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Necrosis – Movie Review

Necrosis – Directed by Jason Robert Stephens. Written by Jason Robert Stephens and Robert Michael Ryan.

Stars: James Kyson-Lee, George Stults, Tiffany, Penny Drake, Danielle DeLuca, Robert Michael Ryan.

Tagline: Never watch any movies that involve “six friends go off somewhere“.

I have no idea where to begin with this one. After watching The Donner Party right before this one, I assumed that this movie would follow in similar style.

I discovered that I was wrong about this movie for two reasons.

One. The movie has nothing to do with the Donner Party film. That was the first thing I got wrong.

For those who are familiar with the Heroes, you will recognize the familiar face of James Kyson-Lee who plays Ando Masahashi in said series. So I guess I can be forgiven if I thought that his presence in this movie would offer some form of saving grace.

That was the second time I was wrong about this movie. Not even his acting could salvage this movie from the slush pile of mediocrity that this movie crawled out of.

The acting was pitiful, with more clichés and pot-holes than you can poke a stick at; the scenes where we see Kyson-Lee “possessed” made him look like he was stoned; and with even less than notable actors and one-hit wonders (for those who may recall Tiffany, the one-hit wonder of the 90’s); This movie, to be frank, was nothing what I expected.

Necrosis may have been nominated in 10 of 16 categories in the 2009 Los Angeles Reel Film Festival. It was nominated for: Best Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Sound Design, Best Original Score, Best Special Effect (Digital), Best Special Effect (Make-up), Best Cinematography, Best Costume, Best Production Design

Synopsis: In 2009, six friends arrive at an isolated cabin to enjoy a long weekend in the snow. An epic snowstorm interrupts their vacation, trapping them on the mountain and resurrecting the haunting ghosts of the Donner Party. But, are they true ‘entities’ or is it simply ‘cabin fever’ that brings out their fears and darkness, causing friends to turn against each other as reality deteriorates around them.

The only redeeming feature about this movie was the scenery. Everything else was a waste of 90 minutes of my life.

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