later a group of youngsters figure out a way to fight back”.

The back story of this British sci-fi family film was summarized at the very beginning. “Three years ago… the Robots invaded Earth.” “The war lasted just eleven days.” Then a robotic being with an adult female face and a little boy’s body declares that they mean Earth no harm… After their study of humanity, they will leave and never come back. They only have one strict rule for the earthlings to follow during their occupation: “Stay indoors!”

The idea for the film had its merits but also a lot of plot holes. The major fault I found was if they came here to “Study” humanity (they must have been exchange students lol), why start an all-out war? Why disintegrate anyone who even ventures outside of their front door?

With the likes of Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson starring in this film, even they could not save this from what it could have been. Maybe they should have enlisted Dr. Who to save humanity from these campy robots.

If you have seen this film and think that it is similar to Falling Skies… Then you are right 🙂

Verdict: Watch Falling Skies instead
Rating: 4 out of 10





Tormented – Movie Review

Tormented – Written by Stephen Prentice; Directed by Jon Wright.

Stars: Alex Pettyfer, April Pearson, Dimitri Leonidas, Calvin Dean, Tuppence Middleton,

Tagline: Jimmy Hopkins from Bullworth Academy goes Horror!

If you think you have seen this one before, then you have. This movie is the typical “underdog kid gets teased at school, kills himself, gets revenge” movie.

The first thing that cropped to my mind when I saw this movie was “Bully! goes horror!”

While the concept is certainly not knew, and the plot had more holes than Swiss Cheese. I do admit that I did enjoy watching the performance of Tuppence Middleton as the lead role in this high school slasher flick.

Plenty of gruesome kill scenes done with little special effects, near naked girls to satisfy any horror buff, and lots of stereotypical characters to fill an idiot troupe.

For those who have not seen it, go rent it. I will say it is worth the weekly rental.


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