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Creatives on the Couch ~ C31 Melbourne


Hey folks. For those who do not have access to C31 Melbourne, you can now watch episodes of Creatives On The Couch each week online on the C31 website.

Tune in each week to watch new episodes. Season  One Lineup – Official:

E1: Jacinta Maree
E2: Steve Dillon
E3: Michelle Somers
E4: Rebecca Taylor
E5: Alvy Merino
E6: Max Davine
E7: Brett Crandell
E8: Max Davine (pt2)
E9: Dani Maistry
E10: W.D. Stevens
E11: W.D. Stevens (pt2)
E12: C.A Milson
E13: Hayley Lawson-Smith
E14: Book Expo Australia
E15: Christmas Special

Friends from Afar ~ A Short Film by W.D. Stevens

Friends from Afar

Coming this Friday – Friends from Afar, a short film by W.D. Stevens.

“Being a caretaker means more than just clearing away the weeds.”

Starring Alan Claridge with a massive ensemble cast consisting of David Jackson (son of Chris Jackson, who also makes a small appearance) Bhaskar Cherukuri, Jim Cairns, Judi Clark and Jill Damerow.

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