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CotC Guest – Maya Tal

Maya Tal

This gorgeous woman is one of our guest of season 2. You want to know more about Maya Tal? Check her youtube channel:

and look forward to season 2!!

Creatives On The Couch

Bogan Bachelor Announcement


Boom! The Wait Is Over!! we are only 3 DAYS AWAY from the official Bogan Bachelor premiere on Channel 31 this FRI NOV 11TH @7PM!

Tune in and watch the antics of Dazza as he tries to find a wife… BOGAN STYLE!

This will be an absolute Pissa, be there…. or be some cheap ass imported beer that tastes like crap!!

Episode #1 will air on Friday 11th November 7pm
Episode #2 will air the following Friday 18th November at 7pm

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