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Избранный (The Chosen) – Paperback Out Now

We are pleased to officially announce that The Russian version of The Chosen in NOW available in paperback through and!

ISBN: 978-1-4092-7884-9

Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

In addition to the Paperback, The Russian Language version is also available in these formats: HTML, MSWord, RTF, PDF

You can order the Digital Russian Version of The Chosen HERE by using Paypal, or chose one of the options listed below:

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Residents of Former USSR can also pay using Yandex Money to make payment for the E-Book.

(Номер счета: 41001342943029. Or email: Сумма к получению: 110 рублей)



Radio Shows

For those who have been regular watchers on my site, as you know I have done a few Radio Spots Online in the past months.

The first Podcast was back in December 2008 on BlogTalkRadio with Kim Smith. I had a fantastic chat with Kim as we discussed my new release The Chosen. My live chat with Kim runs for approx 30 mins.

Also in December I was fortunate enough to catch up with Bev from Elemental Musings. My live chat with Bev runs for about an hour.

Both Podcasts are available for download by Emailing us at: with Podcast in the Subject Line, along with details of which show you are requesting. (IE: BlogTalkRadio or Elemental Musings)

Dont forget on March 12th, I will also be on Horror, with a special reading of a portion of The Chosen by A. Kovacs. The show by Horror Addicts FOR Horror Addicts. The best horror podcast on the web!

Lately I have noticed that there has been some who have asked me if I am available for public speaking engagements/readings. For those who have asked; I am available to give a lecture or reading of an excerpt of my books upon request. Please note that bookings are required at least a month in advance.

All requests for public engagements can be done by using the below web-form.



C.A.Milson ~ Writer

Spring Offering

I would like to announce a Special Offer in time for Spring.

You can now SAVE $2.00USD OFF the purchase price of The Chosen by ordering the Digital Version.

Order NOW through the “Buy Now” links provided at the top right of this website.

Offer only available through THIS website.

You Tube Channel

As mentioned in a previous post; Starting in June, I will be showcasing some Urban Myths and Legends on YouTube, featuring some of the best Urban Legends of Russia and New Zealand.

My first project will be to revisit the town of Chapayevsk and do a short film in the Municipal Cemetary, as I explain the Legend of Elena, who reportedly roams the Cemetary.

shirshtolni1 The second Webisode will take place in Zhiguli mountains near Shiryaevo which is in the Samara region.




Hardened Zoya

The Legend of Zoya is well known in the Samara region, so I will also be featuring this Urban Legend.

Going by Legends, on January 14, 1956, a young factory worker Zohi arranged a party. All who were invited had a partner to dance with but Zoya did not. Her fiance Nicholas did not come. Then she took out the icon of St Nicholas, and cried out: “As long as my Nicolas did not come I will dance with this Nicholas!” It is reported that she danced with the icon in her hands. Friends tried to stop Zoyu, but she said: “If there is a God, let him punish me.”

Suddenly they heard a thunder and lightning in the room. The other youth fled in fear. And when her friends returned, they saw Zoya standing in the middle of the room, paralyzed – almost stone-like, with the icon still in her hands.

For 128 days Zoya stood in the middle of the room. Crowds of people came from far and wide to witness the miracle.After 128 days, it is said that she woke up, repented and quietly died.


I have also heard that there are some great Urban Legends & Ghost Stories of St. Petersburg and Moscow, so coming in the Summer will be more Webisodes online.

AND as part of my Book Tour of Russia and New Zealand, I am giving one person in each country (Russia and NZ) the opportunity to be part of my “Dinner with an Author” experience.

The winner will get to have an evening with C.A.Milson which includes picked up at your residence, Dinner at a restaurant, followed by a Night Out on the town, an Autographed copy of The Chosen in paperback, and AS A BONUS: Be a featured Guest Host on my upcoming YouTube Project. The “Night with an Author” will also be broadcast on YouTube.

Two Runners up will each receive a $50 Gift Certificate.

RULES ON HOW TO ENTER: entry is OPEN to anyone. However, if the Winner does not reside in Russia or New Zealand, then that winner will receive a Gift Voucher for $100 to spend on

Entry is OPEN to anyone in Russia and New Zealand.

To enter: Purchase the The Chosen direct from my web, leaving your contact name and details.



Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Three – Part Five

Chapter Three Continued…

He woke up suddenly, still confused by the dream he just had. It took him a few seconds for his eyes to focus properly and then he realized that this was reality! He was in his own bed, and Karen was sound asleep next to him.
“Great.” He muttered, regretting that the dream he had just had was nothing more than what it was… A dream. He sat up in bed and glanced over at the clock.
7:12AM it read.
Yep. He was home. Karen was softly snoring, and that damn clock ticked so bloody loud that it didn’t need an alarm!
He sighed, disgruntled with how this was, and he wondered why he couldn’t have stayed in the dream. At least in the last dream he was with someone who he desired, unlike the one he was with now.

He glanced over at her and could only wonder, Who is this woman in my bed? He regretted this life, and wondered why he even stayed.

He got up out of bed quietly, so not to wake her, and crept into the bathroom to wash his face. Yes, he more or less trudged into that bathroom. He was tired, and it was obvious why. The sequence of dreams had him at a loss as to what was going on and why. He washed his face and looked at himself in the mirror. Just as he vaguely recalled from every other time he looked in the mirror, nothing had changed, except now he was older. He looked older. He could see a few greys in his hair, which he always had a habit of plucking out. And he now had a defining small scar on his chin. He still had no idea how it got there. His obsessive behavious casued him to wash his face once again with that herbal soap and he rinsed his face with cold water, not once but three times before he looked at himself again.
“Man.” He muttered. “You look terrible.”
“You look fine.” He heard Karen say from behind him.
He turned and looked at her. She looked the same as she always did in the mornings. Tacky creame color cotton nightie and hair looking like a birds nest. Finally this was reality!
“Morning babe.” He said, smiling, and kissed her on the cheek.
“Mornin’ sweety.” She replied, as she kissed him back. He glanced her over, then walked out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen and poured himself a large cup of coffee, then went and sat out on the balcony and prepared to watch the day go by.

He sighed heavily, and realized that everything he had witnessed had been nothing more than a dream, and that made him depressed.


It was yet another Rostered Day Off for him, so he could afford to relax today. He had no intention of doing anything, except maybe perving on Tara, if she happened to be in the courtyeard below. How he hoped she would be there!

He leaned forward in his chair and spied down into the courtyard below, hoping that he would catch a glimpse of Tara, sunbathing by the pool. No such luck. The only person down there was the guy who cleaned the pool, and that was it. Nothing sexy about that guy at all.

He sat back in his chair and looked off to the distance. As he sat there reflecting over the series of dreams which made no sense, he bagn to wonder if this was all that there was to his life. He wanted more than what he had. He wanted to be happy, but he was far from that. He had a comfortable home, but that was not enough.

He knew that there had to be more than this.

There was a time when he had a certain happiness, but those days when he was a child, when he would spend his holidays at his parents cabin was a distant memory, and could never be regained.

He longed for those days again. He closed his eyes and could remember the cabin vividly.

His parents owned a log cabin at a small retreat in the forest, near the Glasshouse Mountains. He could remember that nearly every Summer they would make the long trip up to the cabin to spend a few weeks in “tranquility”. The cabin was isolated enough from prying eyes, which made a good excuse for other vacationers to go skinny-dipping in the nearby river.

Alex could remember the feelings of that place. How the air smelt so crisp and fresh, the sounds of the tropical birds, the noise of other children as they played. All too vivid those memories were, which made him smile.

He chuckled to himself as he could now smell that same crisp pine in the air.

“Ahh. How I have missed that.” He whispered. He opened his eyes and what he saw was not his balcony, but he was there, at the retreat, standing in the midst of the forest. He shook his head and looked around quickly, wondering how and why he was there.

Everything he remembered was there. That smell of morning dew was very strong, and the scent of pine was in the air, just as he had remembered. He could hear tropical birds singing their morning song from around him, as well as the sound of the nearby river, and the morning fog was beginning to settle.

“This is too wierd.” He said as stared around slowly. He was shocked to be in the place from his childhood, but he wasn’t afraid. More curious than anything else.

In the distance he could smell something cooking and he knew exactly what that smell was. It was the smell of pancakes. Not just any pancakes, but the pancakes his mother made.

“Mama.” he said softly, as he started to walk hurriedly in the direction of his parents cabin.

He had no idea what to expect when he would see his mother, and he really didn’t care. He just wanted to see his mom. As he hurried towards the cabin, he was filled with a mix of emotions. It had been many many years since she died, and although there was a part of him that was angry at her for leaving him, he was also anticipating and almost yearning to be held by her again. In his arms he felt safe.

