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Movie Review – The Last Jedi


When I saw the trailer for TLJ, I had very high expectations for this movie. What I expected was some awesome lightsaber duels, the identity of Snoke revealed, and some kick-ass scenes.

What I saw was 2+ hours of my life that I will never get back. The SW films, up to now, has been great. Even TFA had it’s moments. But this?


Let’s start with the basic plot. Cruiser is low on fuel, and cruising just out of range of the Super Destroyers Blast Cannons to do major damage. This takes up a good part of the movie, which could have been condensed down to 5 minutes.

Poe taking on a Star Destroyer by himself in his fighter. Unlikely.

General Leah – There’s a scene where she gets blasted into space, and moments later uses the force to glide back to the ship.. No offense to the late Carrie Fisher, who was a great actress in her own right, but that scene did not make sense on any level. She wasn’t a Jedi Master, and being able to survive in space for as long as she was, defies everything that Jedi or Sith could pull off! Maybe they “borrowed” some ideas from the DCU to give her a moment of being Supergirl.

The opening scene, where Rey hands Luke the lightsaber. Two years we waited for this moment. The expectations we must have all had, to see where this was going to lead.. And what happened? Luke tosses the lightsaber away. WTF!!!!! Two years of waiting for this moment just for that?

Chewie – Scenes with Chewie were great to see, although we did not get to see him in much action whatsoever. A waste of great screen time for a lovable favorite.

Snoke – This character is supposedly a Sith Lord. More powerful than Palpatine. What I expected was a confrontation between him and Luke. Instead, what we see is Rey and Kylo Ren in his throne room, and in what has to be the most unmemorable death scene of a villain in cinematic history, he merely gets sliced in half by Kylo. (Mind you, a moment later Snoke boasts that he knows everything that Kylo was thinking. Yet, he didn’t know that Kylo was about to kill him??? PALEASE!)

After Snoke is wasted, Rey and Kylo go up against Snoke’s guards, who are nothing more than Samurai Ninjas. That scene reminded me heavily of something I have seen in Chinese New Year parades. I was just waiting for a 50 ft dragon to make an appearance in that scene. 🙂

The Porgs? Great for merchandise, but despite the rumors of how “vicious” they can be, they are nothing more than Disney product placement. Very poorly done on the part of Disney.

Yoda makes an appearance. The CGI was poor at best. One would think that with all our modern technology, the CGI would have been so much better. But no. Then, in a new move, Yoda’s Force Ghost manipulates the atmosphere to make lightning burn down the ancient Jedi Tree. (Jedi Tree? Seriously???) Perhaps they got the idea for that from the movie, Avatar?

Then there’s the ending scene where Luke faces Kylo. Luke performs a few Neo (Matrix) maneuvers, then we find out that it isn’t Luke at all, but his Force Projection! HUH! So Luke, (having abandoned the ways the force), can project an image of himself across galaxies, then we see him at the Island where he sees the twin suns (Tattooine) and then dies.

WOW! Worst death scene of a Jedi ever… Even Mace had a better ending scene than this!

General Hux – This idiot reminds me of a Hitler wanna-be, but has no clue how to command his own military and is often incompetent in the smallest orders Snoke gives him. An idiot through and through.

The plot was a mess. Disney really pulled out all stops to make this film even more unbelievable with the tripe this film was.

It is obvious Rian has never watched a Star Wars movie in his life.

Although it was great to see old favorites in the film, such as 3PO, R2, Chewie. They served no real plot purpose other than screen time to remain in the series. R2’s cameo moment was also uneventful.

SPX was average. Overall, this movie was poorly written, with no real purpose. It definitely was not worth waiting 2 years that I (and many fans) had hoped for.

With Luke dead, Snoke dead, that leaves nothing for the next installment in the series. Which is sad indeed.

With Kylo and Rey both without masters to teach them, where do they go from here?

Too many questions left unanswered in this. Who was Snoke? Who were Reys parents? If Snoke was “so powerful”, why was he so easily killed off? WTF was with Luke “fading into the sunset” at the end?

I think we all know what will happen in the final installment. Kylo will turn back to the Light, and the saga will be complete.

I give this movie a 1 out of 10. That 1 being for the Crystal Foxes. Otherwise, don’t waste your time watching this.


Star Wars – Movie Theme Night

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