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She’s Having A Baby! (Short Film) – Movie Review

She’s Having A Baby!
Stars: Wendy Bos, Tommy Clifopoulos
Directors: Chris Smellin, Robert Smellin
IMDB Rating: 6.3

Plot: Simon wakes up alone and tied to Jenny’s bed. Jenny is a psychotic woman in her late 30’s, she is obsessed with nothing but than having a little baby boy or girl. Held as a prisoner Simon is forced to help Jenny conceive her baby or die. A cat and mouse like struggle unfolds as Simon fights to survive…


She's Having A Baby! (Short)


Review: I had the pleasure of watching this Australian made horror flick last night, courtesy of a friend’s post on Facebook. She’s Having A Baby! tells the short tale of Jenny (Wendy Bos). A woman in her mid 30’s who is desperate to get pregnant, and will stop at nothing to breed with any helpless sap.

The film opens with Simon (Tommy Clifopoulos). An ordinary bloke, tied helpless to her bed, and being raped repeatedly until he delivers (no pun intended) exactly what she wants…. getting her pregnant. While it seems a very straightforward concept, the film does explore the darker side to the main character (Jenny) and her journey along the highway of complete insanity as her obsession for a child of her own is more than just her “biological clock ticking”. Her biological clock is more like a bomb. With her deranged delusions of grandeur, it makes you wonder just what type of mother she will end up being. (Insanity breeds insanity after all).

I will say that there was moment in this film that did remind me a of the film Misery (you dirty birdy), but I don’t think Annie Wilkes had these kind of designs on Paul Sheldon (Aint we glad for that!).

Wendy Bos performance was strong enough to carry the film to the climatic ending, and wait til you see what becomes of her victim, Simon. (No spoilers now). But there’s enough blood and T&A to satisfy any horror lover.

A brilliant film by Australian film-makers Chris Smellin and Robert Smellin. This clocks in at just under 15 minutes, and has everything you would expect from a horror/thriller film. This has all the makings to be turned into a feature length film.

She’s Having A Baby! has already been screened at over a dozen film fests and has picked up awards at a few so far including; WorldFest Houston (Silver Remi Award for Best Suspense/Thriller), Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Winner, Best Director and Nominated, Best Short Film), Louisville Fright Night Film Fest (Honorable Mention)

As I said, this film was brilliant, but I did want to see more. Let’s hope that these film-makers decide to remake this into a feature length film.

Verdict: Be careful who you date!
My Rating: 9 out of 10


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