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New Website

In keeping up with changes going on, I would like to announce that as of May 1st there will be a new website for Author C.A.Milson

While the new site will primarily serve as a platform for the writings of Milson, and book showcases, this blogsite will remain as it is, but with alot of the previous posts removed.

The new website for Milson is:

Stop by and say hello!


OVER COFFEE with Sia McKye

OVER COFFEE with Sia McKye

the-chosenone32My guest today is C.A. Milson. He talks a bit about his odyssey from short story writer to writing his first novel. His topic is one we can all relate to as writers, the dream of being published and what we go through to realize the dream.





“Never lose sight of the dream”.  These words are from the song “Can you feel it” by The Jackson 5. How true those words are.

As a writer, nothing is as satisfying as being able to sit down and write a great story. But being able to write is not easy, as one would hope sometimes. It is not something that can be done by the wave of a hand or thinking, okay, today I am going to write 5 chapters. Writing takes time, dedication and inspiration. Without these three things, one cannot write. I can remember the days when I started writing. It was back in 1989, and I wrote 26 short stories in a matter of a few months. Now, back then and being very naive as to how anything in the real publishing world worked, I thought I’d have the best thing since sliced bread on my hands. Of course, I was wrong. Many told me the stories I wrote needed to be made longer. That was hard for me to take, but it was also true.

In 1989 I had no clue how to do that. I wrote from the first person POV, but what I wanted was to write in the 3rd person POV like Stephen King. The first book I read of his was Misery. That alone was enough for me to know that this was how I wanted to write. Of course, living in the “hopefully-someday-I-may-be-published” mindset, I knew that in order for my dream to come about I had to live in the real world…. And so I did… I lived in the real world and put writing on the shelf for 5 years. In fact, I completely forgot all about it for the most part, although I do have to say that I always had a certain niggling feeling that I had to write again, but I decided to ignore that.

To learn how to write like a professional, I needed to read other writers and see their style. I am not going to say that writing is easy, as it is not. There are many times when we have to sacrifice what we want in order for our dream to be fulfilled, and one is going to get the barrage of negative comments and insults, not only from friends but also some family members also. Not only is there outside influences that give you all the reasons why you can’t, but you have your own inner demons that give you all the excuses why you shouldn’t. I’m sure we’ve all heard these ones we tell ourselves: You need to work to reach your goals. Can’t today, got too many other things to do, but I will get to it later. As I found out, later, sometimes never comes.

In 1994 I was unemployed and living with my father. Back then, the only thing I had to fill my time was writing. So day and night I wrote, until 9 months later I had a two-part novel. Coming up with a title was also not easy. The original short story was titled Shack of Evil in 1989. In 1994 I changed it to Phantasmagoria, then Darkworld, then Phantasdominion, then The Chosen One. It wasn’t until 2007 when I edited the book and I changed the title to The Chosen.

Although I had done what I wanted to do by writing in the 3rd person POV, I once again put my writing life on hold… For what seemed to be an eternity. I locked my writing away to live in the real world again, and for the next 14 years I worked in marketing. Now I’m not going to say that I regretted working in marketing, as I learned a lot. I got to work with some great companies in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada and the US. In 2000 I moved from Australia to the States. During my time in the US I worked for a few companies and learned a lot about real marketing. That experience helped me become one of the few multi-national marketing experts today. As great as working freelance and traveling the world can be, writing still holds a strong pull.

One may be wondering how the heck did I get published? To be honest I am still amazed. It was 2007 and I was living in New Zealand. I decided to send out query emails to publishers just to see what response I would get. Naturally I got a wave of the “No thank you” replies from 50-odd publishers, until I got an offer from a small Print On Demand Publisher. That day changed my life. Of course, that did not mean I could pack my bags and head for Hollywood—that rarely happens.

The Chosen was released in July 2008. But then came the real work. How to promote it. I learned a valuable lesson in this. A majority of publishers will expect you to do most, if not all, the legwork. Sad, but it is true. For me, learning how to promote my own work is like relearning everything about marketing. Even though I have 15-years experience behind me in marketing, this is a different arena entirely, and one I am still learning, and sometimes learning comes from making bad choices.

