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Seasons by Diana Jeane

In bringing you various talent, I would like to present Diana Jeane.

Diana lives in Ohio and has been writing poetry for many years.


Listening to the wind, hearing sounds whirling all around
Watching the leaves spinning and twirling dancing to the whisper of the wind
Feeling the coolness of the changes that are about to come.

Seasons come and go, some quietly unnoticed until you feel the change in the air.
Some with great introduction, with a blast of cold air.
Enmeshed in all the many changes that life has brought,
Knowing that some things will only last for a time, then will pass like the wind.

Experiencing every moment, cherishing times and places, people and faces,
Voices and tears, laughter and pleasure, all things we hold dear.
Life holds for us many seasons, many that seem similar, but oh so different as they pass us by.
Capturing those moments, the phrases, the looks, the touches, the kind gestures that makes life tolerable.

Those are the things we pull from each season that envelope us that encircles us.
One cannot plan, nor can one know what to expect,
But you can be sure that out of each season there will be moments we will hold dear like precious stones in a soft red velvety bag, with shiny golden drawstrings pulled tightly.

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