“Alex.” He heard a voice suddenly say from behind him. He stopped and turned around quickly but saw no-one. He glanced slowly around, expecting to see something out of the ordinary but didn’t. He shrugged his shoulders and turned back towards the cabin.

“Don’t do it kid.” He heard that same voice warn sternly. He stopped and glanced around again. Nothing.

“Must be my imagination.” He whispered, “And if it’s my imagination I can do whatever I want.”

“I know what you’re intending to do kid.” It said, this time it’s voice was closer than before.

He froze and stared. Something was there alright. But what?

“Don’t be alarmed,” It said from behind him.

Alex turned to see a person standing infront of him, dressed in a black cloak, his face hidden under the hood.

He was taken aback, but he was not afraid. He just stepped back and sized up this person. “Who are you supposed to be?” He asked, “Some kind of Druid or Sith?”

The apparation ignored his comment. “I know what you’re intending to do kid.” He said once again, “Do you think that by revealing yourself to her that will change anything.”

“Maybe.” Alex said without thinking. “What would you know anyway?”

“You cannot change what is to come Alex.” He said, “She has a destiny to fulfil, just as you do. Telling her events that are yet to unfold will not save her.”

“She’s my mother!” He retorted, as he started to walk off.

The apparation grabbed him firmly by the arm and pushed him to the ground.  “Don’t be an idiot Alex.” It said harshly, “Think about your actions carefully. If you follow this course of action to the end it will not end well for you and those you love will have died for nothing.”

Alex said nothing. He lay there on the ground and stared at the apparation for a moment. “You would do the same thing if you were me.” He said as he quickly scrambled to his feet and ran off.

The apparation didn’t follow. Instead he pulled the hood back to reveal his face. Alex ran and glanced back to see if he was being followed and for a split second he caught a glimpse of the apparation, and in that moment he could have sworn that the apparation was himself.

He stopped and looked back, but the apparation was gone. He stood there and tried to second guess what he saw, but it made no sense. That apparation certainly looked like him, but it couldn’t have.

It made no sense. He looked back in the direction he was going, then glanced back once more before he ran off towards the cabin.

* * * * * * *

What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out as more will follow.

Buy The Chosen to see how it all began!

Bloodline Of Darkness – Chapter Three – Part Four

Chapter Three Continued…

He awoke with a gasp and in a cold sweat. He sat upright quickly and felt his chest, then his groin. He wasn’t bleeding and his balls were still intact. There was a certain sigh of relief, and he glanced around the room. Yep, he was again in Tara’s bedroom, and she was sound asleep next to him. He sighed heavily and went to get up, sitting on the side of the bed and rested his head in the palms of his hands. His head still ached from yesterday, although now he wasn’t sure why exactly.
He glanced at the clock-radio next to the bed and it continued to flash 00:00AM.
“Great.” He whispered as he stood up and walked down the hall into the bathroom. He washed his face with cold water then he stood and stared at himself in the mirror, and tried to figure out just how he ended up in Tara’s bed. By now he had given up trying to figure out anything, as no matter what he did, things weren’t as they seemed, and he really started to believe that he had finally gone insane.

He washed his face again, then looked back in the mirror. He gasped in fright, and turned to see Tara standing there in the doorway, leaning against the wall.
“Morning sleepyhead.” She said, “You okay?”
He hesitated for a second, then answered, “Yeah. Fine. Just bad dreams.”
“Again?” She said, as she moved passed him, kissed him on the cheek, then began to brush her teeth. “Ya know you may wanna talk to someone about that.”
“About what?”
She rinsed her mouth then answered, “The dreams. Obviously there is something locked away in your subconscious that is trying to tell you something.” She paused to wipe her face, then continued, “There are some good hypnotherapists around who deal with that sorta thing.”
“Yeah, I will keep that in mind.” He said, then asked, puzzled, “By the way, how did I end up here last night?”
“You don’t remember loverboy?”
He shook his head “No.”
“Lets just say that we had the best night, last night sweety.” Was her response as she put her arms around his shoulders and kissed him passionately.
That scent again! That scent that drove him wild was dominant again, and he could feel his manhood swelling by the feeli of her body next to his.
“Not now baby.” She said, gently squeezing his cock, “Later, okay.”
He nodded and smiled. His eyes followed her as she walked out and went into the kitchen.
“Hey you hungry?” She called out.
He turned and looked at himself in the mirror again, and wondered if this was again a dream. He wasn’t sure. Like the other nightmares, it sure seemed real.
“Eggs and toast?” She asked, popping her head in the doorway.
“Sure, that’d be nice. Thanks.” He said, looking at her through the mirror.
She smiled at him and went back into the kitchen. He stood there and stared at himself in the mirror, noticing how old now looked. Strange, he hadn’t noticed how the years had aged him, and although he was now in mid thirties, he seemed to look older, like in his forties. Maybe he was tired. But the bags under his eyes sure told a story. So did that small scar on his chin. He didn’t remember having a scar there before, not before today anyway…

