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Reel Evil (2012) – Movie Review

Reel Evil – (2012)
Stars: Jessica Morris, Kaiwi Lyman, Jeff Adler, Tessa Lane, Jamie Bernadette, Kate Bowen.
IMDB Rating: 3.4

Plot: Struggling filmmakers – Kennedy, Cory and James – finally catch the break they were looking for when they are hired to shoot a ‘behind-the-scenes’ documentary for a major studio production. But their dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when they explore the legendary, haunted location and find something far worse than anything Hollywood could create. Terror becomes reality for the filmmakers as they uncover the malevolent secrets of the hospital, and the sinister doctor who once ran it. Trapped inside the hospital with no apparent way out, our crew is tormented by the evil, unspeakable fear.

Reel Evil (2012)
Review: Another one in the “found footage” stockpile. Reel Evil opens with three struggling film-makers, Kennedy (Jessica Morris), James (Jeff Adler), and Cory (Kaiwi Lyman), finally getting their big break when they are hired to film a “behind the scenes” documentary for a major film studio.

What should have been an easy paycheck for the trio, soon becomes their nightmare, as they find themselves trapped in a parallel world where ghosts are hunting them down, one by one.

The story gets a little slow and quite predictable in what could have been a good film. I don’t mind a good horror film, and “found footage” films tend to be bland and dry for the most part, to the point where you can tell that everyone is going to die. And this film is no different. The ghosts of the dead have their day (or night) and not only do our trio of wanna-be explorers get killed one by one, but so do the rest of the film crew who hired them.

While the film did explore a little on the former Doctor of this establishment, I did find that there could have been more to his backstory rather than just see brief glimpses of his ghost roaming around, wielding surgical tools. Why was his ghost haunting the hospital to begin with? Did he die of natural causes or was he murdered by one of the patients? I guess we will never know, and that is just one reason why this film was a bit of a let down for me.

There were moments there when I actually thought that the gang would decide to leave before the shite hit the paranormal fan, but if they did, then we wouldn’t have seen them get killed off, and that wouldn’t be any fun now would it 🙂

Some interesting appearances in this film to say the least from the likes of Tessa Lane (pretty much playing herself), who happens to get into her natural environment of filming a porn with Cory, Kate Bowen (Bunnyman Massacre) as the MU artist, and Jamie Bernadette (Bunnyman Massacre) as Claire. (Although Kate an Jamie didn’t get much screen time).

Filming was done at the Linda Vista Hospital, which is a place that should be familiar to many. After all, it has been the hot-spot for filmies and ghost shows alike. Such memorable ones include Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge, ICU Movie, SX Tape, just to name a few.

This film was okay, but it could have been better.

Verdict: I’ve seen better…..
My Rating: 5 out of 10.


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