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Alex – A Poem

Alex is someones brother, someones son
He special he is the Chosen One
He is a boy walking towards being a man
Working out his life time plan
He fights the shadows and things he can’t see
When all he wants is to go back to being free
To make whats happening a memory
He sits here as the shadows show there ugly power
He endures it every minute ,every hour
He senses it growing, wanting to fight
It isn’t right
Allex walks in the light
He is only a boy, The Chosen One
Fighting a war which never should’ve have begun
He stands up against all the shadows, and fears
Sometimes he is bought close to tears
Even though he is The Chosen One
He is here to protect other peoples sons
He puts himself first and in between
So some else can live there dream
To give them a chance
So with the enemy he must dance

Written By The Gisborne Poet
Jennifer Palmer

Waiting – A Poem

Waiting by The Gisborne Poet

A poem about Jamiesonn…

Waiting,waiting impatiently
For this power to be set free
Looking in the mirror what do I see
A new me
What can I say
Hopefully soon I will be on my way
I can’t wait for the shadows to rise
Everyone will get a nasty surprise
A new being will in this place
They won’t recognize this face
Waiting, waiting for whats to come
I can’t wait to walk in the sun
This power is building wanting to fly
A lot of people will here my cry
I will listen to them scream and yell
Locked away the will know where I have been and what it is like to be in this hell
I am about to make there world a nightmarish dream
A world of red
Because at last I can say “I AM NOT DEAD

The Real You by Jen P

In getting to know people in the networks I am on, I sometimes come across people with great potential.

In my showcase of Artists, Singers, Poets, I will share this with you all.

This is from Jen AKA: The Gisborne Poet.

Enjoy this as much as I do.

The Real You by The Gisborne Poet.

The person you are is at times a complicated piece of work
Like a chapter in a book
We have to read between the lines and use our imagination
The Shadows protect you from view
From everyone except the people who know you and are close to you
You travel the world with so many different places to go and see in your fast paced life
You laugh ,You smile but we only see what you want us to see
The real you smiles at what is before you
But they can they only glimpse at the treasure that is hidden within
As the shutters come down once again
To hide the real you

© Written By The Gisborne Poet
Jennifer P

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