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In a recent article I read online, I read that libraries are more and more becoming like ghost towns.

In this technology age, where everything seems to be at our fingertips, places like libraries are dwindling, and to cope with the demand of a high-tech age, a majority are changing the way in which books are presented.

Now while it can be said that with the Internet boom, traditional books are becming a thing of the past, I decided to conduct my own survey on what the trend of people buying habits are.

My survey was this:

When it comes to buying a book, what do you prefer:

  1. Paperback/Hardback
  2. E-Book
  3. Audio Book

Here are the results gathered from two social network sites.

Of the 23 people who responded, these are the results:

  • Paperback: 18 votes
  • E-Book: 4 votes
  • Audio Book: 1 vote

For the majority who preferred traditional paperbacks, the response, more than often was people preferred the real thing as they like the feel of them more than downloading an E-Book.

We live in a digital age where everything is so easily accessible, but despite how fast technology changes, there is one thing that remains the same. People’s buying habits.

So are E-Books the way of the future?  I guess maybe for the Y-Gens this may be the way of the future, as E-Books can be shared with a vast number of people very quickly (which does raise a concern for Author Royalty Rights).

Only time will tell if Literacy will come in tune with the digital age and libraries and traditional books will become a thing of the past.

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