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For those who have been regular watchers on my site, as you know I have done a few Radio Spots Online in the past months.

The first Podcast was back in December 2008 on BlogTalkRadio with Kim Smith. I had a fantastic chat with Kim as we discussed my new release The Chosen. My live chat with Kim runs for approx 30 mins.

Also in December I was fortunate enough to catch up with Bev from Elemental Musings. My live chat with Bev runs for about an hour.

Both Podcasts are available for download by Emailing us at: with Podcast in the Subject Line, along with details of which show you are requesting. (IE: BlogTalkRadio or Elemental Musings)

Dont forget on March 12th, I will also be on Horror, with a special reading of a portion of The Chosen by A. Kovacs. The show by Horror Addicts FOR Horror Addicts. The best horror podcast on the web!

Lately I have noticed that there has been some who have asked me if I am available for public speaking engagements/readings. For those who have asked; I am available to give a lecture or reading of an excerpt of my books upon request. Please note that bookings are required at least a month in advance.

All requests for public engagements can be done by using the below web-form.



C.A.Milson ~ Writer


In The Spotlight with Kim Smith ~ Avenging Angel

Today I would like you to welcome my special guest, Kim Smith. Kim Smith’s debut book, Avenging Angel, is a novel set in a fictional town called South Lake, Mississippi. Avenging Angel is the story about Shannon Wallace is having a bad hair week. She’s been ditched from her job, dumped by her boyfriend,and implicated in his murder. When she learns their very private video collection is missing from the crime scene, it is all out war to keep the cops from finding them first. But the killer has taken them and he’s watched them all. Now Shannon is at the top of his most wanted list!


CM: Kim, Welcome to my web today. Please tell our readers about you. Please share a short bio with us.
I was born in Memphis, TN and have lived hereabouts all of my life. As the old song goes, Memphis born, Memphis bred, when I die I’ll be Memphis dead. I have been writing seriously since 1992. My husband grew tired of hearing me say I wanted to write a book. He plunked me down in front of my first computer in that year and said, “now you have no more excuses”. He is my best friend, and my biggest fan. No, he did not pay me to say that. I have two wonderful young adult children who are famous in their own right. They are both actors.

CM: Tell us about your upcoming release and where it can be found.
My book is entitled, Avenging Angel, a Shannon Wallace Mystery. It is being published by Red Rose Publishing, and fans will be able to buy it from the publisher’s site, Fictionwise, and other e-book venues. I am hoping that soon, if I have good download sales, it will be out in print. Come on you guys, you KNOW you wanna buy this book! Avenging Angel : A blurb—Shannon Wallace is having a bad hair week. She’s been ditched by her job, dumped by her boyfriend, and implicated in his murder. When she discovers that their very private collection of videos has turned up missing at the crime scene, it is all out war to find them before the cops do. But the killer has them, and he’s watched them. Now she’s at the top of his most wanted list!

CM: What age did you discover writing?
It had to be in grade school. There was this Thanksgiving story we had to write about the Pilgrims and how they were the first to celebrate the American holiday. My mother surprised me with that when I was a new mother and told me she had kept it for me all those years. I knew then that she wanted me to write and be published since she knew she would never get the chance. I am making her smile from Heaven with this book, I know.

CM: Who has inspired you as an author?
: Oh, just about every writer I have had the privilege to get to know, either through online means, or through their respective works. I am definitely a writer junkie. I love to meet them, read them, and follow their journey. Wonder if there is a 12 step program for people like me?

CM: What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
: That fans of Janet Evanovich will love my books. I ADORE her and to be compared, well, it just made my day.

CM: Do you have a specific time or place that you write?
: I used to only write at my desk in my office. I got a lot accomplished up there using the Stephen King method, you know, keeping the door closed, while writing and open while editing. But my family has changed so much over the last few years with kids going to college and moving in and out, that the whole landscape of my home has changed. I am almost back to that place though, and soon hope to be able to resume that sort of private and nurtured life. Right now, it is write as I can, where I can, when I can.

CM: What’s next for you?
: I have book two in the Shannon Wallace mysteries nearly finished, all it needs is a bit of spit polish done, then it is off to the submission’s editor’s desk. I am working hard on book three, a short story for an anthology due to come out next year, and a ton of articles for promotions. I truly believe in paying it back, so I am going to try to help pave an aspiring author’s journey with a little softer ground cover. I think all writers need someone to just give them a boost, and so I will do that. I have a radio show, and several blogs and I know how to use them 🙂

CM: Where can you be found on the web?
: I can found at

CM: Kim, Thanks for stopping by today.

