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Author Announces Reader Special

In celebration of C.A.Milson’s 40th birthday, he is giving readers the opportunity to purchase a autographed E-Book direct from his website.

In celebration of C.A. Milson’s 40th birthday, he has announced that for the month of July, he is giving readers the opportunity to purchase an autographed E-Book copy of his new novel, The Chosen ~ Rise Of The Darkness.

Rise of the Darkness is the extended version of C. A. Milson’s first novel, The Chosen.

Synopsis: From the time that the Darkness ruled the ancient tribes, The Elders prophesied of a time when a descendant of The Gods would arise. Tonight, in the town of Winmont, an Ancient Legion has been awoken to finish what they started many millennia ago. Now, the fate of humanity is in the hands of One, but can he overcome the forces that dare to challenge the bloodline of the Gods?

Alex Manning is The One. Born of a heritage that was once a powerful civilization before it was destroyed by the Giants that once walked among men. Now tonight, in a small town, after thousands of years of being bound in the Dark Realm, the Ancient Darkness has been unleashed, and they set about to finish what was begun. Only Alex can stop the Dark Forces from destroying this town, but will he fulfil his own tests and sacrifice his life for those would seek to betray him?

The Chosen has been enthusiastically received by readers of Goth, Horror and the Supernatural.

The E-Book download of Rise Of The Darkness normally retails for $5.00USD, but for the month of July, readers can purchase the authographed E-Book for $3.00USD.

“As part of my celebration, I want to give readers a taste of what is to come with future books”. Milson said.

Milson’s new novel, Bloodline Of Darkness is due for release in August 2009.

Bloodline of Darkness is set ten years after his encounter in Winmont, Alex has forsaken his calling to live a life less than ordinary. All that he was and knew is now nothing more than a faded dream. But Darkness has a way of remembering, and the Ancient Legion has found a way back into the world. In the days that surround Alex’s trauma, a portal is opened, and the events that occured in Winmont have been changed. Now, the world he knows is in choas, and the Darkness and Hellfire has ruled the earth for the last ten years. Only by witnessing the past can he change the events of the present and save us all, but will he regain his giftings before the darkness consumes the world?

In an ancient world, a darkness was unearthed. 5,000 years ago, that Darkness walked among men and they were heralded as Gods, and for a season, prosperity was given to the Northern Tribes, until Legion appeared among them and destroyed all but a handful of the Anicent Ones. Today, a hero must take his place amongst his forefathers and rectify the events that changed the world he knows. But will he overcome the darkness that rules his own heart?

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Media Release

– July 2008


Local Australian writer C A Milson’s, debut novel has been published by US-based Amira Press.

The Chosen, the first in a planned trilogy, follows Alex whose life is turned upside down by an accident. Alex becomes an unwitting hero as he attempts to rebuild his life while fighting an ancient evil recently awakened. Alex’s battle is not only with these external forces, but also with his demons within.

The Chosen has been enthusiastically received by the horror writing community, with fellow horror writer Lee Pletzers praising the novel for its strong characterisation. “The Chosen has a lot of promise,” Pletzers says. “Learning the characters is the fun part.”

Milson describes his work as a new take on the supernatural horror genre. “The Chosen touches on different supernatural influences, not just the traditional doctrines that many believe in,” Milson explains. “I explored different theologies and superstitions and decide to write something that would touch on all these idealisms.”

After initially drawing inspiration an eerie picture of a dimly-lit and isolated shack, Milson penned an earlier incarnation of The Chosen as the short story Shack of Evil. It was this story and this exploration of the supernatural that Milson found himself constantly returning to. “I have always been fascinated by the spiritual and the supernatural,” he says. “When I wrote The Chosen, I wanted to write something that had never been done before. I wanted to delve into the world of the unseen.”

Before publishing The Chosen, Milson travelled extensively and worked in marketing management. Now freelancing, Milson devotes the majority of his time to writing the sequel Bloodline of Darkness.

Readers can purchase a copy of The Chosen directly from Amira Press,

“I’m warning you again to leave this town. It’s ours,” the voice echoed. Alex froze and glanced around the room in hope of seeing something, anything. But still, there was nothing. “After all, what can you do, a mere mortal, against us? While you are one, we are many.” – The Chosen by C A Milson

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