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The Chosen 2nd Edition – Chapter 5 Preview

Here it is. An except some have been waiting for. This excerpt is from Chapter Five of my upcoming re-release of The Chosen.

Just a warning: Parts of The Chosen have been rewritten to reflect the extent and nature of some of the characters, and this one character in particular is what I would call the forefront of being evil.

Not for the squeamish or offended by graphic horror:


Chapter Five

Jamiesonn’s plans had not gone as he had anticipated. He fully expected Alex to show up rather than hightail it to some remote town in the middle of nowhere.

What he got though was two teens looking for a secluded place to have sex turned up instead. He knew why they were there. His sanctuary was to be defiled by their raging hormones. But for now, he lurked in the shadows and watched them, waiting for the opportune time to strike.

The young couples were no older than seventeen. While Cathy had long flowing red hair and big supple breasts, her boyfriend, Thomas, was average built and average looking. He was hardly the popular teen in school, but Cathy was his first girlfriend, which he was thankful for.

Thomas had waited for this moment for a long time. Today, finally, he would experience sex for the first time. In his anticipation he hoped that he wouldn’t cum so fast.

The young couple found a room that had little light and they began to kiss and undress one another. Thomas’ manhood ached as Cathy grabbed it in her soft hand. He moaned with pleasure. He had imagined how she would feel. The scent of her body drove him wild.

He kissed her neck and started to kiss down to her breasts as she gently stroked his hard cock.

Thomas positioned himself on top on her and prepared to slide his aching manhood inside her waiting vagina.

Finally. This is it. He thought

Jamiesonn wasn’t going to let them get away with defiling his sanctuary. This sight of their wanton passion infuriated him. But, he bided his time, waiting for the right moment to destroy their momentary pleasure.

He could remember a time when he once had that oneness with a woman. He vaguely remembered the feeling of holding a woman in his arms, and the feeling of being one with someone. But, those things were gone. Faded, like as his mortality ended, so did his compassion. With that faded memory well behind him, he opened his eyes and glared at them. Rage coursed through him and he loathed this abomination in his kingdom!

Before Thomas had the chance to enter Cathy, an invisible force pulled him off her and threw him against the wall. Cathy sat upright and watched in terror as imprints of fists began to beat Thomas repeatedly in the stomach, chest and face.
Thomas begged for the force to stop, but it didn’t. It continued its violent attack. Cathy tried to flee, but she couldn’t. Before she had a chance to even stand she was sent flying back against the opposite wall and bound by an unseen power and forced to watch the brutal attack.

“Please stop! Stop!” Cathy cried and pleaded over and over.

Jamiesonn took no heed to her pleas. He ignored her and continued to beat Thomas violently, punching him hard in the stomach and in the face.

Cathy cried and watched helplessly as the blows become more brutal.

Thomas was thrown effortlessly against the far wall, and then thrown face first into the other wall. The sound of bones breaking echoed in the room, and blood could be seen spurting from his mouth.

Jamiesonn turned Thomas around and threw his back against the wall.

SNAP! Thomas’s ribs were broken. But Jamiesonn didn’t stop. He continued his horrific attack, punching Thomas repeatedly in the face. With one swift blow, Thomas’ jaw was smashed and his jawbone was exposed through his flesh.

Jamiesonn paused for just a second to look at his work, and seeing the exposed bone, he grabbed it and with a one quick jerk he ripped Thomas’ broken jaw off his face.

Blood! Blood spurted and flowed everywhere. Jamiesonn stopped for a moment and looked back at Cathy who was crying frantically, terrified.

Jamiesonn smirked then looked back at Thomas.

“What do you want” Cathy managed to choke out

Jamiesonn released Thomas who slumped on the floor, bloodied, beaten and mutilated. He was alive, but barely.

“It seems that no one will heed my warnings,” Jamiesonn finally said as he manifested in front of her.

“Who are you?” She managed to squeeze out throw her tears.

“The one who will feast on your soul,” Jamiesonn replied.


The Chosen – Film Adaptation

For something a little different, I am posting a topic of what I think of my novel becoming a movie.

For some time now I have wondered who would star in the line-up of characters.

Mind you, this is just for fun so feel free to comment on this and leave your thoughts

As for director? I think M. Night Shyamalan would make a wonderful adaptation of the book

These would be the main characters. Of course, I do like the performance of some other actors, but I think the above mentioned actors would fit the film adaptation quite nicely.



I would like to annouce that coming in May, The Chosen will be re-released as a Second Edition, and will be available through many online retailers.

The Second Edition will include previously unseen chapters and changes back to some original characters.

To give you a taste of what is to come:

The Chosen was originally a 306 page novel that was packed with horror, blood and gore. Unfortunately most of it was edited and cut from the final print.

For those who wanted it to be longer, your wait is almost over

This is the book that will appeal to all those who love supernatural horror at it’s finest.

The Chosen Second Edition.

Coming in May 2009.

New Retailers

I would like to annouce that as of March 2009, The Chosen can be purchased through this site, as well as through other retailers listed on THIS page.

