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The Grudge 3 – Movie Review

The Grudge 3 – Directed by Toby Wilkins; Screenplay by Brad Keene; Written by Takashi Shimizu. Starring Matthew Knight , Shawnee Smith, and Aiko Horiuchi.

Tagline: Catboy and Croaky are at it again!

For anyone who has seen any of the previous Grudge movies, you know the plot. Catboy and Croaky kill some people, and there you have The Grudge.

While I can appreciate the never ending theory of cursed spirits wanting revenge on anyone it comes in contact with, I did find this movie rather predictable and not as scary as some reviews have pointed out. There were moments when scenes took on a different turn (like when Dr. Sullivan is killed by Kayako), but nonetheless, this film did not give me nightmares when I went to bed.

The acting and plot was good, and while it was good to see Marina Sirtis (Star Trek TNG) on screen, I think that the ever talented Shawnee Smith deserved more screen time.

But for me, I like a little less predictability in my horror movies.

There were times when I felt like giving Kayako a throat lozenge and recommending a good chiropractor (especially when she starting that annoying croaking and doing the Kayako Crawl); And as for the cat-wailing of Toshio? Please… I don’t know about you, but if a ghost boy is wailing like cat in heat the only thing that comes to my mind is neuter cat-boy, give him a tin of tuna or present him with a real cat that’s in heat 🙂

If you liked the first two installments of Grudge, then by all means watch this one. If not for anything else, it is worth checking out the further adventures of Cat-Boy and Croaky-Girl.

Synopsis: In Chicago, the boy Jake (Matthew Knight) is interned in a mental institution and his therapist Dr. Sullivan (Shawnee Smith) does not believe that he is haunted by the ghost of the boy Toshio (Shimba Tsuchiya). When Jake is killed in his cell with all his bones broken, Dr. Sullivan decides to investigate further with open-mind. Meanwhile, Lisa (Johanna Braddy), who is the sister of the super Max (Gil McKinney) of Jake’s building, steals the key of apartment 305 to have sex with her boyfriend Andy (Beau Mirchoff). When she realizes that the spot is a crime scene, she immediately returns to her apartment, where she lives with Max and their sister Rose (Jadie Hobson). In the meantime, the Japanese Naoko (Emi Ikehata) decides to travel from Tokyo to Chicago to stop the curse of her sister Kayako (Aiko Horiuchi) . She meets Lisa and tells that she needs hers and Rose’s help her to stop the fiend of her sister, but Lisa does not accept the offer. When Max is possessed by the evil spirit of Daisuke (Takatsuma Mukai), Lisa visits Naoko but it may be too late to stop the curse.


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