Maybe he was hallucinating…

As though he had an Obsessive Compulsive tendencies, he washed his face once again then went back into the bedroom and put his pants on before he went and joined Tara in the kitchen.
“Smells good.” He said as he walked in.
“Hope you like it sweety. I’m not much of a cook, but I do try.” She said, as she served his breakfast.
“It looks great.” He replied, and kissed her, then sat down at the kitchen table. “So tell me,” He began to say, “How exactly did I end up here last night? As the last thing I remember was being on your sofa.”
“You must have hit your head hard last night when you fell out of bed.” She said, smiling.
He smiled, but was not amused, more puzzled if anything.
She served up a small portion of omelette for herself then sat at the table and looked at him. He saw something in her eyes, something familiar. It was a look he had seen before from someone. But he couldn’t remember who. She gently reached over and squeezed his hand and her eyes spoke a lot of unspoken words, or seemed to.
God she’s beautiful. He thought to himself. That was all he could think right then. There was definitely something so familiar about this though. It was as though….

“Last night you passed out on my sofa.” She began to say, “I had gone to get you a drink and when I got back you were asleep. So I didn’t want to wake you and left you sleep a while.”
He frowned, still confused, “That doesn’t explain how I ended up in your bed, and naked.”
She smiled and said, “You weren’t asleep long, maybe two hours. When you woke up you checked your cell and said that you didn’t want to go home. Karen had sent you afew nasty text messages last night, and going by what she said, I think it is obvious that she doesn’t care about you.”
“I figured that.” He said, as he started to eat, “So then what?”
“We sat on in the lounge talking for a while then one thing led to another and, well, I don’t have to say how wonderful you were last night.” She again squeezed his hand.
Well that sure explained enough. He was satified with that, and quite frankly, he rather enjoyed being here than being back at home in the Den of Doom.

He smiled at her, and continued eating, while she sat and watched him eat. Although he was flattered that she chose to sit and watch him eat, at the same time he did find it uncomfortable, but he didn’t say anything. He chose to enjoy her company rather than say what he thought.

As much as he enjoyed being there and enjoyed her attention, he knew that he had to get back to reality and face the music at home. He really did not want to read the message on his phone, but he knew he had to. That would tell him what type of mood Karen was in, and going by those messages he would know whether to go home of not.

He picked up his phone went and stood and in the kitchen and looked at the display on his cell. He had 35 unread messages.
“Damn.” He muttered.
“What is it?” Tara asked, coming over to him.
“35 messages.” He said then thought, Just like in the dream.
Tara looked at him but didn’t say a word. Her eyes spoke what she thought, and even though she may have been right, he had to read them. With a heavy sigh he flipped open the phone and opened his inbox. Just as he assumed, all messages were from Kaz, and just as it was in his nightmare, most messages were easily deletable and non relevant, with the exception of the last few.

Among the many messages of “Where are you?“, “What time will you be home?“, “Where are you, you prick!“, and not to forget her ever favorite, “When you get home we need to talk!

Before he had a chance to read the last three messages that could have only been more abusive than the last one of “Had enuf of UR games Alex! I kno who U R wif! U can bet she wont get away with dis! U n her can both rot n die!“, a loud knock came on the front door, and they both knew who it was.
“Karen.” They said at the same time.
Tara looked into his eyes, “You stay here. I’ll talk to her.” She said, already walking towards the door, finshing with, “Don’t say a word.”
He didn’t say anything, rather he put his phone to silent mode and stood in the kitchen and listened to the commotion.