The Chosen (English Language version) is currently available in eight formats; HTML, MSWord, RTF, PDF, PDF for iphone; Palm (.pdb), MobiPocket (.prc), & Microsoft Reader (.lit).

Currently, The Chosen is available through Bookhabit, Mobipocket, Lulu. Other retailers will be added shortly.

When purchasing through this website please indicate your download preference.

Currently, The Chosen E-Book is on sale for the Special Retail Price of $4.99USD

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Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

Order the English Language Version of The Chosen HERE

Order the Digital Russian Version of The Chosen HERE

For those who live in countries such as Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and countries of the former USSR, you can use Yandex Money to make payment.

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As part of my book tour of Australia and New Zealand in the latter part of 2009, those in Australia and New Zealand, can pre-order The Chosen in paperback through this site for $25.00NZD.

nbnz_logo For those in New Zealand who do not use online payments, you can Pre-Order the paperback by depositing $25.00NZD into our NBNZ business account. NBNZ payments can be done over the counter or though Internet Banking. Cash, Check or Money Orders accepted through NBNZ. For bank details email: with “Bank Deposit” in the subject line along with your shipping address. With all deposits, make sure you have your name and reference “Chosen” as the code.

Tour Stops will include: Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland

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About The Chosen…

Welcome to the Darkness… This was the first line in the first ever story I wrote.

Apart from the fleeting attempt in high school, the first ever story I actually gave time to writing was titled Shack of Evil. That was back in 1989. In 1989 I was living in a small town called Winchelsea Victoria, when my days and nights were spent writing, writing and writing some more.

I can remember the first ever draft I wrote of Shack of Evil. It was based on a hobbytex picture my mother had hanging on the wall of her dining room. I remember vividly I was sat at the dining table staring blankly at this picture – red velvet canvas and drawn on it was a rustic shack and a painted yellow full moon in the background. The image of that picture is burned into my mind, like a master blueprint of darkness, or insanity… Or maybe I just like the picture.

Of course the story wasn’t written in it’s entirity there. But the foundation of what was to become The Chosen was birthed from that picture.

Soon after I had moved to small-town Winch, I found that the passion for writing began to kick in, and so started this journey that would take me down a long road to being published.

Wincheslea was a town like you would expect to see in The Chosen. A town that had 1 bank, 1 bakery, a newsagency which doubled as a post-offiice, 1 police officer and 2 pubs. Winch had a population of less than a thousand people. A town where you couldn’t sneeze without the whole town knowing about it, and ideallic enough for a horror setting.

I lived about 5 miles out of town, on a piggery, own by the Sorenson’s. (Nothing like the fresh smell of pig-crap in the morning). So you can imagine what mischief and scenarios would pop into my mind back then. There is alot that can be said about a town like Winch. It certainly can give one alot of inspitation for any writer who wants to write a scene about a small town 🙂

Getting back to the theme: Not far out of town, but far enough from where I lived, was a canyon of sorts, which looked more like the beginning of a quarry which actually never got started. To describe this area would be like calling this area dunes of hardened clay, set amongst the backdrop of the bush. Okay, maybe not entirely eerie, but try going there at night, when the sky is clear and the moon is full…

That area, which I called “The Dunes” became the setting place of The Clearing, where Lutancix made his first appearence to the occultist, Jeff, in The Chosen.

Okay, so I had the setting. The rustic shack and the dunes. Perfect combo for a horror story. Shack of Evil was developed.

The original story was about Jamiesonn and his life. A supernatural being trapped in his own hell, and who wanted to reap revenge on the decendants who murdered him. Of course, the ghost hunter who had the fun of confronting Jamiesonn seemed more like an immature teenager rather than a professional parapsychologist.

So began Shack of Evil. A 9 page epic which I thought was absolute brilliance. But it wasn’t perfect. I knew that, and SOE needed alot of work to get it to the level I wanted it to be. The entire story was set in the first person POV.

It was around that time when I first started to read Stephen King novels. The first one I read was Misery. After reading that, I knew that I wanted to write full length novels rather than short stories which one could read in 30 minutes.

SOE was set in the first person POV, and so to develop it to the level I expected, I had to write in the third person. For someone who had never mastered literature in high school, that was going to be a challenge in itself, which meant alot of reading to see how other writers did it.

I read afew other novels by King and some Lovecraft, to learn how they wrote. I knew I could do better than what I had wrote, and even today I still consider Lovecraft the grand-master of horror.

SOE was put on the back-burner for some time… Well, 5 years to be exact. It took me 5 years to pick up the story, read it and then begin to rewrite it.

In 1994 I wrote a 300 page, two-part novel. This time around, I kept the original character of Jamiesonn, as well as the ghost hunter, but changed it to the scenario where the fate of the world was left up to one man, and his struggle to fight against supernatural beings. Jamiesonn had evolved with this new draft. His shack had a new setting, in the backdrop of Gympie, a small town that was once the boom of the gold mining rush.

The new draft was handwritten, and I managed to write this draft in 9 months. Day in, Day out. Everyday I sat at the dining table at my father’s house and wrote while I listened to TripleM belt out the hits of rock. (I’m a rocker boy at heart).

