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Kenaniah 1522 ~ Bendigo Hotel Review


Kenaniah 1522 – There are rock bands, then there is Kenaniah 1522.

With a sound comparable to Rez Band, Led Zeppellin, Uriah Heep, (and dare I say Petra), matched with the style of the hard rock generation, it’s not difficult to see why these four from Tarneit, Victoria, Australia are positioned to not only play at some of the best clubs in Melbourne, but also take the world by storm.

Listening to Rock music – Now I’m not talking about the stuff performed by wanna-be’s – has to be one of the better ways to spend your day (or night). I am a rocker from way back, and one thing I do enjoy is good rock music. KenaniaH-1522 shows that they have what it takes to make their lasting impression on the rock scene, making them a cut above the rest and one of the few bands I would put in my personal Top List.

Heading up the band is Daniel Farmer. His voice teeters on the cusp of screaming as he tears through each note of every song without hesitation, and strums the guitar just as good as the late Jimmy Hendrix. The songs are all their own original material, with standouts including the anthem ‘Battle for Life, ‘While Scavengers Hunt’ and ‘Live For Him’.

Making up Kenaniah 1522 is:

Daniel Farmer – Guitar/Lead Vocal
Joel Farmer – Drums/ Backing Vocals
Deanna Farmer – Bass/Backing Vocals
Patrick Quinlan – Keyboard/Backing Vocals/2nd Guitar


Bendigo Review: We had the pleasure of being invited to see Kenaniah 1522 perform recently at The Bendigo Hotel. It had been a long time coming to see the band perform live… After all, we had seen the band perform in the local church, and had been invited a few times to see them perform, but one thing or another always seemed to get in the way.

But this one particular night, we put everything aside and nothing was going to stop us from getting there. Now, I had listened to some of Kenaniah’s music on Reverbnation, but that was nothing to what was in store for the live performance at the Bendigo.

Being the foodie that I am, I naturally checked out the pub meals on their website, and had my sights set on the massive burger meal… However, that mindset quickly changed when we walked into the place…

Upon entering the establishment, we were greeted by the overwhelming ambiance of something very unnatural. Now I have been to a lot of pubs in my time, but this place would have been the first pub I have entered that had the whole “post apocalypse” look down-pat. And for a moment I thought that we were on the set of a Mad Max movie 🙂

Kenaniah 1522 opened with Last Look At Eden, and belted out the hits one after another in their 40 minute set. Their line up included; Blackened, Peace Of Mind, Murder By Pride, Lies, Battle For Life, and ended the set with their version of Wolfmother’s song Joker And The Thief.

It has been a long time since I have seen a band perform live, and to see Kenaniah 1522 in action was no doubt the best band of the evening.

Kenaniah Rocked the house 🙂 

Some of the tracks that are my personal favorites are:
While The Scavengers Hunt
Murder By Pride
Last Look At Eden
Battle For Life

You can find Kenaniah 1522 on FacebookReverbnation, Twitter, and You Tube.

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