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It has been a while… again

It has been a while again since any postings. I know that I have heard it many times that to draw the people, one needs to post often. Something that I seem to be lacking to do. Infact, ordinary every life seems to get in the way all the time with one thing or another.

It has now been almost a month since we moved into a nice home in Ardeer. For those who do not know where that is (and dont feel bad as even people in the next suburb don’t know this area! lol), Ardeer is located next to Sunshine, a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria.

The area is quiet enough, apart from the soccer training which goes on every Friday night at the sports club across the street, which is usually followed by drinking til the wee hours in the morning 🙂 If I was a drinker I would be there with bells on, but I am not, so I tend to sometimes watch from a distance of the revelry 🙂

When we first looked at the house, we sensed an unusual aura about the place, as if there was an unearthly presence in the midst. Our suspicions may have been right, as it was not until we moved in that we found out that the house does have some spirit activity, at least on some level. It turns out that the house was last occupied over 6 months ago, and there has been no tenants since, despite it been looked at many times. For the amount of rent it costs a month, one would assume that it would have been snapped up, but for our favor, it had not been.

Now while one of the former owners (an elderly Polish woman) now lives in a nursing home, it does seem that the former male owner may have died in the house. The home has 2 bedrooms, 2 loungerooms, big kitchen, bar room, large laundry room, nice big bath (which I am yet to take advantage of), enclosed outdoor entertaining area, sunroom/enclosed patio, large front yard. The house also came fully furnished, complete with everything including the bedsheets of the elderly couple. Creepy.

The 6 months preceding us, the house was left empty, abandoned. Unwanted. Empty with the exception of the spiders that decided to make this their home. Spiders….. The scourge of the earth, disgusting on any level, and the only good thing for a spider is a size 9 shoe!  In the 4 weeks we have been here, we have found many spiders in the house, ranging from Huntsmen to Trapdoor spiders to Funnel Web spiders. One would think that with the amount of spray packs I have used on fumigating the house,  that would be enough to kill an elephant, but no. These pesky little phrats still make their appearance from time to time, now every other day. And what’s worse is the ones that are the same color as the carpet, and you don’t see them unless they start crawling up the wall. 😦

I could go on about spiders but I wont. I hate spiders with a passion. They scare me. Anna said to me the other day “You can face demons and ghosts with no fear but a little spider you are scared of.”. She asked me why I was scared of spiders, to which I still don’t know. Maybe it is the way those 8 legged freaks crawl along or the fact they are just like a predator, waiting to inject their venom.  Who knows. In any case, the worst thing that came from the fall of man was spiders. Yeech.

Getting back to our ghost… We do have a ghostly resident. There are times when our son, David, will be going to bed, and he will point to his bedroom window (which faces the enclosed patio), and say “there’s a man there” and he will smile. Other times he will be playing as though there is someone in the room playing with him. Other times we will wake the next morning to find the fridge door is open, or the dial in the fridge has been turned off, or things moved around. It could well be that we have a ghostly resident, which is all well and fine by me, as he is posing no drama for us, and in a way we do feel that our unearthly resident is watching over David during the night.

We’ll just have to see what else becomes of our ghost.

Things have changed in ways for us in film. Some of you know the big drama in Queensland regarding Telemarketers Show, and how that came to a halt after much bad drama and bad decisions. Yes, I made very bad decisions in the way it was done. For a start I should have had someone on board who knew how to effectively do PR for the show.

It is a shame there is a lot of bullying and backbiting in the film industry. The whole aspect of film making is about helping one another succeed in making a great story come to life. The world of film is a different game than writing. Being a writer, my first priority is to creating a great story that people will like. My other priority is to help other writers get published. That is why we set up ASJ Publishing. We have seen how hard the publishing game is, and we do strive to help new writers get published.

Some will think that being a writer is easy. Some people drop me a message on various social networks and still assume that because they have a great story to tell, that they will become an overnight sensation. Sad to say but that does not happen. To those I will say, if you choose to be a writer, don’t plan to give up your day job. And I say that with the greatest respect. It is good to have a dream, but if you plan to become the next Rowling or Meyers, then be prepared to put in the hard yards.

Even me, I have seen 4 books published and I still work as a freelancer.  There are times when I don’t like what I do, and would prefer the life that some writers have, but life is not like that 🙂 I wish it was, so I could spend more time on writing and on films. That is where my passion lies. But I do what I have to do in order to get by.

For now though, I strive on to make the dreams happen, whilst living here in a haunted house in Melbourne 🙂

One day at a time….