Folks, dont forget to stop by Kim’s Radio Show today
Time: 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Public Speaking

Okay, it has been a few days since my last post, and there is probably a good reason for that. Lately my headspace has been all chaotic with different things going on at home and in my professional life, so I have opted not to post anything new until I had something to actually say…

So with this new topic I guess that means I do have something new and interesting going on!

Last week was a busy week for yours truly with a radio interview on the Saturday with my friend Kim Smith; Then on Monday I was at the Theatre, then later in the week I met with my good friend Mikhail Sedyshev, who introduced me to the sport of Rope Cutting. Now as simple as this sounds, it is quite the opposite. For one, you have a bundle of ropes tied together – often it is a bunch of 4 or more ropes tied together – and second, you have to successfully sever the rope in one swing. Okay, easy you think? Yeah right! Did I forget to mention that the rope hangs freely! Not as easy as it seems, but quite interesting to watch!

Okay, so I did try my hand at this sport, and I found out that although the concept is the same as chopping down a tree with an axe, the result is not quite the same… At least it wasn’t for me. Oh well, they do say that practise makes perfect!

Right, getting back to the post topic… Public Speaking!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I often get chills (and not in a good way) at the thought of public speaking. Even as I am writing this, my head is spinning with the new challenge I face for myself… Speaking to a mass audience in a stadium. Yes, little ol’ writer me will be delivering a speech at the Mayak Stadium in Samara this coming Tuesday evening.

Now as exciting as that be for all extroverts, I am not quite in the class of artists who lives for the limelight. Infact, I once heard that writers are quite the reclusive mob, preferring to glow in the radiance of their famousosity by themselves or with those closest to them… I think that much is true, but I also think that in order to grow, we are allowed to face certain obstacles in life.

As I write this, I am reminded of one of the great men of history who also loathed public speaking. Now if you are thinking of Michael Jackson, then you are wrong (although he is one of the reclusive types – and strange). No, the person I am talking about is the biblical hero, Moses.

If you dont mind me sounding off hear for a minute, let me explain what I mean.

Moses, the once former heir of the throne of Egypt, and the leader of the Hebrew nation. We all know who he was. After all, I am sure many of you have heard about him through the teachings in Sunday School or learned a little about him through Charlton Heston portrayal of him in the Cecil B. DeMille‘s 1956 classic The Ten Commandments.  As great as Moses was, he was terrified of public speaking.

When Moses was met by the vision of God at the burning bush, he said to God, “How can I speak to these people as I am a man who is slow of speech” and slow of tongue“.  Moses was terrified of speaking to masses.. Hmmm That is probably why he had Aaron.

Okay, so I dont have an Aaron like he did. But I have an Anna! (Even better!)

It is times like this that I am grateful for having a wife who stands by my side.. and will be standing  by my side on Tuesday evening to translate to the audience the fantastical speech that will really move the audience, and by that I mean they will leave, and for a moment I will hear the sounds of crickets… Then silence as they will leave too.. Leaving me to stand on an empty stage, applauding myself. Good Grief. Okay, that lightheartedness makes me feel better. I just love to ramble sometimes! 🙂

Coming up this week:

I will be on-air on Elemental Musings. Catch my radio interview on the 14th with Bev.  The broadcast is at 7 p.m. Mountain time (8 p.m. Central/9 p.m. Eastern). 6am Samara (the 15th)

I catch up with Brian at The New Author on the 15th through to the 17th.

On the 18th I interview my good friend Kim Smith, author of Avenging Angel. Catch that interview on this website!

And of course, if you live in Samara, you can see me live on Tuesday evening at the Mayak Stadium, Samara.

Have a good week everyone!

Interview with Kim Smith.. Author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries

Today I am interviewed by Kim Smith, Author of the Shannon Wallace Mysteries.