I guess one does not realize the quality of their work until they get feedback. Now I have had some wonderful reviews on the first release, and the feedback from fans and supporters is always a pleasure to read.

Feedback, whether good or bad, is valuable to any writer. It helps us grow in our craft. It makes it all worthwhile.

Never lose the dream.

000o052vhgnBorn in Brisbane, Australia, these days Chris resides in Russia, where he spends most of his time freelancing his marketing services to companies in Canada, the UK and the US. When he’s not working in freelance, he is busy promoting of his novel online.Chris is a writer of supernatural horror and has also written 28 short stories, and is currently working on his You Tube project about Urban Myths and Legends.

The Chosen follows the life of Alex Manning. A hero called to stand and face a destiny he wants no part of. Currently, The Chosen will be available in English and Russian through Amazon, Bookhabit, Mobipocket, available in Paperback and E-Book, in May 2009. The second novel in the series is titled Bloodline of Darkness and will be available later this year.

The Chosen can be Pre-Ordered through my website

OVER COFFEE with Sia McKye

Избранный (The Chosen) – Paperback Out Now

We are pleased to officially announce that The Russian version of The Chosen in NOW available in paperback through and!

ISBN: 978-1-4092-7884-9

Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

In addition to the Paperback, The Russian Language version is also available in these formats: HTML, MSWord, RTF, PDF

You can order the Digital Russian Version of The Chosen HERE by using Paypal, or chose one of the options listed below:

Libex: купля-продажа книг, букинистических и современных. Купить книги. Продать книги logo1 Support independent publishing: buy this e-book on Lulu.

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Chapter Four Reading

It is my pleasure to bring to you all today, a reading of the upcoming release of The Chosen.

This excerpt is from Chapter Four of The Chosen ~ Second Edition which comes out next month.

Reading is by C.A.Milson

Video and Sound Effects produced by A.S.Jackson


Maxine B ~ Webmistress of The Dark Realm

New Book Cover

Here is the new book cover ideas for The Chosen ~ 2nd edition

First Version


Second Version


Third Version


The Real You by Jen P

In getting to know people in the networks I am on, I sometimes come across people with great potential.

In my showcase of Artists, Singers, Poets, I will share this with you all.

This is from Jen AKA: The Gisborne Poet.

Enjoy this as much as I do.

The Real You by The Gisborne Poet.

The person you are is at times a complicated piece of work
Like a chapter in a book
We have to read between the lines and use our imagination
The Shadows protect you from view
From everyone except the people who know you and are close to you
You travel the world with so many different places to go and see in your fast paced life
You laugh ,You smile but we only see what you want us to see
The real you smiles at what is before you
But they can they only glimpse at the treasure that is hidden within
As the shutters come down once again
To hide the real you

© Written By The Gisborne Poet
Jennifer P

Shadows by Jen P

From time to time I come across people that are very talented, whether they are a fellow writer, artist, singer or poet.

It is not always easy being in the arts. Anyone who is a writer, singer or poet will tell you that lyrics, sentences, themes, scenes, are not just something that happens by the wave of a hand and using Jedi/Sith mind tricks. Writing, takes talent and inspiration.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jen P, who is in Gisborne, New Zealand. Jen is known as “The Gisborne Poet“. Jen is currently doing a Photobook with poems attached, which is titled “Through the eyes of a poet“.

Jen had a moment to read The Chosen – Chapter 5 excerpt, and she was left with such an impression about the book, that she wrote a poem about it.

This is a wonderful poem, that I just had to share this with you all.

SHADOWS by “The Gisborne Poet

Shadows dance to and fro
Darkness doesn’t want to let you go
This fight is between dark and light
But still you can’t see what hides in the night
You never see a face coming your way
It never lets you see the light of day
The power when you hit the wall
Your not given a chance to call
You feel the bones start to break
You know an innocent life is at stake
Darkness covers us as we cry
Shadows are there for you and I
Please ,please, let him go
You say it with every blow
Shadows hide what we can’t see
Now that person’s spirit is free
Shadows don’t give you a choice
As all that is left is one small voice
Hidden from view
Is a person I never knew

© Written by The Gisborne Poet
Jennifer P


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