He heard Tara open the door, and then mumbling. He couldn’t hear exactly what was being said, but by the tone in Karen’s voice, he could tell that she was really pissed off! And why shouldn’t she be! After all, he was in another womans’ apartment, and had obviously fucked her six ways from Sunday!

He couldn’t quite make out what Tara and Karen were talking about, but it was obvious that Karen had settled down a little, and after some moments, he heard the door close and then silence. He had no clue what happened, and after Tara didn’t come back into the kitchen after afew moments, he walked softly into the lounge and looked towards the front door.
She wasn’t there!
“Tara?” He said softly, “Tara?”
Where was she? He hoped that Kaz hadn’t done something damn stupid, like dragged her into the hall to beat the crap out of her. And for a moment he imagined that she had, but he quickly dismissed that thought, thinking that Karen didn’t have it in her to do something like that… But then again.. She was a woman scorned and she was liable to do anything!

He glanced around the room, then walked silently to the front door and peered therough the peephole. No, couldn’t see her out in the hall, and he couldn’t hear anything out there.
Not again. He thought, thinking that he was in another nightmare.
“Babe.” He heard Tara from behind him suddenly.
He turned quickly and was startled to see her standing near the sofa. There was sadness in her eyes. He could see that she was upset. Where she had vanished to a few moments ago he really didn’t care. Right now, she needed him.
“Are you okay?” He asked, going up to her and holding her close to him.
She nodded and wept. “I’ll be okay.” She said through tears, “That woman is a dead-set bitch.”
He knew that, and he wasn’t going to defend the woman he had lived with for the last ten years. He had spent the last decade in the sixth circle of hell, and that was enough for him.

He wanted to leave Karen. That was obvious and plain as the nose on his face, and now, he felt in a way, he could. This woman, Tara, was strangely familiar to him, and not because of the fantastical sex that he couldn’t remember, but there was definitely something about her that he knew….

He held her close then kissed her softly on her lips. Her lips were warm, soft, almost sensual to the touch, and a part of him couldn’t help but want to have sex with her right now, but now wasn’t the time.
“Can I do anything for you?” he asked her.
She nodded and replied softly, “Yes. Wake up.”
He looked at her, confused as hell, “What did you say?”
She looked into his eyes, “Wake up baby.”
He looked at her with a strange look in his eyes, and didn’t say anything. He was confused.

* * * * * * *

Part Five up next…

About Bloodline of Darkness

Bloodline of Darkness is the second novel by C.A.Milson, and is the continuing saga of the life of Alex, a man chosen to stand against dark forces that seek to harvest the souls of humanity.

Bloodline is set ten years after Alex’s encounter with the supernatural in Winmont, when he stopped the legions of darkness from destroying the small town.

Now, ten years on, Alex has forgotten all he was, and the supernatural forces have found a new way back into the world, lead by one of the chief Fallen One’s, Tanzac.

In this entry I will give you, the reader, an insight into the background of who’s who.


In an age where Mythology and sorcery ruled, the tribe of Mezulbite worshipped a mythical being, Tanzac, and he ruled the land with tyranny. No one knows exactly how Tanzac came to the Mezulbite peoples, as one day he was not, and then he was. That is all history records of this being.

It is believed that Tanzac ‘s origin was one of the Fallen Ones who was cast out of Paradise, and like many other Fallen Angels, he took up flesh and took for himself many slave-girls as wives. His wives spawned sons, each being born without a soul, and hideously deformed. It was quite common for the spawn of Tanzac to be stillborn, and those who survived the birth, were devoured alive so that their spirit could roam the earth. It was common for the wives of Tanzac to be brutally murdered after they had given birth to his hell-spawn, either by himself or by blood-sacrifice.

Tanzac ruled one such tribe, The people of Mezulbite, and they would appease their God by offering sacrifices of babies, young children and virgins. Only the pure blood of these sacrifices would appease the god who walked among the Mezulbites.

But everything was never as it seemed. Tanzac hated humans, and he wanted to see every mortal suffer, just as he suffered for being cast out of Paradise.

There came a time though, when Tanzac’s rule came to an end, when “The Breath” came upon the land and wiped out his hell-spawn. Tanzac’s fury was relentless, and he destroyed all but a small handful of the tribe of Mezul, not without a price.

After Tanzac wiped out Mezul, he was encountered by The Ones who encarcerated him, his followers and the other Fallen Ones in Tartarus. There Tanzac was to remain.