KS: Tell us a little about your latest novel and when and where we can get it.
: My first novel is called The Chosen. It is a Supernatural Horror, set in modern times. It is the story of Alex Manning who is “The One”, well actually Alex Manning is a nice guy, with anxiety attacks who has visions. He doesnt know he is “The One” until he gets wrapped up in the investigation of the Jamiesonn house. Then he is drawn neck deep into betrayal, battling demons, freaky scary ghosts, and falling in love again tossed in for good measure. My novel can be purchased as E-Book from my website, or as paperback through and various other online retailers

KS: How do you balance the creative process of writing with the demands of public appearances, maintenance of your website, and your family?
: Balancing is quite a term to use. For the past month or so I have been working as a recruiter for a research company, so I have not had as much time as I would like to spend with family or promote my book. I have found that recruiting, even virtual recruiting, is as demanding as having a regular job and it has been an effort to do anything else. So when I have had time I try to update my website and various blogs once a week, even if it means taking a whole Saturday to catch up with Emails, postings, and interviews. I am thankful that I have a wife who understands just how complex my life can be. She has stood by me through the hecticness that is otherwise my daily life 🙂

KS: Give us an example of a day in the writing life of. Do you stick to a schedule of X amount of hours writing, editing, answering email, etc.?
: A typical day for me will start with coffee. Coffee kick-starts my mind into gear and when I get around to it, I start answering emails, writing new scenes, and then editing those scenes if I dont like it. There is thins one chapter I wrote recently about a new character I decided to introduce, based on his life and his success with YouTube, but I scratched that entire chapter as it was too close to my own life. So I may yety keep that character and have him introduced in a diffent time-frame. I dont stick to any type of schedule. That would put me into a category of being routine and then the flair for writing wont be as fun anymore. For me, writing comes from the heart.. from inspiration. I have to be inspired to write. Mostly, I find I write best when I have the headphones on and listening to my fav songs on YouTube.

KS: About the great ‘rule’ debate: we are told you can’t do this and you can’t write that. But it is stepping outside the lines that gets many authors noticed and eventually published. What are your opinions on the rules?
: I believe that if you create rules to take something away from the writer, then you take something away from the writer. I would never want to conform to the rules of “you cant do this” and “you cant do that”. Such rules are designed to take away the create talent from the writer, and when that happens, the joy of writing no longer exists and one becomes a slave to what someone else wants them to write. Now where is the joy in that? An author has to enjoy what they are writing. If I was told I could not “do this and that”, then I would not write.

KS: What music do you listen to when you write?
: Typically I listen to my music favs on YouTube. My list includes music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. (Sounds like a radio staion promo, doesnt it!!)

KS: Has a song inspired you to write?
: Different songs give me inspiration. There is a song by Eskimo Joe called Black Fingernails Red Wine. Now when I first heard it I always envisioned that this song would be the main song for my novel.

KS: Do you have a favorite show on TV that helps in moving your muse?
: Not really. I am too much of a critic. I tend to like to watch horror flicks on occasion and being a horror writer I find horror movies far too predictable. I think the style of M. Night Shyamalan is unique. If my book ever became a movie I would want him to direct it 🙂

KS: If you could collaborate with any author, living or dead, who would it be and why?
: I have two that come to mind. H.P.Lovecraft and M. Night Shyamalan. First off, Lovecraft was a master horror writer for his day, and even today he still remains the true master of horror. It is a shame that he wasn’t recognized for the genius he was until after his death. M Night is also brilliant. It seems that anything Shyamalan touches turns to gold. So if I could work with any two writers it would be these two. I would write with Lovecraft for the priviledge of writing with someone so gifted, and Shyamalan because I know he would make an excellent movie version of my book 🙂

KS: What is your thoughts on promotion for books?
: Promotion is everything for a new author. Any new author these days has to put in the “leg work” to get noticed by the public. Writing does not end when the book is published, as some may think. It is the case of “okay, your book is released, now it is time for the next level. Promotion, Promotion, promotion”. The life of an author is not easy, unless you happen to be Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or any other author who have made it to “that” level of success. Promoting is not always easy either as you have to get your book infront of the right people, which can take hours of emailing every day.

KS: What advice do you have for authors who haven’t quite gotten their manuscript to the next level, which for most is publishing?
: Dont give up! If you have the talent to write, then do it. It does take alot of work to get a publisher, but just dont settle for any publisher. Vanity publishers will certainly take your manuscript and charge you a huge fee to publish it. Same goes for Literary Agents. There are alot of agents who will gladly take your manuscript and offer to reprsent you for a fee. My advice is stay clear of those sharks. Any reputable agent or publisher will not ask for a fee in advance. So do your homework on both agents and publishers. Write a good enquiry letter; Seek out those who publish your genre, check and see if they are currenty accepting new submissions and start contacting them. Yes, you will get alot of rejection slips, but dont get discouraged. I see rejection as being on the right track. You will get your work published if you are determined enough to follow it through to the end.

Be sure to check out the Book Blurb with Kim at:

Also in December I catch up with Kim Smith, on BlogTalkRadio

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