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COVERBAND – TV Series Review

Coverband NZ (2014 – )
Stars: Johnny Barker, Matt Whelan, Wesley Dowdell, Laughton Kora
IMDB Rating: 8.0

Plot: COVERBAND is a story of broken hearts, broken dreams, sex, drugs and …other people’s songs.

From the makers of the acclaimed and award-winning Hounds comes the new comedy series Coverband, about a group of almost-famous-once musos reduced to playing other people’s music.


Review: When I first saw the title, my first thought was that this show was about different coverbands in New Zealand. So I decided to watch this, and for a moment I thought I would be treated to see some people I knew many moons ago when I lived in NZ.

I am glad that this wasn’t a reality show 🙂

Coverband NZ is a comedy TV series about a group of hapless guys who are left with nothing more than a pocket full of wishful thinking, (after their lead singer, Ivy, scores a major record deal on the basis she dumps her band).

Stranded and broke, Matt gets his brother to pay for his flight back from LA, then he starts to make plans to “get the band back together”.

One pitfall after another ensues with the band, as they struggle to get one gig after another and find that being a rock ‘n’ roll star is not all what they had hoped it would be.

This series does remind me of other shows like Housos, and The Inbetweeners. This New Zealand grown show is down-right good fun and bloody hilarious to watch. With names like Knuckles and Jukebox, this show is bound to be a hit not only in NZ but maybe in Aussie too. Lets hope that this series gets the funding to go beyond the 6 episodes it is currently scheduled for.

Not only is the storyline fun to watch, but has some really cool songs from the likes of The Chills, Split Enz, Dragon, The Clean, Exponents, Chris Knox, Tim Finn, The Datsuns, and many many more.

Verdict: It’s A Long Way To The Top If Ya Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll
My Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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