It was recorded by the Elders of The Ancient Ones, that “Just as night becomes day, arise the Dark One shall to reap on the land what had begun millenias ago.”

That day came to light when a group of teenagers invoked an ancient spell, and opened the door for Tanzac to manifest into the world once again.

One of Tanzac’s high generals, Lutancix, was sent to pave the way for Tanzac’s return. It was also fortold by the Elders, “Come a time when the Fallen returns, a new One shall arise, born into the House Of Blood he shall be, to overcome the Oppessor.”

Behold O Fallen One, your stars shine no more when The One has come!”

These prophecys came to fulfillment when Alex destroyed the clearing, and once again Tanzac was encarcerated in the depths of his own realm, Tartarus.

The Elders went on to prophesize, “Times shall pass, and new blood is born. The One shall see the mysteries of the beginning and shall account for all that shall come. Transgressions of the people’s shall be as a multitude as rivers of blood and he shall be no more until the final age.” Yet in another Quatrain they spoke, “In the dark, he shall seek light, and the Fallen shall stand in the judgement seat of the lost and shall come unto his own.”

Prophecies yet to come, which will be unvealed in this book.


In the era of Mezul, the Elders were the High Priests who were self-titled seers. The had the gift of being able to forsee certain times and events of history. Quite often the Elders would fortell of when the harvest would bring plenty, and when dark times would affect the tribes.

They were once held in high regard by the Mezulbites, that was until the their pride got in the way and they became haughty and proud because of their giftings. In their arrogance the Elders lost sight of what things they were meant to foretell which also played a part in the destruction of the Mezulbites.

It was recorded, “Beguiled we had become, our hearts proud. We set our sights above God, and wrath destroyed us all.”

It was no secret that The Elders abilities also became their downfall. Yet, in death, they got redemption and were able to forsee the things that were yet to come.

It was a shame they didn’t see all this before Tanzac wiped them out.

The Elders prophecised many things. In their mass prophecies, they did leave a final chapter, in which they say, “A new Darkness is born into the bloodline. Arise he will and shall become great in the nations of old. Run! Flee! For he is like a beast, devouring the foolish and the proud and the innocent! He gives light but he is darkness! O Dark One, your reign of destruction has come, and the One is nomore!”

Who is this “New Darkness”? Only Bloodline of Darkness will unveal the mysteries.

Journey with Alex as he seeks the truth of who he is.


Alex was born into the bloodline of the Mezulbites. He is one of the last decendants of the ancient race that was all but destroyed. After Tanzac was incarcerated, it was foretold that “One shall arise to stand again the Fallen One.” Alex is that Chosen One. Destined to forfill a purpose that he doesn’t know about, and when he does discover who he is, he would rather forget about it and live a normal life.

A normal life is not what is in store for him, as while he is investigating a different paranormal event in the case of the Jamiesonn Hauntings, he is thrown neck-deep into a world that is governed by illusions, betray and dark sinister beings that like nothing more to do on a sunny day than harvest the souls of the living.

Alex’s journey to become The One is often met with trials and failures and trusting the wrong people. Even at times when his mouth speaks before he thinks, he gets into trouble. So it is unbelievable that this man has been chosen to save a small town from the storms of hell that are soon to be unleashed.

Alex is not alone on his journey. He is accompanied by several other paranormal hunters, including an American guy, Drake, who’s an investigator solely for the fame; A power-psychic, Usher, who’s Alex’s unknown spiritual guide, and Wang, who’s caught up in deception and sells out for his “thirty pieces of silver.”

Joined with his companions, he is to journey into Winmont to face the ancient enemy, Tanzac, and put a temporal end to Tanzac’s rule.

Alex’s quest is never easy, as while he is faced with stopping an ancient force, he is often attacked by another supernatural being, Jamiesonn. Jamiesonn wants the exact same thing as Tanzac. To harvest the world of the souls of every human that exists.

Quite a feat for one who was also born of the bloodline. Yes, for those who have not read The Chosen, Jamiesonn was also a decendant of the Mezulbites. But Jamiesonn was never one of those who were Chosen. Yet, of Jamiesonn it does say, “The Dark One arises from the south, and with him Death camps about his house.” And again, “He, the one Chosen, shall journey into the bowels of the pit to face his adversary and put an end to his linage.”

To find out more about Jamiesonn, you can buy The Chosen from any retailer listed on this website.