13 Questions With…CA Milson, 2nd Edition

Courtesy of TheWrittenUniverse. Thanks so much Tracey.

13 Questions with C.A.Milson – 2nd Edition.

When I started The Written Universe, I began the 13 Questions feature, to give my readers some insight into the authors I review.
This is the second time I have had the pleasure of reviewing CA Milson, and I wrote a second batch of 13 questions for him to answer.

1. You’re hosting a dinner party. What is the menu, and do you cook it yourself, or do you call a caterer?
Dinner party? That does depend on the number of guests that are invited. When I was in New Zealand I put on a few Murder Mystery Dinner Parties, which were alot of fun, but takes alot of prep and organizing, such as finding a good location, the menu to suit everyone and so on. But, if I was having a dinner party for a select few people I would typically do a 3 course meal. Entree I normally do something light. Main course is where I really shine I like to cook when I entertain, so I pull out all the stops. Jacket potatoes, roast onion, roast pork or lamb marinated and seasoned with all kinds of herbs, spices, condiments and of course wine Desert is my own brand of pumpkin pie.

2. What is your beverage of choice?
If it’s first thing in the morning, coffee – strong. Any other time. 100% juice or Pepsi

3. Physical book Vs an E-Reader. Your preference and why?
Seeing how fast technology is advancing, E-Readers. Ebook sales are on the rise and quite sadly the days of paperback are declining. In 5 or 10 years we will be lucky to see any major bookstores as E-Readers are becoming quite the everyday thing now. Technology may be a marvel at times, but still nothing still beats seeing your own book in the stores. That is something E-Readers can never replace…

4. What kinds of books make up your personal library?
We have quite the range of books in our kit. Travel, ancient history, some fiction novels, foreign language, law.

5. How and when did you catch the writing bug?
That one started in 1989. When I lived in a small town in Winchelsea. Winch (as it is known) is a small town, and there was alot of inspiration for me, as at the time I lived in a cottage house on a piggery, outside of town. There was nothing for miles around, so you can bet that my imagination ran wild. At the time I had an old iron Remington Rand typewriter, and I would be on that thing for hours at a time, much to the annoyance of everyone else who lived there.

6. What is your writing routine?
I write when I am inspired and have a clear mind. Lately though that has not been the case, as my thoughts have been pre-occupied with my TV show and my short films. So it has been hard to get into the swing of things and continue on with book 3 – Prophecys End. Yet, when i do write, and am in the right frame of mind, I sit at the laptop, stare aimlessly at what I have and wait for that inspiration to hit. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.

7. If you ever encounter writer’s block, what steps do you take to get past it?
Grab a sledgehammer and break down that wall LOL… No, normally I review what I have already written and see where I can take the storyline from there. That’s what I did with Bloodline Of Darkness. There was a few spots there where i was wondering where I was going to take the storyline, especially in the section where Alex is sat on the balcony with his son. When I hit that point I had no idea where to take it, as that scene was not where I wanted it to go… So began the daymare sequences… and a whole new reality for Alex opened.

8. Do you have a hidden talent?
I try my hand at alot of things. Right now I am seeing if I have what it takes to direct a TV show. It is far easier to write a book than it is to create/write/ and direct a TV series. Let alone when Rise Of The Darkness gets turned into a feature film.

9. What was your best subject in school?
English and ancient history.

10. As in any entertainment, there are current trends. How much do these “current trends” influence what you write?
Current trends are okay, but if I followed the pack then I would have created a TV show “Office Downunder”. No, I don’t like to follow any pack, although there are some influences that I do like

11. Mac or PC?

12. Where do your ideas come from?
My ideas come any source. Last weekend I was in Hervey Bay, which is in Qld Australia. Nice and relaxing place, then my sister told me about this real haunted house in The Bay that just got my create juices flowing. So next time I am up there I am going to check some haunted locations out and see if I can find some ideas for the next book.

13 What advice would you pass on to an aspiring author?
I would say this: If you want to write, do it. But do it for the right reasons. Dont think that because you write a novel it is going to be the biggest thing since JKRowling. Only less than 1% of new writers actually make become an overnight sensation. If that is your motivation, then don’t write. Yes, there will be fans of your book, but it takes work, much like a full time job. If you are going to research publishers, check out POD publishers. There are some good publishers out there, but you just have to find them and be aware of the fine print. Writing a book has to be a passion. If you have that passion, then follow it through to the end. it is worth it.

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