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Emannuel Ali – Part One

In this episode, our hosts chat with Emmanuel Ale. British-Born but of Nigerian descent. Emmanuel has starred in two feature films, two commercials, 4 short films (One in a lead), and theatre productions.

Connect with Emmanuel:


You Tube: @emmanuelale4868


Angie Sutcliffe – Part Two

Part 2 of our informative chat with Angie Sutcliffe is now live. Tune in and subscribe for more content

Angie Sutcliffe – Part One

Our hosts chat with Angie Sutcliffe. Actress, story maker, script writer, poet, charity worker, former Tour Guide at Coronation Street & Activist against the war in Ukraine.

Part 2 of the interview you can catch on You Tube in couple of days

Connect with Angie:

Disaster Dates – Feature Film

Disaster Dates – Feature film.

Mike and Susie decide to explore the world of online dating. However, they find out that dating has changed quite a lot, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong as they have one disasterous date after another.

Available on Vimeo to rent or buy.

Award winning film director is shooting new film

Short film from Bolton, The Manananggal, to hit screens in 2023.. Read the whole article here:

Disaster Dates – Winner 4theatre Film Festival

9 best comedy

Very stoked to annouce Disaster Dates is a winner at the 4Theatre Film Festival for Best Comedy 2022!

Disaster Dates – Finalist

FINALIST - Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival - 2022

Disaster Dates is a FINALIST at the Lit Laughs International Comedy Festival for Best Short Film.

So stoked!

Keeping with more good news, Disaster Dates got an Honorable Mention at London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival.


Semi Finalist – Disaster Dates

SEMI FINALIST - Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival - 2022 (1)

Disaster Dates has made the semi-finals for Best Short Comedy

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