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Uncovering the past

It is that time of year in Brisbane when people go through their things and throw out what they have horded or forgotten over the years.

In this year’s annual clean-out, we went through everything in the shed to see what we were going to keep and what was to be turfed. Amongst all the items that were well past “taking to the dump” stage, we came across some original short stories that I had written way way back when I started writing. Go figure 🙂

In looking through the short stories I wrote, there was even a beginning of a sci-fi screenplay I had once start. Dated 1989. Wow! How things have changed since then. To be honest I had never thought twice about doing a screenplay until very recent years. So for me, going through all the “oldies but goodies“, it left me feeling rather nostalgic about my roots, my beginnings.  In a sense, coming full circle. Seeing how I began as a rookie “wanna-be” with idealistic delusions of grandeur. 🙂

My craft has developed since those days when I was a kid with a dream, but in it all, it does leave me with a strange feeling of closure. Now I mean this in the best of ways, as for some time I had wondered if I would ever see those stories again. And all these years later, they came back to me.

You can believe that when I say a new book or two is coming out in January/February 2012.

To add to the stories that are listed on my website, these are the ones I found in the darkness:

  •  Fun in Tailytown – Coming 2012
  • Revelation (1992)
  • The Siberian Factor (1989)
  • The Resurrected (2 stories) (1989)
  • Roach Plague (1989)
  • The Legend (1989)
  • The Stalker (1990)
  • Ghost of Croseley Manor (1991)
  • Trouble in the Bahamas (1989)
  • The Alfrazedian Chronicles (a short story that ended up being 4 short stories and a beginning screenplay) (1987-1989)
  • Night Of Trouble (1989)
  • The Private War (1989)
  • Vampire Chronicles (Crime Wars) (1990)
  • Spiritual Warfare (1994)

There we have it. The list still in perfect condition as the day I first wrote them. In looking at them I know they will need an extreme makeover, and much of the original story-lines will be trashed, as will some of the characters; but who knows, maybe in some of these, the adventures of Alex Manning will continue.

I do know this, that my first priority is to see the children’s book released. That in itself will need a good illustrator 🙂

Sometimes it is good to reflect on our beginnings in order to review where we are going…….

The Dagger of Legion..

This horror short is a work in progress, so I will add to this as time goes on. This story is based on my recent visit to Nayanova University. The only factual part of this story is the dagger. Everything else is the result of my own bizarre imagination.

Enjoy! 🙂

The Dagger of Legion

From the foundation of the earth, a dagger was formed, forged with the flames of hell, bestowed in it’s crystal with the blood of ages. It is believed that whoever should possess the Dagger of Legion and speaks the ancient words of Kalambilavnetza will have power over the elements. Yet if the dagger was to fall into the hands of a corrupt one, darkness would spread upon the land, and evil would again reign the four corners of the world.

The Dagger was lost 2,000 years ago, when Legion was cast into the abyss, and now the dagger sleeps, waiting for the time when it’s name will be called upon again.

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