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Reality Vs Myth Time – Publish or Not To Publish

Many do seem to think that when they have a book published, the extent of marketing is limited to:
1. One image of the book cover to go along with the 10 thousand other images of them in a bathroom, selfies, and food snaps that are uploaded to Fb, Twitter, Instagram or other SM.
2. Released a self-pub book and think that their work is done.

Reality – Being an author makes you a BRAND. Hence, you need to spend at least 10 hours a week marketing your book. That includes: Virtual Book Tours, Trade Shows, Hitting book buyers (Schools, clubs), and doing everything you can to ensure your book is a success.

Excuses not to market your book:
1. I don’t have time. Answer: Hire a PR or Marketing agency who will do this for you for a cost.
2. I don’t have the funds. Answer: Then you need to promote your work yourself.
3. I don’t know how marketing works. Answer: Get educated and learn marketing techniques, or refer to the Answer in Point 1.

Traditional Publishing has changed so much in recent years. Many traditional publishers will expect you to do a bulk of your own marketing, and even fewer will offer an advance. This is because too many authors sit and do nothing and have the mindset of “I thought I could sit back and watch the royalty checks come in“.

Even Self-Pub through eNook (B&N) has requirements, whereas to host a book signing, you need to have a minimum of 500 copies of your eBook sold within 12 months. Now unless you are going to get all your family to purchase a ton of eBooks so you can have a signing at B&N, you better know how to market yourself effectively.

If you do not understand the constant changing techniques of marketing, hire a PR/ Marketing Agency who can do this for you. Or, run with a Hybrid Publisher who already knows how marketing works.


when things go bad

Hey folks!

Been a while since my last post but good reason for that. If you have been following my antics on facebook, you will have seen some photos posted for The Telemarketers Show, a series that we are planning to get on TV some time this year. While the pilot has been shot and out of the way, there is still alot of work to get done for the show. The location we had in Bowen Hills came to a halt for some reasons I cannot go into, but rest assured, our brilliant director has things under control and things looking for a go ahead in early 2012.

It can be very trying and frustrating when a dream gets stalled, and for those who know me personally will know that I am not one who has a lot of patience. Maybe this time is developing that, so I can focus on other things, such as family and work and also getting our E-Pub firm up and running in full swing.

Right now I am down in Melbourne. Voted one of the most livable cities to be! I can say that this is true. Getting around is as easy as 1-2-3, with transport every which way you look, and the choices of shopping an absolute dream for some.

Melbourne certainly has changed in the years since I was last here, but there is also a side that I discovered that is not all that peachy.

For those who don’t know what I do outside of writing, I work in freelance marketing. Something I have done for many many years. But recently, the work flow has dried up I have found, so to make ends meet, I went for a job that was posted by a recruiting company. Now the job stated that they wanted a TSR for investment property. The job also stated that is was $30 an hour. So taking the initiative, I flew down to Melbourne for the job. I met with the people last week, and guess what? The job is NOT $30 an hour as the ad on stated, but $20 an hour and is nothing remotely to do with Investment Property, but Financial Planning. I started none the less, on the basis that it “may” work. It did not.

But, I doubt that I will be looking long for work in my specialty. I have had 17 years in the industry, so picking something up will only be a matter of time.

In all this, there is a lesson I am sure. Patience? Perseverance? Fighting for what you believe in?

I will close today with what the Apostle Paul said, “I have fought the good fight. I have kept the faith.” I think that can apply to us all, don’t you think.

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