That novel was the first real novel I wrote, and a step up from what I had previously written. I had managed to switch from first-person POC to third-person POV. I had written the character of Jamiesonn so well that one guy whom I worked with once, read it (I think his name was Trevor) and actually believed that Jamiesonn was real. (I kid you not, one time I heard him whisper before he went into a sales meeting “Give me power Jamiesonn!”)

I seemed to have done well, but I knew in my heart it still was not perfect. I knew it could be developed alot more. Of course, I had no idea that what was yet to come would be a trilogy. In 1996, I began to write the sequel.

In 1996 I was living in Indooroopilly, which is a suburb of Brisbane. I was sharing a house with these college kids. Nikki and her boyfriend Craig (who was a Doom addict), and not to forget Julianne, (who looked alot like actress Teresa Russell when she was younger), and not to forget Julianne’s cat, Max, who followed her everywhere (even to the store).

What can I say about the crew I shared a house with? Good people. Always the life of any party. Craig was a teacher at a Uni, Nikki was a student who always got around in a summer dress (tease), and Julianne was… well, I will just say Julianne was a free-spirit.

I only knew Julianne for about 18 days until she went to go live with her mom, but those 18 days seemed to span years. Her and I shared a kinship, a soul connection if you will. For the first time in a while I had found a reason to write again, full on. She gave me inspiration and ideas for my new story and a new character. Back then, in 1996, she was more than someone I shared a house with and more than a friend. She was the first woman that I loved. That love lasted a long time. I never saw again after December 1996, but in my heart I loved her for many years after. She knew that I loved her, and I am sure she felt the same… Especially since that last night we spent together.

The above paragraph is important part of this, as Julianne’s persona is what I based the new character of Alison on.

A new character had been spawned, and also a new love interest for one of the characters. But even then in 1996, when I started the second book, I knew that the whole thing needed a major rewrite. It was good, but it was not what I wanted. I wanted to take the characters into a new direction and add more terror.

Enter Tanzac… In the original version of The Chosen, Lutancix was one of the major players in the story, while Tanzac took a back-seat. So I had to rework that, and give them a history, and why they were like they were.

I heard a preacher once say in a sermon, I think it was Kenneth Copeland, “A person doesn’t wake up one day and decide that they are going to be a hitman for the mafia“. And neither would supernatural beings. In life, death plays a natural part, and there are ghost stories of tormented souls in limbo who walk the earth. Ghosts are not naturally evil, it is how they lived that caused them to be like that…. Or so it is believed. So Tanzac needed a history, as I will explain another time…

More to come….

About The Author


~ Penned from the dark realm of dreams and shadows where Imagination ends and the Insanity begins ~

C.A.Milson was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. His father is British and his mother is Australian. Although his roots stem from Britain he also has roots in Germany.

Milson has written 26 short stories (and counting), 2 novels and is a guest writer for SchoolEnglish Magazine.

Growing up in the suburb of Kedron. Milson attended local high school, Kedron High then Wavell High.

Writing has always been in his blood. His grandmother was a gifted writer who wrote many jingles for radio and tv commercials in Australia in the 1960’s. His grandfather was an actor who appeared on Australian tv for a number of years in the early 1960’s. His great grandfather was Clement Lindley Wragge (the guy who started the trend of using people’s names for cyclones).

From a teenager he started to read the workings of master horror writer H.P.Lovecraft and found a love for horror writing himself. He didn’t start to develop that love for writing until 1989, when he was living in Victoria.

Milson tends to keep his private life exactly that. Apart from writing his interests include cooking, piloting, coaching, watching a good movie, socializing, listening to rock music and keeping in touch with his fans.

Milson is also known to give public and private lectures on writing and coaching/training on marketing.

Milson’s taste in music ranges from Alien Ant Farm to ZZTop, but he holds a particular like for Rock Music and Aussie bands such as AC/DC, Dragon and The Uncanny Xmen (Uncanny Xmen were a popular band in Australia for a brief time)

When Milson is not writing he travels frequently between Europe, North America and Australasia.

Milson has resided in the US, (where he lived in NYC and NW Ohio), and New Zealand.

Milson currently is in Russia on his You Tube Video Tour and is expected to be back in New Zealand on a book tour later in 2009.

To get in touch with Milson, you can leave a comment on this site or you can write to : or


Princess Neve Reviews

Friday, January 30, 2009

Here is my preview.
The Chosen by C.A.MILSON

From the first page of the book; it took my breath away and I am totally hooked.  Starting from Alex’s vision; the action is so straight to the point and hit’s the imagination. Not boring prolog that we never understands even if we read the whole book but a beginning to pull you inside the book.

The Chosen is a thrill ride from the first drop of ink.

Now how to turn a nervous person dealing with his own issues into a Hero?
This is what I am going to now after finishing the whole book.

Thanks to C.A.Milson for letting me reviewing his novel.

Princess Neve Reviews

HorrorAddicts Podcast

Clipping from the show Horror Addicts on March 12th 2009.

Many many thanks to Emz for hosting me on her show.

Full version of the podcast online at:

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